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21. Why don't we save the taxpayers some money?
Wed Apr 17, 2013, 04:34 PM
Apr 2013

Put those "Nay" f**kers on the street and set an NRA lobbyist in their chair. Cut out all this middle-man crap.
I know my dirt bags voted against it. sinkingfeeling Apr 2013 #1
The List Paul E Ester Apr 2013 #37
Yep, Boozman and Pryor sinkingfeeling Apr 2013 #39
“If we don’t change the laws, there’s going to be another shooting,” he said. reflection Apr 2013 #2
My Exact Thought DallasNE Apr 2013 #10
There have been ample opportunities to "wake up" groundloop Apr 2013 #25
There's still going to be another shooting krispos42 Apr 2013 #32
Locked and Loaded? bucolic_frolic Apr 2013 #3
Terribly disappointing cilla4progress Apr 2013 #4
Baucus/Pryor voted "no" brooklynite Apr 2013 #5
Wrong about Lautenberg MrBig Apr 2013 #9
Does This Mean That No Votes Will Be Cast DallasNE Apr 2013 #6
Don't count on "Half assed Harry" to pull the "nuclear option" Harry Monroe Apr 2013 #16
Individual votes were held for other amendment items today.... S_B_Jackson Apr 2013 #29
Later I Did Hear That They Had Votes DallasNE Apr 2013 #38
sigh . . . Journeyman Apr 2013 #7
gee who is responsible for 60 votes being needed...as usual nt msongs Apr 2013 #8
Makes me sick to see this defeated with Newtown families in the gallery cleduc Apr 2013 #11
GOP To Gun Terrorists: 'We Got Your Back!' nt onehandle Apr 2013 #12
Fuckin' unbelievable Vietnameravet Apr 2013 #13
Boston took the gun debate off the front page. Gin Apr 2013 #14
Fucking gutless spineless cowards!! Harry Monroe Apr 2013 #15
Republicans who voted for the amendment, Democrats against: alp227 Apr 2013 #17
Keep in mind that Reid voted no only so that he could bring it back up for another vote later. phleshdef Apr 2013 #19
I call Chicken Shit on them all. They TALK Homeland Security and Safety but they do not walk it. Ford_Prefect Apr 2013 #18
Senate Roll Call Vote 97 Lasher Apr 2013 #20
Why don't we save the taxpayers some money? summerschild Apr 2013 #21
"as several Democrats joined most Republicans in opposition." Jon Ace Apr 2013 #22
check is in the mail! frylock Apr 2013 #23
What is it with these gun loving morons?!?!? DCBob Apr 2013 #24
Craven corruption, suckling on the evil that is the NRA. nt SunSeeker Apr 2013 #27
I called my senator's action as cowardly. I said they fear the NRA more than they love us. alfredo Apr 2013 #28
LOL. Support of 90% of americans + majority in Senate = measure fails. PSPS Apr 2013 #30
I'm so upset a out this. Loryn Apr 2013 #31
91% of americans wanted this Doctor_J Apr 2013 #33
the registry part was the killer quadrature Apr 2013 #34
Obama and Reid's Failure jbp23 Apr 2013 #35
good point s all Doctor_J Apr 2013 #36
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