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16. Guess who was ginning up all the talk about that?
Fri Oct 18, 2013, 01:52 PM
Oct 2013

I was living in Idaho then and we received much of our media from Spokane. The assault weapons ban would have been a non-issue if there hadn't been this push from the hard right through their radio and TV mouthpieces to make it into one.

A good man KT2000 Oct 2013 #1
It's only gotten worse since then. nyquil_man Oct 2013 #2
And She titanicdave Oct 2013 #22
He lost because on the eve of the vote for the Crime Omnibus Bill. Ranchemp. Oct 2013 #5
didn't know that KT2000 Oct 2013 #8
No problem, Ranchemp. Oct 2013 #10
Former President Clinton OneCrazyDiamond Oct 2013 #25
A truly honorable man. Ranchemp. Oct 2013 #32
I blame it on poisonous talk radio, Limbaugh and the likes. n/t Cleita Oct 2013 #12
That's not the way President Clinton saw it. Ranchemp. Oct 2013 #15
Guess who was ginning up all the talk about that? Cleita Oct 2013 #16
Yet it was solid Democrats who told Pres. Clinton what would happen if he insisted on the AWB. Ranchemp. Oct 2013 #20
Believe what you like. I believe what I think is right too. Cleita Oct 2013 #21
Ok that's a good point, Ranchemp. Oct 2013 #23
I think you underestimate the number of centrists/swing voters, and Democrats that own firearms AtheistCrusader Oct 2013 #30
You guys really never worried about assault weapons access Cleita Oct 2013 #33
That's not true at all. AtheistCrusader Oct 2013 #34
And now its wide open again warrant46 Oct 2013 #56
Not exactly. AtheistCrusader Oct 2013 #57
I remember that election very well Boudica the Lyoness Oct 2013 #24
That was a heartbreak for me when he lost flygal Oct 2013 #3
May his memory be a blessing. meti57b Oct 2013 #4
One of the best... Tom_Foolery Oct 2013 #6
requiescat in pacem, mr. foley. niyad Oct 2013 #7
Wow. R.I.P. BumRushDaShow Oct 2013 #9
Cross Easy, Mr. Speaker. nolabear Oct 2013 #11
K&R for respect. nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2013 #13
RIP Mr. Foley cristianmarie533 Oct 2013 #14
He was one of the good ones. Cleita Oct 2013 #17
Very sad ourfuneral Oct 2013 #18
Hear hear 2naSalit Oct 2013 #19
AND LEE ATWATER blueknight Oct 2013 #27
RIP darkangel218 Oct 2013 #26
One of the great Speakers billh58 Oct 2013 #28
Bill Clinton would probably disagree with you derby378 Oct 2013 #29
Bill Clinton billh58 Oct 2013 #37
Sorry, going to have to go with Bill Clinton. Ranchemp. Oct 2013 #39
Washington State may be a blue state, but AtheistCrusader Oct 2013 #40
"Only NRA apologists could turn a tribute to a great Democrat into a Second Amendment argument." NYC_SKP Oct 2013 #44
Thank you... derby378 Oct 2013 #51
I got blocked from GCRA group for daring to challenge a statement he made. Ranchemp. Oct 2013 #52
The GCRA is a safe group. NYC_SKP Oct 2013 #53
Thanks for the information, Ranchemp. Oct 2013 #54
The Honorable William Jefferson Clinton disagrees with you. Ranchemp. Oct 2013 #31
rightwing mythology at work on DU jimmy the one Oct 2013 #45
Whatever you say. Ranchemp. Oct 2013 #47
So long, Speaker Foley... ReRe Oct 2013 #35
Rest in Peace this should be the headline on DU tonight! gopiscrap Oct 2013 #36
I'm going to disagree with the Big Dog here jmowreader Oct 2013 #38
I'm sorry he passed away, but the guy was a hack.... hadrons Oct 2013 #41
The things I learn Delphinus Oct 2013 #42
Thanks for this. he gave us Gingrich 'cuz of Congressional pay raises. Jeebus. kath Oct 2013 #43
No way! washnwmn Oct 2013 #50
My condolences to his family. Beacool Oct 2013 #46
Rest in peace shenmue Oct 2013 #48
He was a rare breed in congress, statesman and gentleman. washnwmn Oct 2013 #49
The first speaker i ever worked for Recursion Oct 2013 #55
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