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28. If Howard Dean had been in Sebelius's chair I
Thu Dec 26, 2013, 11:22 AM
Dec 2013

think the ACA roll out would have worked, or at least been much smoother. And he would have been out front scoring points for the Democrats passing the legislation. Nobody in Obama's cabinet has stepped out to support his agenda since day 1! In the meantime, the GOP grifters are on every Sunday political show, etc... blasting him and everything he tries to do.

If democrats would have a more populist approach to things it would help. mucifer Dec 2013 #1
I agree - Douglas Carpenter Dec 2013 #2
Populist Pope Approval Rate: US Catholics = 88% .. US non-Catholics = 75% onehandle Dec 2013 #7
They already know. They are overwhelmingly bought and paid for. Corrupt. stillwaiting Dec 2013 #27
I tend to agree.. sendero Dec 2013 #29
The 1% is doing just fine. blkmusclmachine Dec 2013 #57
Bingo. Scuba Dec 2013 #32
Here's the problem: Pope Francis' responsibilities are way less than Obama's Penicilino Dec 2013 #38
We need to do everything possible to prevent a 2010 repeat VirginiaTarheel Dec 2013 #74
People want populists...so they'd prefer far-right Republicans? NYC Liberal Dec 2013 #50
Endless Obamacare propaganda and lack of shutdown talk. PeteSelman Dec 2013 #3
because the messenger works for them mopinko Dec 2013 #8
Republicans own The Wizard Dec 2013 #24
Even MSNBC is still talking about Obamacare website issues groundloop Dec 2013 #30
You have to give people something to be enthusiastic about. Jackpine Radical Dec 2013 #4
most Republicans in Congress are movement conservatives who have conviction and believe - most Douglas Carpenter Dec 2013 #6
+1 a whole bunch. Enthusiast Dec 2013 #12
Lets be real about the ACA humbled_opinion Dec 2013 #25
I don't particuarly disagree with these and other criticisms of the ACA. Nevertheless, Jackpine Radical Dec 2013 #70
fuking stupid people are gonna kill us all leftyohiolib Dec 2013 #5
yep. Katashi_itto Dec 2013 #17
That's the sad out-take Cosmocat Dec 2013 #87
With Third Way policies guiding us how could we possibly go wrong? Enthusiast Dec 2013 #9
+1 Scuba Dec 2013 #34
here's an idea. try enacting the platform that candidate Obama ran on Doctor_J Dec 2013 #10
Come on. We all know now that the 2008 Obama platform was pure fiction. NO WAY are the DC DEMS going blkmusclmachine Dec 2013 #58
Dem party needs real, serious leaders, elleng Dec 2013 #11
If Howard Dean had been in Sebelius's chair I summerschild Dec 2013 #28
I remember the Administration telling us to sit down and shut up and let the "adults" DO THEIR THING blkmusclmachine Dec 2013 #59
I'm not saying this poll is wrong, but... JaneyVee Dec 2013 #13
They have used the M$M to keep low info voters ignorant. These people have the memory of a Dustlawyer Dec 2013 #14
We have awhile before the actual elections Liberalynn Dec 2013 #15
It won't be good enough to just say "I'm not the Republican". We have to stand for something. Scuba Dec 2013 #35
I also believe that the GOP will overplay their hand Gothmog Dec 2013 #52
If this latest budget agreement... humbled_opinion Dec 2013 #64
But didn't Ryan say Liberalynn Dec 2013 #79
I have to agree, "Americans are profoundly ignorant people" mountain grammy Dec 2013 #16
oh I agree. but we have to be honest - there is no other western society where close to half the Douglas Carpenter Dec 2013 #19
...but ask them about reality shows, survivor, american idol, etc - NRaleighLiberal Dec 2013 #20
