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Alright! Look out Mitt'ster and other rich crooks. The Wielding Truth Nov 2013 #1
Will there be a papertrail? FarPoint Nov 2013 #9
that's good news. Let's hope they DO SOMETHING with that information when they get it yurbud Nov 2013 #2
Taking effect in 2014 -- wondering if it'll be delayed from there tomm2thumbs Nov 2013 #3
If the house keeps all their whackadoodle teabaggers... mdbl Nov 2013 #4
"Oh shit. Nooooooooooo." - Republicons (R - 1%) Berlum Nov 2013 #5
My guess is that they have already moved their money somewhere else. watoos Nov 2013 #6
I wondered the same thing KansDem Nov 2013 #7
That was my thought too. bearssoapbox Nov 2013 #8
bitcoins ~~~ safely poching in mirrored servers FraDon Nov 2013 #11
Of course. I wonder where. nt valerief Nov 2013 #12
And the legislators have probably The Wizard Nov 2013 #10
Changes nothing oberliner Nov 2013 #13
I know of a certain Judge who's name I would like to look for on the list! Dustlawyer Nov 2013 #14
the rich Americans will not be affected riverbendviewgal Nov 2013 #15
People won't visit the US because they don't want to "run the risk of pnwmom Nov 2013 #19
If you overstay your time in the usa riverbendviewgal Nov 2013 #20
Then don't overstay a visa. But even if someone did, that wouldn't pnwmom Nov 2013 #23
if you have a green card riverbendviewgal Dec 2013 #28
There is a simple solution. Don't get a green card. pnwmom Dec 2013 #31
There's no way Harper won't bend over backwards to accommodate it, sadly. (nt) Posteritatis Dec 2013 #24
Also, I'm one of the affected parties Posteritatis Dec 2013 #26
The justice will be applied selectively Deny and Shred Nov 2013 #16
Next year? Next year?????? ReRe Nov 2013 #17
Yeah, who needs the constitution? (nt) Posteritatis Dec 2013 #25
Seriously? They go that far and then leave the last "T" off? Duer 157099 Nov 2013 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author riverbendviewgal Nov 2013 #21
This is great news!!! Major Hogwash Nov 2013 #22
Smoke screen and mirrors.... defacto7 Dec 2013 #27
read Robert Morse's essay riverbendviewgal Dec 2013 #29
kicking and looking for that other FATCA thread . . . n/t annabanana Dec 2013 #30
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