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If I were a governor, I'd create a task force to monitor social networks for similar threats... Comrade_McKenzie Jan 2013 #1
I'm sure they are ... Wernothelpless Jan 2013 #13
Well they castrated him I guess. upaloopa Jan 2013 #2
Thank God! His army will have to manage with a toothless tiger. Laurian Jan 2013 #3
Wow, just wow. This guy probably needs to be arrested. At least monitored. johnnyrocket Jan 2013 #4
Definitely he should be arrested Luft Jan 2013 #79
Oh hell yes ! Trajan Jan 2013 #5
Is that going to stop him? marions ghost Jan 2013 #6
What do you mean? Kolesar Jan 2013 #7
What do I mean? marions ghost Jan 2013 #18
since he has been all over the interwebs, when he is caught with a concealed handgun, big trouble pasto76 Jan 2013 #31
As I understand it he can still carry unconcealed handguns? marions ghost Jan 2013 #36
Permit required for open carry in Tennessee Tempest Jan 2013 #51
The OP said Concealed Carry marions ghost Jan 2013 #55
One permit for both is my reading of the law. n/t Tempest Jan 2013 #56
Right or Privilege? Luft Jan 2013 #81
It might slow him down. He knows he lucky he wasn't arrested by DHS. He knows he's being monitored. ancianita Jan 2013 #9
He still has the guns, doesn't he? Just not the Concealed Carry permit. SharonAnn Jan 2013 #10
This means Yeager gets pulled over in his vehicle every time he leaves his house ... Wernothelpless Jan 2013 #16
Revoking the CCW didn't affect his gun ownership. And he may still be able to transport firearms DeschutesRiver Jan 2013 #21
You are correct on open carry in TN. I just read the law. Tempest Jan 2013 #52
Thx for the confirmation; dialup wretched here tonight; impossible to research anything. nt DeschutesRiver Jan 2013 #68
You know he still has his guns. Grantuspeace Jan 2013 #25
Correct. He should have his guns confiscated before his promised killing spree instead of after it. PSPS Jan 2013 #40
+1 Tempest Jan 2013 #53
Seriously damnedifIknow Jan 2013 #8
And anyone who is associated with him. I don't know Laurian Jan 2013 #12
Confiscate his guns immediately Kingofalldems Jan 2013 #11
Oh, the irony LeftInTX Jan 2013 #14
I'll bet you $10,000 he blames Obama. n/t Tempest Jan 2013 #54
Post removed Post removed Jan 2013 #15
You think this unhinged freak should be allowed to carry concealed weapons? Laurian Jan 2013 #20
I said "Agree" which you overlooked. nt jody Jan 2013 #22
I did see your agreement, but was puzzled by the rest of your comment. n/t Laurian Jan 2013 #26
RKBA is just one of our civil rights and I suggested denying all of them. nt jody Jan 2013 #28
If you think his permit should not have been revoked, why Laurian Jan 2013 #39
See #15. Do you know what "Agree" means? nt jody Jan 2013 #42
In the language of Petulance, 'Agree' means... LanternWaste Jan 2013 #59
In this, instance I think you have misunderstood something. graegoyle Jan 2013 #65
Do you think we were all born yesterday? YOU. ARE. DEFENDING. JAMES. YEAGER. 2ndAmForComputers Jan 2013 #70
I'm hoping his statement was misunderstood. Luft Jan 2013 #82
That cannot be done. Looks like sarcasm. Kingofalldems Jan 2013 #27
Good question. I don't know of any legal way to deny just one of a person's civil rights. Do you? nt jody Jan 2013 #30
You brought it up. Kingofalldems Jan 2013 #33
Then remove all his civil rights? nt jody Jan 2013 #34
You presented this ridiculous dichotomy Trajan Jan 2013 #45
Trajan you really are good for laughs. RKBA is a civil right. If it's removed then a logical jody Jan 2013 #46
Oh .... I understood completely .... Trajan Jan 2013 #49
Pretzel logic... 2naSalit Jan 2013 #62
Really? tabasco Jan 2013 #38
Due process Luft Jan 2013 #83
Are you're saying you believe concealed carry is a civil right under the second amendment? Lone_Star_Dem Jan 2013 #47
RKBA is a civil right. That's all I said. nt jody Jan 2013 #48
No, you also said to remove all his other civil rights. Lone_Star_Dem Jan 2013 #57
herp derp? frylock Jan 2013 #61
With anchovies and extra cheese :) Electric Monk Jan 2013 #74
wow. that fools been here longer than me.. frylock Jan 2013 #75
With rights come responsibilities 2naSalit Jan 2013 #63
Agree but why not remove all his civil rights. nt jody Jan 2013 #64
Hi there. 2ndAmForComputers Jan 2013 #66
Perhaps it's because that's the one he seems to not 2naSalit Jan 2013 #67
Because that would require putting him to death Luft Jan 2013 #84
Jody has been removed from DU. hrmjustin Jan 2013 #85
Now they can pick him up in two weeks for an unlicensed concealed weapon... jobycom Jan 2013 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author Laurian Jan 2013 #19
Highly appropriate. As will be the follow up visit from ATF to determine the legality of his arsenal marble falls Jan 2013 #23
i'd like to see a local news show visit him and ask him for comment Enrique Jan 2013 #24
kicked Kaleva Jan 2013 #29
Fortunately, he decided to advertise his intentions. He's a hazard. One would hope RKP5637 Jan 2013 #32
"under surveillance" Don't worry, Poindexter's Total Information Awareness office didn't go jody Jan 2013 #37
grave dance.. frylock Jan 2013 #76
Tennesse is rather red PatrynXX Jan 2013 #35
kick samsingh Jan 2013 #41
In Tennesse? Call your police, demand they boycott Tactical Response Dems to Win Jan 2013 #43
Good post. freshwest Jan 2013 #78
It's right there in the words... CJCRANE Jan 2013 #80
Maybe we'll get lucky and Yeager Ilsa Jan 2013 #44
Words have consequences. Especially excessively violent ones like this guy spouted. n/t Tempest Jan 2013 #50
Good...this guy is unhinged. SoapBox Jan 2013 #58
But I'm sure he's not alone. Fox News spews the seeds of instability on millions every day. Kablooie Jan 2013 #72
CUCKOO...!!!!!!!!! DumbBassRepublicans Jan 2013 #60
Hopefully he'll have some kind of breakdown now. Zoeisright Jan 2013 #69
Thank Fox News and the radio right. They convinced this idiot that Obama is Dr. Evil. Kablooie Jan 2013 #71
Can you imagine being this guy's neighbor? thucythucy Jan 2013 #73
Ha Ha! onehandle Jan 2013 #77
Honestly, they need to take this a step further... Earth_First Jan 2013 #86
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