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Bernardo de La Paz

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11. When companies have substantial losses in a quarter they tend to load up the losses
Mon May 20, 2024, 08:50 PM
May 20

I have not read any details about the earnings report. But if companies are facing a bad quarter, they tend to write off losses in that quarter that might have been put in the next quarter. Or they do an accounting move to put all the bad news into one quarter.

That said, I think the size of the loss and the drop in revenue indicate serious problems with the business. I think it is more than simply one quarter. Just for starters, the previous quarter was dreadful too ($ 4 million revenue and about $57 million loss), so this doesn't seem like a one-off.

Might need to check out Devin Nunes' cow. GregariousGroundhog May 20 #1
Nunes is milking the Truth Social cow but the only thing coming out is putrid sour milk. magicarpet May 20 #6
Hey Devin, merge Truth Social with your one dairy cow. rubbersole May 20 #15
That joke is an udder disgrace (NT) Otto_Harper May 21 #34
It cud be worse. rubbersole May 21 #35
There is an investor in Trump's businesses born every minute. Midnight Writer May 20 #2
$48 per share close today. Market cap of $6.6 billion mn9driver May 20 #3
I think there is some big money (Saudi?) that pumps up the stock every so often Bernardo de La Paz May 20 #10
Revenue going down, expenses and loss soaring. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz May 20 #4
It's Doturds' business model!!!! AZ8theist May 20 #17
-$327.6 Million?!?! GB_RN May 20 #5
When companies have substantial losses in a quarter they tend to load up the losses Bernardo de La Paz May 20 #11
Oh, Yeah... GB_RN May 21 #27
This may be one of American Finance's greatest grifting wolfie001 May 20 #7
Showing Elon how it's done! DJ Porkchop May 20 #8
Come on. Do you think they opened an office? jmowreader May 21 #36
Sounds like at least $770K too much... RockRaven May 20 #9
What optimism! Sounds like a plan... Get me another 10,000 shares. keithbvadu2 May 20 #12
How many shares has Jared purchased/invested in with his Saudi billions? keithbvadu2 May 20 #13
Time for Lara to do some more shaking of the RNC's couch cushions. 4lbs May 20 #14
So where did the $300 million go? Diraven May 20 #16
No kidding. Probatim May 20 #18
Watch it nosedive after he loses the election. NBachers May 20 #19
The company is not viable Picaro May 20 #20
In a normal Universe, it would be delisted already relayerbob May 20 #23
This price means really nothing, they're a nothing security. ybbor May 20 #21
Dang! and here I was thinking about investing... PatrickforB May 20 #22
Let's be honest . . . . SarcasticSatyr May 20 #24
But I made sooo much money in... Mawspam2 May 21 #25
Going forward, Dogecoin has more upside Best_man23 May 21 #29
lol BlueWaveNeverEnd May 21 #26
One new detail: operating loss only $12,100,000 Bernardo de La Paz May 21 #28
Hey MAGAts, its BUY, BUY. BUY time! Best_man23 May 21 #30
Hey, Donald... you're such a loser. Oopsie Daisy May 21 #31
Every thing Scumpf touches, he destroys. Kid Berwyn May 21 #32
DJT, the stock, is essentially an election prediciton market mathematic May 21 #33
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