Low IQ? Rosa Luxemburg Dec 2013 #21
So dumbasses are more likely to be racist? Never would've guessed. AAO Dec 2013 #72
The real scandal should be that the "Arts & Entertainment" channel Dawson Leery Dec 2013 #41
"I'm a dumb ass and proud of it - And if you are not a dumb ass too -then fuck you! you're a pusxxx" Douglas Carpenter Dec 2013 #63
Yes this is obvious Rosa Luxemburg Dec 2013 #83
Plus it seems Republican voters turn out more often santroy79 Dec 2013 #18
And Special Elections otohara Dec 2013 #26
No one can beat the massive network of influence cheapdate Dec 2013 #22
People need to put up or shut up, Vote, They are winning - if not they will cheat, Vote or Die Poor! mitty14u2 Dec 2013 #84
I'm with you. cheapdate Dec 2013 #86
The Pope reflects traditional Democratic values clearer than current Dem. leadersship... raindaddy Dec 2013 #23
I've come to the conclusion that the "Democratic Party" is a sheen of BS to fool us into thinking we blkmusclmachine Dec 2013 #60
The act is getting old. raindaddy Dec 2013 #67
Truman was right... Moostache Dec 2013 #31
But, but, but ... BI-PARTISANSHIP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blkmusclmachine Dec 2013 #61
"Please don't try to bullshit yourself into denying reality " demwing Dec 2013 #33
Democratic candidates need to stand for something besides "not the Republican". Scuba Dec 2013 #36
BINGO: blkmusclmachine Dec 2013 #62
A poll during endless Glitch-Gate whinning from the media. JoePhilly Dec 2013 #37
Exactly savalez Dec 2013 #42
lol ... exactly. JoePhilly Dec 2013 #43
what changed? the republicans temporarily lost their bid to shut down government and magical thyme Dec 2013 #39
+1,000,000 Dawson Leery Dec 2013 #40
TPP = SML Mcconnell. nt livingwagenow Dec 2013 #44
Voter Enthusiasm ninjanurse Dec 2013 #45
That would explain the GOP's lead. Dawson Leery Dec 2013 #47
I don't believe it. MynameisBlarney Dec 2013 #46
Corporate News Network MoreGOPoop Dec 2013 #48
This is what scares the hell out of me- James48 Dec 2013 #49
It is way too early to worry about the generic ballot Gothmog Dec 2013 #51
In case we needed reminding: 2014 comes *before* 2016!! Beartracks Dec 2013 #53
One must ask: jimlup Dec 2013 #54
People think it's the other 434 schmucks who are the problem. nt nyquil_man Dec 2013 #55
"Bi-partisanship," ConservaDems, and gutting of Fairness Doctrine are among the things that have led blkmusclmachine Dec 2013 #56
PPP shows Dems leading by three points in mid December K lib Dec 2013 #65
This Obama critic says VOTE!! Jack Rabbit Dec 2013 #66
LOL! tabasco Dec 2013 #68
DO NOT TRUST THE CNN POLL! dawn frenzy adams Dec 2013 #69
Oh yeah, well they can go fuck themselves! AAO Dec 2013 #71
Is it too soon to start worrying about "Christie Democrats"? Jesus. octoberlib Dec 2013 #73
Just because there's widespread ignorance... Orsino Dec 2013 #75
Repeat use it is true Tippy Dec 2013 #76
Worst Congress ever Lifelong Dem Dec 2013 #77
Deserved or not the ACA is extremely unpopular, the people that it doc03 Dec 2013 #78
Yeah, the warmed over Republican policy (i.e. the ACA) isn't exactly all that JCMach1 Dec 2013 #82
They vote. savalez Dec 2013 #85
The party out of power has the advantage in mid-term elections davidn3600 Dec 2013 #80
Stand up for working class americans democrats workinclasszero Dec 2013 #81
Doesn't surprise me. Kablooie Dec 2013 #88
so how does tee vee have so much influence? greymattermom Dec 2013 #89
Systemic Issue One_Life_To_Give Dec 2013 #90
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