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Fri Feb 16, 2024, 06:19 AM Feb 2024

A California man was found with 1 million rounds of ammo and 248 illegally owned guns in his house state authorities say [View all]

Source: Business Insider

Feb 16, 2024, 2:06 AM EST

A man in Richmond, California, was arrested last month with a cache of 248 illegally owned guns and 1 million rounds of ammo in his home, the state attorney general said on Thursday. The man, who was not named, is "alleged to be legally barred from owning weapons," California Attorney General Rob Bonta said in a statement.

Bureau of Firearms agents searching the man's home on January 31 found 11 military-style machine guns, 133 handguns, 37 rifles, 60 assault rifles, 7 shotguns, and 3,000 large-capacity magazines, Bonta said.

Authorities also found 1 million rounds of "miscellaneous caliber ammunition" and dozens of rifle receivers and pistol frames, said the attorney general.

Several grenades were also discovered, but they were determined inert by local bomb squads, per the statement. The man's home also contained 20 silencers and four flare guns, it said.

Read more: https://www.businessinsider.com/california-man-million-rounds-ammo-guns-illegal-owned-arrested-2024-2

Full headline: A California man was found with 1 million rounds of ammo and 248 illegally owned guns in his house, state authorities say
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Could they donate it all to Ukraine? muriel_volestrangler Feb 2024 #1
my 1st thought as well, but mopinko Feb 2024 #9
Fetish? multigraincracker Feb 2024 #2
Obsessive-Compulsive Ferengi Psychopath. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2024 #3
Not Ferengi. 3Hotdogs Feb 2024 #15
Just the average gun collector. sop Feb 2024 #12
Real collectors would consider him a lightweight. ;) Chainfire Feb 2024 #17
Most gun owners have more than one gun. sop Feb 2024 #20
Legitimately hunting would require a shotgun and a rifle... JT45242 Feb 2024 #52
Plans for arming his closest 300 friends for a night out on the town? Chainfire Feb 2024 #57
$500/gun, $1/round...... getagrip_already Feb 2024 #41
Ammo collector as well? MissMillie Feb 2024 #45
There's always a phony "ammo shortage," created by the gun industry as a scare tactic to sell more of it. sop Feb 2024 #46
I have no problem believing this. MissMillie Feb 2024 #47
can't rule out running guns & ammo to Mexico for the cartels Attilatheblond Feb 2024 #58
Nah, just another MAGAT who wants to slaughter fellow Americans to install his dictator. hadEnuf Feb 2024 #37
My sister in law must inherited a house and a bunch of stuff from a friend. Hassin Bin Sober Feb 2024 #54
"My client never intended to use these items as weapons, your honor." DFW Feb 2024 #4
Why do people do this? mwb970 Feb 2024 #5
I think this guy slightlv Feb 2024 #6
What a tremendous waste of money. scarletlib Feb 2024 #7
And where did the money come from? (nt) Paladin Feb 2024 #10
The IRS should audit him and people with similar gun hoards nt Wicked Blue Feb 2024 #28
No matter how may long guns you have, you can only shoot one at a time. harumph Feb 2024 #8
"No matter how may long guns you have, you can only shoot one at a time." BumRushDaShow Feb 2024 #13
OK, maybe two. tanyev Feb 2024 #16
... BumRushDaShow Feb 2024 #18
What that pic doesn't show is how notorious the M-60 machine gun is for its barrel-climb. Aristus Feb 2024 #36
That was from BumRushDaShow Feb 2024 #39
I'm guessing he's deceased because he didn't know how to fire a machine gun properly. Aristus Feb 2024 #40
... BumRushDaShow Feb 2024 #43
People Control, Not Gun Control Sancho Feb 2024 #11
"People control" vs. "gun control"? ShazzieB Feb 2024 #33
People control does not imply the 2nd amendment... Sancho Feb 2024 #35
Issue 5 - Insurance TexasBushwhacker Feb 2024 #50
McMansion Arsenal, in case the gub'mint forces you to play Alamo bucolic_frolic Feb 2024 #14
The Alamo, Jesus Christ, so Texas Trueblue Texan Feb 2024 #21
Nah. Go for it. I was born and raised in San Antonio, within just a few miles of the Alamo. Aristus Feb 2024 #42
A million rounds? Conjuay Feb 2024 #19
About one day. Depending on type of machine gun unc70 Feb 2024 #48
What sort of enemies does he have? IronLionZion Feb 2024 #22
The best enemies, only the best! bucolic_frolic Feb 2024 #26
This seems to be the most recent statewide (CA) activities APPS report on-line ??? Backseat Driver Feb 2024 #23
The four flare guns should have been a red flag! dameatball Feb 2024 #24
"ALLEGED to be illegally barred from owning weapons?" Either he was or he wasn't Rocknation Feb 2024 #25
They did. The bird was heavily armed Wicked Blue Feb 2024 #29
Birds have been known to conduct strafing runs on unsuspecting victims below them IronLionZion Feb 2024 #31
How many guns can you fire at one time? liberalla Feb 2024 #27
Enough rounds to kill one million people ck4829 Feb 2024 #30
Due to the political situation in the US I think Democrats may be wise doc03 Feb 2024 #32
So, the only answer to gun violence is more gun violence? Walleye Feb 2024 #51
Sad but true. nt doc03 Feb 2024 #55
Yes and the problem is I think you may be right on that Walleye Feb 2024 #60
He is a drop for a militia or cartel Zincwarrior Feb 2024 #34
Think you're on to something. nt limbicnuminousity Feb 2024 #56
Just how big is this guy's house? 😱 ShazzieB Feb 2024 #38
I am glad that they caught this nutcase LetMyPeopleVote Feb 2024 #44
CA investigators need to find out where this guy's getting the money FakeNoose Feb 2024 #49
People with that much ammo are typically reloaders Calista241 Feb 2024 #53
HOW DARE THEY GRAB HIS GUNS! maxsolomon Feb 2024 #59
So? It was a collection. "This one Washington kept whereever he slept. That was one in case Booth needed a second shot." Wonder Why Feb 2024 #61
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