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What a symptom of decline... David__77 May 21 #1
Maybe it will be a sting and arrest him when he sets foot on US soil? ☮ walkingman May 21 #2
The ICC has no jurisdiction on U.S. soil. former9thward May 21 #10
Not only should Netanyahu be arrested for war crimes but also George W Bush walkingman May 21 #15
ah, but, if it is a sting to kidnap him? Captain Zero May 21 #16
nOPE. James48 May 22 #24
This is such a terrible idea. Lonestarblue May 21 #3
Just a question. Who arrests him? Srkdqltr May 21 #4
Nobody . . . Richard D May 21 #6
Moreover, the US does not cooperate with the ICC. TomSlick May 21 #13
...additionally not a single protestation on TSF sending a delegation to Israel EarthFirst May 21 #5
As if TSF could read Traurigkeit May 21 #7
When has the Logan Act ever been enforced in 225 years? former9thward May 21 #12
I know TSF refers to Tr*mp, but what does it stand for? geardaddy May 22 #35
So its a non issue. Srkdqltr May 21 #8
Great!! Now they know where he'll be. aeromanKC May 21 #9
The ICC has no jurisdiction in the U.S. former9thward May 21 #11
Couldn't they just Zoom him into Congress? Captain Zero May 21 #14
Hopefully, demonstrations won't oasis May 21 #17
The invitation says a lot about Johnson and the GOP. Grins May 21 #18
But it won't say anything about either of them Bettie May 22 #23
I'm sure donald the dump ordered him to do it wolfie001 May 21 #19
Goodie Katcat May 21 #20
The KAOS evil villains are finally meeting in the open. Baitball Blogger May 22 #21
Why not invite Putin too? Novara May 22 #22
My thought exactly! Hope22 May 22 #34
Bad idea. Please tell Schumer this is a bad idea. 58Sunliner May 22 #25
Exactly, gab13by13 May 22 #26
It has set-up all over it. 58Sunliner May 22 #30
Oh, great. AloeVera May 22 #27
Who's next? wryter2000 May 22 #28
Netanyahu has a habit of coming here to endorse Trump every election. nt doc03 May 22 #29
In 25 years, people will be astounded by this Prairie Gates May 22 #31
Unhelpful duckworth969 May 22 #32
So sad as had we won the House, this invite b/4 the election would have never happened. machoneman May 22 #33
Why is an invitation necessary when he already got the money. LiberalFighter May 22 #36
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