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20. If Biden does agree,
Sun Apr 14, 2024, 09:16 AM
Apr 14

and the moderators do not keep tsf under control, Biden should just calmly state that he came to debate the serious issues that this country cares about, not to indulge tantrums of a toddler, drop his mic, and walk off.

you dont debabte a psycho criminal. Dont diginify TSF. Blues Heron Apr 14 #1
I agree. I couldn't watch those debates. President Biden had to scream and interrupt . He mucifer Apr 14 #5
Don't wrestle with pigs. Buzz Fledderjohn Apr 14 #29
And don't play chess with pigeons Ponietz Apr 14 #58
I didn't see it that way. Prez Biden fought fire with fire. The tinpot dictator wanabe does not know how to debate so onetexan Apr 14 #81
+1... myohmy2 Apr 14 #6
Bad idea indeed. Magoo48 Apr 14 #11
+1 dalton99a Apr 14 #32
"Will you shut up, man!" William Seger Apr 14 #34
But azureblue Apr 14 #56
Pres Biden is ok with it as long as shithole respect.................................... Lovie777 Apr 14 #2
Yes, and the news organizations have done a very poor job of enforcing any rules. tanyev Apr 14 #12
Absolutely Rebl2 Apr 14 #42
He won't nor will the moderators do anything about him,which is worse IMO Bengus81 Apr 14 #13
That's the thing Novara Apr 14 #16
Yeah, unless the mute mics and glue Trump to the floor it will be a problem better avoided dutch777 Apr 14 #22
Put up a phyiscal barrier between the candidates wnylib Apr 14 #79
Trump needs the debate, President Biden doesn't gab13by13 Apr 14 #3
Biden reply?: FalloutShelter Apr 14 #45
"... and debating a pathological liar is pointless, anyway." William Seger Apr 14 #50
Bring up that Trump lied more than 30,000 times while in office. LiberalFighter Apr 14 #60
About those bogus polls that show Trump ahead or close, gab13by13 Apr 14 #4
It's not the popular vote I'm concerned about...it's the SayItLoud Apr 14 #38
They need to stop treating this as normal tulipsandroses Apr 14 #7
I hear Cheeto Benito's dance card is full already EYESORE 9001 Apr 14 #8
The voters expect a debate. everyonematters Apr 14 #9
I think this is the first time that a Presidential debate is unnecessary. 70sEraVet Apr 14 #69
What do the voters want? everyonematters Apr 14 #70
MSM just wants the eyeballs and advert dollars. Biden's answer should be "NO" CousinIT Apr 14 #10
They know there will be chaos durablend Apr 14 #30
Debate what nowforever Apr 14 #14
No debates. Allow journalists to interview them with the same questions bucolic_frolic Apr 14 #15
Of course they are. They have to have a freak show for ratings!!!112!11! PSPS Apr 14 #17
Probably... Mike Nelson Apr 14 #18
They feign concern for the American public, when they constantly misrepresent TSF as normal to create a horse race so keopeli Apr 14 #19
If Biden does agree, BlueMTexpat Apr 14 #20
Fuck the news organizations. SamKnause Apr 14 #21
Totally correct! Bo Zarts Apr 14 #25
Only if I get to write the introduction, which goes like this: jaxexpat Apr 14 #23
IMO it's should be like the 14th Amendment, Sec. 3. brush Apr 14 #24
No! Hope22 Apr 14 #26
I'm with Olbermann on this. sybylla Apr 14 #27
Never wrestle (debate) with a pig (serial liar/sex offender)...the pig loves it and all you get is muddy. n/t CincyDem Apr 14 #28
You don't debate with a Rapist. You toss his ass in jail, chuck the key Traurigkeit Apr 14 #55
Fuck the so-called "news media". The only thing they want is to create a carnival JohnSJ Apr 14 #31
It's a trap. Don't do it. Auggie Apr 14 #33
Catch and Kill Time Again? Dear_Prudence Apr 14 #35
There is entertainment value (RATINGS) in the traitor's incoherent verbal diarrhea dalton99a Apr 14 #36
Damned if do or don't by the media: SayItLoud Apr 14 #37
Fuck them dalton99a Apr 14 #39
Thought: Throw it back on the news orgs. SayItLoud Apr 14 #40
Yes. Explain how they will cut Donny's mike if he goes over, tanyev Apr 14 #48
Biden should debate. a) He's excellent, and b) He has a good record to run on. Qutzupalotl Apr 14 #41
Fully agree BeyondGeography Apr 14 #57
A debate that includes Trump would only be a sideshow. hay rick Apr 14 #43
I hope Biden says NO. MadMike47 Apr 14 #44
And then wear it. onecaliberal Apr 14 #53
No reason to even answer them as far as I can see. efhmc Apr 14 #74
It's not 2020 and Biden has nothing to gain by debating Chump FakeNoose Apr 14 #46
I'd like to see a "debate." I would like to see Biden wipe the floor with Trump. I would like to see Trump humiliated. Doodley Apr 14 #47
6 weeks from now Biden will have the excuse that the president will never debate a felon erodriguez Apr 14 #49
When recons put up a legitimate candidate who isn't running for Putin we can talk. onecaliberal Apr 14 #51
Voting for Biden even if he stays in his "basement for next 8 months." But, think he has to debate if trump shows up. Silent Type Apr 14 #52
President Biden should say, or Dark brandon would say -Pound Sand- @44-0134s Traurigkeit Apr 14 #54
They got some nerve! Xoan Apr 14 #59
Press is being Disingenuous VeryProgressive Apr 14 #61
The last time they debated, Trump lied about having Covid... Mawspam2 Apr 14 #62
Ignore them, Joe. truthisfreedom Apr 14 #63
The GOP, on Trump's orders, withdrew from the debate commission in 2022 Fiendish Thingy Apr 14 #64
I dont think Biden should do it. There's just no upside for him. oldsoftie Apr 14 #65
No Debate(s) needed. The ACTIONS of President Biden and The Rapist speak for themselves. Traurigkeit Apr 14 #66
Don't bite, Joe! lastlib Apr 14 #67
Like Everyone One Is Saying modrepub Apr 14 #68
I would Rebl2 Apr 14 #71
If they do, NO LIVE AUDIENCE Raven123 Apr 14 #72
That these corporate media profiteers want a horserace debate is out of the question. ancianita Apr 14 #73
Why would Biden want to share a stage with an adjudicated sexual offender nakocal Apr 14 #75
Why should our President stage left Apr 14 #84
It's for network dollars, plain and simple. NoMoreRepugs Apr 14 #76
Garbage!! They just want extra clicks. Biophilic Apr 14 #77
Not unexpected. The media want their circus. Aussie105 Apr 14 #78
Trump can commit, no problem. He will just lie and make excuses later. keithbvadu2 Apr 14 #80
☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ PortTack Apr 14 #82
Only on condition that it take place in the evening when Mr Demento is sundowning... Hekate Apr 14 #83
Bloody hell... NanaCat Apr 15 #85
Fuck No! Blue Idaho Apr 15 #86
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