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27. It's a long story.
Tue Jul 23, 2013, 11:57 AM
Jul 2013

The Democratic Party - both state and national - has a lot to answer for. They dropped the ball.

There was corruption. The Koch Brothers saw an opening and took it.

We need help, and so far none is forthcoming. The DNC is ignoring the crisis as far as I can tell. The state party is in disarray. Our only strong leader is the head of the NC NAACP. I look to the Reverend William Barber to help lead us forward. He could use a little help. Where is the DNC?

K & R! LeftofObama Jul 2013 #1
I think the dominos are going to fall very quickly MNBrewer Jul 2013 #2
I agree. William769 Jul 2013 #3
I think so too. Lugnut Jul 2013 #24
HA! irisblue Jul 2013 #4
Fuck the haters (Thank god I'm not a bastard) we can do it Jul 2013 #18
Did the Federal Judge just say something like "up your nose, Herr Kasich, with a rubber hose" indepat Jul 2013 #5
There was also some mention of "twice as far as a candy bar." Orrex Jul 2013 #15
Had not heard that dandy gem indepat Jul 2013 #16
In your ear, with a can of beer: riqster Jul 2013 #17
K&R Ruby the Liberal Jul 2013 #6
This is a big fucking deal. yardwork Jul 2013 #7
Yes it is. William769 Jul 2013 #8
For the first time I feel a glimmer of hope that North Carolina's amendment might fall. yardwork Jul 2013 #9
I think you can pretty much count on that. William769 Jul 2013 #10
I don't know of any suits in NC about equal marriage. We have our hands full here. yardwork Jul 2013 #11
Thats a shame. N.C. is such a beautiful State. William769 Jul 2013 #13
What the hell happened in your state? theHandpuppet Jul 2013 #25
It's a long story. yardwork Jul 2013 #27
The ACLU is planning a challenge of the NC constitutional ban. knowledgeispwr Jul 2013 #21
Thanks for the Info. William769 Jul 2013 #22
That's right. I forgot about that. yardwork Jul 2013 #26
+1 n/t tammywammy Jul 2013 #14
one small, loose domino falls mitchtv Jul 2013 #28
Yes, yes it is !!!!!!1 Marrah_G Jul 2013 #30
Will this ruling apply to Ohio recognizing same sex marriages in general or just this case? pnwmom Jul 2013 #31
... truebluegreen Jul 2013 #12
Damned activist judges again Orrex Jul 2013 #19
Wow this is great LostOne4Ever Jul 2013 #20
Fucking awesome! Firebrand Gary Jul 2013 #23
This is wonderful! n/t JimDandy Jul 2013 #29
About damn time. blkmusclmachine Jul 2013 #32
K&R idwiyo Jul 2013 #33
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