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37. Sativex is being touted as a "cure" for marijuana "addiction" in New Zealand.
Tue Jan 24, 2012, 04:25 PM
Jan 2012

honestly, we have crossed over into bizarro world.

so, cannabis that's sold by a pharmaceutical company is being promoted as a cure for cannabis addiction that is less dangerous or addictive than coffee.

This is like offering Starbucks as a cure for Folgers.

The argument is that current whole plant cannabis is generally very THC concentrated. As Michael Pollan wrote about

and as Judge Gray testified to - http://www.democraticunderground.com/1170156

the reason for this higher-grade THC cannabis is because of prohibition!!!

If this were not such a tragedy for so many people - this would be one of the most hysterically funny attempts to bullshit the American people since Orson Welles' War of the Worlds.

But the reality is that people go to jail for doing something less harmful than drinking a glass of wine in this nation. The real criminals seem to be in DC, however.
here's to a saner approach to MM AlecBGreen Jan 2012 #1
unfortunately, it's likely not that at all RainDog Jan 2012 #9
Yes, quite sane to pay for something that you can grow naturally for viturally nothing Cooley Hurd Jan 2012 #11
I thought the taxes on it were going to save us? Snake Alchemist Jan 2012 #15
taxes can move profits from drug cartels to states RainDog Jan 2012 #16
I think the taxes on it would be nil. Snake Alchemist Jan 2012 #17
2010 Estimate: California Already Collects $50 Million in Cannabis Sales Taxes RainDog Jan 2012 #19
Yes, but I think decriminalization would eliminate that. Snake Alchemist Jan 2012 #22
well, people can grow their own tomatoes, but a lot of them don't RainDog Jan 2012 #23
Just another way for Big Pharma to cash in. stevedeshazer Jan 2012 #2
Shameful, ain't it? DCKit Jan 2012 #3
Here, here sakabatou Jan 2012 #4
I agree, screw big Pharma Guy Montag Jan 2012 #5
Great post Guy, You read my mind. Fokker Trip Jan 2012 #20
The prevailing theory is that endocannabinoids in modern humans often need supplementation.. tridim Jan 2012 #25
Dr. William Courtney doesn't view cannabis as "medicine"... waddirum Jan 2012 #26
Spam deleted by azurnoir (MIR Team) RawHemp Jan 2013 #38
+1. nt awoke_in_2003 Jan 2012 #29
The Big Switch-a-roo RainDog Jan 2012 #6
"The science indicates that anything else is breathtakingly corrupt." Trillo Jan 2012 #7
This just makes my head want to explode RainDog Jan 2012 #8
Great posts here RainDog. Fokker Trip Jan 2012 #21
thanks for those kind words RainDog Jan 2012 #24
Many States, such as mine are trying. Tripod Jan 2012 #10
Can we see an agenda here boys and girls? existentialist Jan 2012 #12
This explains the Obama Administration's Le Taz Hot Jan 2012 #13
That's It - same with Los Angeles radhika Jan 2012 #27
Let me get this right evilhime Jan 2012 #14
Legalize cannabis and be done with it. Uncle Joe Jan 2012 #18
Amazing Smilo Jan 2012 #28
I have not heard of this "marijuana" of which you speak. Tutankhamun Jan 2012 #30
I am in Canada and have MS and Emphysema, and Avascular Necrosis in both hips. This sounds good. Monk06 Jan 2012 #31
Sativex has been available in Canada since 2005 RainDog Jan 2012 #32
My specialist never even mentioned it to me. I think we need to have a talk he and I. Monk06 Jan 2012 #33
Studies also indicate cannabinoids may be able to halt the progression of MS RainDog Jan 2012 #34
here's more info RainDog Jan 2012 #35
Just Legalize Marijuana!!! mariematt Jan 2012 #36
Sativex is being touted as a "cure" for marijuana "addiction" in New Zealand. RainDog Jan 2012 #37
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