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I hope it's very serious. Voltaire2 Apr 15 #1
I am sitting here waiting an obituary. Bev54 Apr 15 #48
My first thought...he's dead?!!! AllyCat Apr 15 #53
Death is too good for him. Needs to suffer immensely first, like maybe 100 years or so! machoneman Apr 15 #61
And may all his gruel have a pubic hair, or two, or three... IthinkThereforeIAM Apr 15 #69
i'd prefer the Grim Reaper come for him with a major stroke. This way POTUS can appoint another justice in his place. onetexan Apr 15 #108
I would be happy with an early retirement PatSeg Apr 15 #87
Guess I'm terrible for wishing he'd kick it. AllyCat Apr 15 #94
And death may actually be too good PatSeg Apr 15 #96
Me too. It will NEVER happen with Thomas. AllyCat Apr 15 #99
Yes and as such I wouldn't shed a tear PatSeg Apr 15 #102
He's 75 so it wouldn't be early. Hope he's on a very long spooky3 Apr 15 #103
I remember when 75 was REALLY old PatSeg Apr 15 #105
Thoughts and prayers for this ZonkerHarris Apr 15 #55
I think we're all hoping for a speedy decline. Omnipresent Apr 15 #65
I'm ok with a lingering slow and painful demise too. Voltaire2 Apr 15 #66
I'd love to see Biden replace him. Omnipresent Apr 15 #67
Just another reason to make DAMN SURE Biden gets a second term. calimary Apr 15 #84
No matter how quickly it would happen MurrayDelph Apr 15 #115
Please dear God let it be.... RandySF Apr 15 #2
Hope it involves cholesterol and big clumps of platelets. The Unmitigated Gall Apr 15 #3
CAN we start some rumors? James48 Apr 15 #4
Permanent Recusal. Voltaire2 Apr 15 #5
Gee, wonder if he is, well, dying. twodogsbarking Apr 15 #6
In The Immortal Words Of One Basil Fawlty, Sir... The Magistrate Apr 15 #7
A True Christian That Man Is Giordano Burno Apr 15 #27
Great quote. Pinback Apr 15 #31
Welcome! Dear_Prudence Apr 15 #72
Welcome to DU! PatSeg Apr 15 #85
This is another one I could stand to lose. mwb970 Apr 15 #8
Let me just remind everyone hamsterjill Apr 15 #9
Her commitment gave us Amy Coney Barrett. Not a great legacy. Things might have been a lot different if Obama..... usaf-vet Apr 15 #12
No! The so-called progressives who refused to vote for Hillary did that JohnSJ Apr 15 #15
Thank you. hamsterjill Apr 15 #20
I will NEVER BlueMTexpat Apr 15 #24
After 8 years of Obama, 2016 was a going to be a Republican year no matter what Polybius Apr 15 #28
My understanding is that more than one Voltaire2 Apr 15 #36
Yeah, right. and we were supposed to lose the midterms also. These arguments, because history did this, makes it so, JohnSJ Apr 15 #51
Things changed in 2022 because of abortion and Trump's awful, hand-picked candidates Polybius Apr 15 #117
Because of gerrymandering we were at a disadvantage in the House, but still we beat most expectations in 2022. JohnSJ Apr 16 #119
Oh, it will certainly depend on many variables Polybius Apr 16 #125
I think we didn't win in 2000 for several reasons. Gore ran a terrible JohnSJ Apr 16 #127
I know I'm getting way off-topic, but I really hate the 22nd Amendment Polybius Apr 17 #128
I agree JohnSJ Apr 17 #129
Please - the people who voted for Stein would have sat out the election if she hadn't run. TheRickles Apr 15 #43
This is correct. n/t progressoid Apr 15 #47
Oh please. It wasn't just those self-identified progressives who voted for Jill Stein it was also those self-identified JohnSJ Apr 15 #57
If Hillary had campaigned more aggressively in those swing states, and targeted the 40% of voters who stayed home, TheRickles Apr 15 #80
I won't argue that both campaigns were not in top form, but the issues and what was at stake should have been obvious. JohnSJ Apr 15 #89
Oof. Are we still doing this? progressoid Apr 15 #70
Are you kidding me. They conned enough young people not to vote. I remember the bullshit that came out of JohnSJ Apr 15 #110
Ya, maybe we can correct that mistake Pototan Apr 15 #109
And RBG would have known that? hamsterjill Apr 15 #18
I'm not so sure about that. Scruffy1 Apr 15 #90
and let us remember that manchin requires at least one repug vote to get his... getagrip_already Apr 15 #16
True, but that might be doable, especially among a repug who is leaving. JohnSJ Apr 15 #23
forgot about him...... getagrip_already Apr 15 #25
Hopefully it's serious! AKwannabe Apr 15 #10
he's probably in conference with Satan. mucifer Apr 15 #11
If he is at Death's door dweller Apr 15 #13
RV Shopping??? Did a new billionaire sugar daddy step up? Comfortably_Numb Apr 15 #14
Yachting off the coast of Greece,... too busy having fun to court. magicarpet Apr 15 #63
