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Snake Plissken

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10. You'd figure Wall St would have learned their lesson the first time around
Sat Sep 28, 2013, 08:26 PM
Sep 2013

Using the taliban to fight your battles never ends too well

The plutocrats are trying to put the far-right genie back in the bottle YoungDemCA Sep 2013 #1
They've lost control leftynyc Sep 2013 #7
Rethug Response busterbrown Sep 2013 #2
Is this Keating the same cosmicone Sep 2013 #3
No, that was Charles Keating, Jr. HuskiesHowls Sep 2013 #11
Thank you. Just the last name gives me nausea. And McCain, projectile vomiting. freshwest Sep 2013 #23
No, Charles Keating wasn't a senator he just was the banker. alp227 Sep 2013 #12
Can't someone DO something? AlbertCat Sep 2013 #4
Rich Rethugs with huge stock holdings golfguru Sep 2013 #5
Exactly.. sendero Sep 2013 #19
The problem is that defaulting on the debt will hurt ALL of us! Duppers Oct 2013 #25
That is pure humbug! golfguru Oct 2013 #26
are you not reading DU & news? Duppers Oct 2013 #27
Federal employees ALWAYS get full back pay golfguru Oct 2013 #28
reducing the U.S.' fiscal troubles would be much easier pscot Sep 2013 #6
The Golem will do what the Golem will do. No use crying about it. Kablooie Sep 2013 #8
They're going to insist WE concede durablend Sep 2013 #9
Rep. Issa did just that when he told a reporter 3x "How dare you" when the kiranon Sep 2013 #20
You'd figure Wall St would have learned their lesson the first time around Snake Plissken Sep 2013 #10
"the political stalemate in Washington" PSPS Sep 2013 #13
Maybe the R's in the House Dyedinthewoolliberal Sep 2013 #14
GOP strategy: One more step and I take out the whole room, starting with myself! nt Javaman Sep 2013 #15
And their strategy works flawlessly Snake Plissken Sep 2013 #18
Before 9/11 nobody thought someone would hijack a plane to slam it into a building. AlbertCat Sep 2013 #24
I've read that Wall Street and the usual players like the Chamber of Commerce don't have control summerschild Sep 2013 #16
Just another bad investment made by Wall Street remember these idots caused the crash in 2008. gordianot Sep 2013 #17
Suuuure they do. blkmusclmachine Sep 2013 #21
You broke it, you bought it. DeSwiss Sep 2013 #22
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