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13. Aqua Net!
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 11:33 AM
Apr 12

Per https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aqua_Net

Besides hairstyling, Aqua Net has been used:
as a fixative in microbiology, typically during staining procedures;[36][37][38]
as a fixative for charcoal or pastel artworks;[39]
by ballerinas, to reduce slippage of pointe shoe ribbons;[19]
for stiffening or straightening crinolines, skirts and tulle;[19]
as a solvent for un-gluing hair extensions;[19]
as a stain remover for makeup;[19]
as an insect killer;[40]
as a propellant in potato cannons;[41][42][43][44]
as an inhalant in recreational substance abuse;[45]
for increasing print adhesion in 3D Printing.[46][47][48]

Yes, but he declassified the hairspray in his own mind! Wonder Why Apr 12 #1
An honest mistake Blue Owl Apr 12 #2
You're really good at *rump snark MorbidButterflyTat Apr 12 #31
Who told him to say that? LiberalFighter Apr 12 #3
It's pretty damn stupid so either he came up with it or trump told him to. bullimiami Apr 12 #4
i was going to say that , but i say who paid him to say that. AllaN01Bear Apr 12 #16
Borowitz. murielm99 Apr 12 #30
Of course! UpInArms Apr 12 #5
He can't even tell a believable lie. Irish_Dem Apr 12 #6
We are not dealing with intelligent 'criminals'... pandr32 Apr 12 #18
Not all the GOP criminals are stupid. Irish_Dem Apr 12 #19
Yes. There are also psychopaths in key places. pandr32 Apr 12 #23
Yes there must be some very smart psychopaths keeping it all going. Irish_Dem Apr 12 #25
Thank you! Delphinus Apr 12 #22
I was feeling a little low this morning . . . AverageOldGuy Apr 12 #7
Looking at TFG's doo, I can see how Nauta could believe it. Or is he claiming plausible deniability? ... marble falls Apr 12 #8
Someone had written on them in Sharpie, "JUST HAIRSPRAY! NO CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS IN HERE!" tanyev Apr 12 #9
Didnt he have pictures of spilled docs with classification markings on his phone? getagrip_already Apr 12 #10
My goodness yes Waltine moniss Apr 12 #11
I've often wondered whether his dementia might be due in part to trusty elf Apr 12 #12
Aqua Net! mentalsolstice Apr 12 #13
I think it works as a blowtorch too. twodogsbarking Apr 12 #20
I keep some on hand for flying insect emergencies intrepidity Apr 12 #29
And there it is. The stupidest fucking thing I have read all day. Ray Bruns Apr 12 #14
Glad to oblige! BumRushDaShow Apr 12 #24
K&R just because... llmart Apr 12 #15
Oh, horseshit... LudwigPastorius Apr 12 #17
Anyone believe him? Anyone? twodogsbarking Apr 12 #21
Liar! Anyone who has moved a box of papers knows the difference. n/t FSogol Apr 12 #26
How many bottles of hairspray were there? Any fingerprints on them? LiberalFighter Apr 12 #27
Oh, Walt! ChazInAz Apr 12 #28
Well, but, to be fair intrepidity Apr 12 #32
that kernal popped et tu Apr 12 #33
The guy has numerous witnesses, documentary, and video evidence that he Prairie Gates Apr 12 #34
Such BS Owl Apr 12 #35
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