He is sickeningly corrupt and is going to live forever. Dammit. Comfortably_Numb Apr 15 #92
why do I picture ginny instructing doctors to put him on every possible medical device getagrip_already Apr 15 #17
Weekend at Clarence's. Voltaire2 Apr 15 #38
bobbing for thomas lol nt et tu Apr 15 #76
Was looking for better news on Thomas. Maybe he and Ginny are sinkingfeeling Apr 15 #19
They loaded up the RV & hit the road. nt Dulcinea Apr 15 #32
They're parked in a wal-mart parking lot communing with real Hikerchick57 Apr 15 #52
Did a semi run him over and killed him? LiberalFighter Apr 15 #21
OH PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE..... Happy Hoosier Apr 15 #22
There must be a Long Dong Silver marathon on Hustler TV. LudwigPastorius Apr 15 #26
Okay, now THAT's hilarious!!... InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 15 #30
DUzy! BumRushDaShow Apr 15 #100
Bwah!!! Blue Owl Apr 16 #121
Pretty please... with a cherry on top!! InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 15 #29
Weekend @ Clarence's n/t OneBlueDotS-Carolina Apr 15 #33
Hoping for the best outcome. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 15 #34
Get worse soon. dalton99a Apr 15 #35
Oh please let it be debilitating Novara Apr 15 #37
if he has to step down, lets hope that this time we dont get that seat stolen drray23 Apr 15 #39
I'm praying to Ceiling Cat ... Sky Jewels Apr 15 #40
Hope he kicks the bucket. BradBo Apr 15 #41
Hope he takes a dirt nap. BradBo Apr 15 #42
Maybe they are waiting for the taxidermist to arrive. hadEnuf Apr 15 #44
Ha! Elessar Zappa Apr 15 #104
Stroke? Kennah Apr 15 #45
Never say anything about those who are deathly ill, unless it's good Seinan Sensei Apr 15 #46
Retire or die! Bayard Apr 15 #49
Something terminal, one hopes. niyad Apr 15 #50
Very, very imp0rtant meeting with his travel agent. marble falls Apr 15 #54
Time wounds all heels. ffr Apr 15 #56
Threes ? dweller Apr 15 #58
Awhhh..maybe he's done!! One can only hope. Get at least one more judge b4 the election. PortTack Apr 15 #59
It would be a real fucking shame if he died horribly and in great pain. Orrex Apr 15 #60
He's busy advising a client in NYC world wide wally Apr 15 #62
he and his wife nt et tu Apr 15 #81
I was thinking this too. BlueKota Apr 15 #98
is the deadline coming up for John Oliver's million dollar offer for Clarence? librechik Apr 15 #64
Gee, I hope it's nothing trivial. dchill Apr 15 #68
BumRushDaShow........... Upthevibe Apr 15 #71
Stay away Uncle Clarence pfitz59 Apr 15 #73
Fingers crossed. bucolic_frolic Apr 15 #74
If he is at death's door . . . AverageOldGuy Apr 15 #75
Somebody find Harlan Crow....... lastlib Apr 15 #77
Did they check his Garden of Assholes? Blue Owl Apr 16 #120
And it was his turn to bring the potato salad. jaxexpat Apr 15 #78
For all we know, he's already practicing his oral skills in Hell. :) n/t brewens Apr 15 #79
Is he dead ? /hopefully/ Traurigkeit Apr 15 #82
No internet access when you're in the middle of a Pacific cruise vacation? Baitball Blogger Apr 15 #83
When the AP writes that he took part in the cases, then too, referring to his health issue two years ago, mahina Apr 15 #86
We can hope Mysterian Apr 15 #88
I would like his wife to go to prison. LiberalFighter Apr 15 #91
Likewise, but I don't think there is the evidence for it. Might be in his case re quasi-bribes. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Apr 15 #101
Time for nowforever Apr 15 #93
Fear not; if he drops dead, Ginni will continue and no one will know the difference. Hermit-The-Prog Apr 15 #95
In other news an elderly overweight naked black man was apprehended walking along I-495. Police reported he said twodogsbarking Apr 15 #97
if thomas has passed Marthe48 Apr 15 #106
No that would not put them in a minority. drray23 Apr 15 #111
I miscounted Marthe48 Apr 15 #112
Thoughts and prayers...lots of prayers... (not the good kind) LeftInTX Apr 15 #107
Did he have a meet and greet with Leonard Leo and several doners? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 15 #113
Cocain hangover... Maxheader Apr 15 #114
Weekend at Bernie's scenario unfolding at Leonard Leo's Prairie Gates Apr 15 #116
Is he dead yet? Mz Pip Apr 15 #118
Watching C-SPAN3 for today's oral argument on the 6 Jan Obstruction Charge. Thomas asked the 1st question n/t 24601 Apr 16 #122
... Mz Pip Apr 16 #123
Speculation was BumRushDaShow Apr 16 #124
If he checks out I can hear Moscow Mitch "We can't replace him until after the election". doc03 Apr 16 #126
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