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10. yep, until the hispanic side of him kills a white guy then the halo will come off. Zimmerman is
Fri Aug 2, 2013, 06:42 AM
Aug 2013

trigger happy and he thinks he is a hero.

Pulled over for speeding, acts the fool, gun in car, doesn't get a ticket. NYC_SKP Aug 2013 #1
+1 tofuandbeer Aug 2013 #6
"No outstanding warrants". Tell you what, KARMA has a fucking warrant out. bluesbassman Aug 2013 #7
'acts the fool' Berlum Aug 2013 #11
Another Z fan? freshwest Aug 2013 #2
most definitely.. iamthebandfanman Aug 2013 #8
yep, until the hispanic side of him kills a white guy then the halo will come off. Zimmerman is southernyankeebelle Aug 2013 #10
You forgot the sarcasm thingy. NYC_SKP Aug 2013 #22
I think she just may be correct, it is a reality. Thinkingabout Aug 2013 #26
"Cops give a damn about a Negro" kalisto2010 Aug 2013 #3
like heaven05 Aug 2013 #14
jerk he is Niceguy1 Aug 2013 #4
That's what I was thinking cyndensco Aug 2013 #19
Yes. I remember I heard that. But I couldn't figure out what was going on!... tofuandbeer Aug 2013 #5
I don't believe the camera covers the officers themselves. Ash_F Aug 2013 #9
Yeah, that would be a drag. tofuandbeer Aug 2013 #27
The cop was star-struck. Conium Aug 2013 #12
City of Forney should fire the officer in question Mr. David Aug 2013 #13
I can be very critical of police... NutmegYankee Aug 2013 #15
main q is what Zim was doing driving "nowhere in particular" in TX from FL wordpix Aug 2013 #16
it's easy to spend a lot of time "driving nowhere" in texas. have done it myself. niyad Aug 2013 #17
It's probably the safest state for him to be in right now besides Alaska. nt Incitatus Aug 2013 #20
Figuring his escape to Mexico? Planning to move to Texas? Meeting up with fans? freshwest Aug 2013 #25
whatever he was doing, he did not want to share with cop wordpix Aug 2013 #30
Agreed. And he's been 'up to no good' most of his life. Scumbag. freshwest Aug 2013 #31
His business, not yours. GreenStormCloud Aug 2013 #36
I'm suprised that Zimmerman wasn't complaining about being profiled for "Driving While Hispanic" Tom Ripley Aug 2013 #18
He is a Hero UglyGreed Aug 2013 #21
I hope this is sarcasm. nt redwitch Aug 2013 #24
Of course it is UglyGreed Aug 2013 #40
'S ok. redwitch Aug 2013 #41
R#11 & K for, good ol' boys are groupies, too!1 n/t UTUSN Aug 2013 #23
Most likely story? He took picture and send text to his wife snooper2 Aug 2013 #28
I got pulled over for speeding in Texas once Fringe Aug 2013 #29
Zs big road trips to new friends and radicalised more as each day goes on. Sunlei Aug 2013 #32
Not sticking up for Zimmerman but.. KinMd Aug 2013 #33
uh, let's use common sense here wordpix Aug 2013 #34
+1. (nt) Paladin Aug 2013 #35
uh, let's look at the law here. GreenStormCloud Aug 2013 #37
If he was moving to Texas, for example, why would or should he tell a cop on a speeding stop? KinMd Aug 2013 #38
If the officer had pulled over Anthony Weiner, would he have snapped a pic of ... Kennah Aug 2013 #39
Officer who took photo of George Zimmerman Crabby Appleton Aug 2013 #42
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