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And yet they can continue with their bullshit?.............................. Lovie777 Apr 16 #1
meidastouch channel read from the latest and it appears that Trump pasted the security page for Demsrule86 Apr 16 #7
Don Hankey and Don Hankey Pankey! Mme. Defarge Apr 16 #13
So true...scumbag Don with scumbag lawyers. Demsrule86 Apr 16 #14
So true. And today the AG asked that the court deny Trump's so called bond. Demsrule86 Apr 19 #38
The account control has more holes moniss Apr 16 #17
Oops! TexasBushwhacker Apr 16 #2
That was an internet myth. former9thward Apr 16 #27
Ah! TexasBushwhacker Apr 16 #28
I have no idea what to make of the article. IANAL, but ai hope someone who is Raven123 Apr 16 #3
The article downplays the fact that Trump's side has made a credible argument that the surety can be accepted onenote Apr 16 #5
The bond is based on the backing of a Trump trust that supposedly has money and assets that can convert to money. 58Sunliner Apr 16 #24
Sounds kind of like they simply needed a piece of paper stating that the assets actually exist to cover the judgement. cstanleytech Apr 16 #8
So...a fraudulent bond posted for a fraud trial?! BadgerKid Apr 16 #4
You assume that the surety's legal arguments are without merit. onenote Apr 16 #6
My feeling would be for the surety moniss Apr 16 #12
Do you have experience with reinsurance policies? onenote Apr 16 #31
Yes moniss Apr 17 #35
Great. Can you explain why isn't the reinsurance coverage from KIC is invalid? onenote Apr 17 #36
We have no idea moniss Apr 17 #37
Did you actually listen? Traurigkeit Apr 16 #22
Good one. You can't make this sh*t up. n/t iluvtennis Apr 20 #39
Brothers and sisters, let us delay. Hermit-The-Prog Apr 16 #9
He doesn't have the money. Old Crank Apr 16 #10
NY state law. OK did they abide by NY state law? bluestarone Apr 16 #11
Laughable that the insurance faux bond lender "rejected" the NY AG ??!! PortTack Apr 16 #15
Is Trump's IRS tax audit complete yet? twodogsbarking Apr 16 #16
Two weeks. underpants Apr 16 #26
The certification moniss Apr 16 #18
So Trump and his lawyers filled a fraudulent document so he can appeal his guilt on running a fraudulent business? Botany Apr 16 #19
Just seize the fucking property already. Anything and everything until you reach 500 million. onecaliberal Apr 16 #20
I wonder how much of his and his company's properties are already leveraged to the hilt? Botany Apr 16 #21
I'm sure all of it is. onecaliberal Apr 16 #29
I give up. johnnyfins Apr 16 #23
"her office should be on the hook for the costs "incurred" by forcing their response" Jarqui Apr 16 #25
As I've stated before angrychair Apr 16 #30
Oh shit Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 16 #32
so now they will be given another couple of weeks to provide more proof. Kablooie Apr 16 #33
"Just say you are securing the bond, and let me and my Republican friends do the rest..." kentuck Apr 17 #34
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