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Fri Jan 31, 2014, 04:44 PM Jan 2014

Christie Knew About Bridge Lane Closings, Port Authority Official Says [View all]

Source: New York Times

The former Port Authority official who personally oversaw the lane closings on the George Washington Bridge in the scandal now swirling around Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey said on Friday that the governor knew about the lane closings when they were happening, and that he had the evidence to prove it.

In a letter released by his lawyer, the official, David Wildstein, a high school friend of Mr. Christie’s who was appointed with the governor’s blessing at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which controls the bridge, described the order to close the lanes as “the Christie administration’s order” and said “evidence exists as well tying Mr. Christie to having knowledge of the lane closures, during the period when the lanes were closed, contrary to what the governor stated publicly in a two-hour press conference” three weeks ago.

“Mr. Wildstein contests the accuracy of various statements that the governor made about him and he can prove the inaccuracy of some,” the letter added.

The letter marked the first signal that Mr. Christie may have been aware of the closings, something he repeatedly denied during a two-hour press conference earlier this month.

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/01/nyregion/christie-bridge.html

Buh-bye, The Bully™
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Time to play DOMINOES! Squinch Jan 2014 #1
And there they go! randome Jan 2014 #17
DU this POLL MuhkRahker Jan 2014 #133
'Impeach him' is winning but by a surprisingly small margin! Squinch Jan 2014 #134
Perhaps because it is debatable if it is an impeachable offense Fortinbras Armstrong Feb 2014 #156
If Hoboken had to do something to get their Sandy money, rocktivity Feb 2014 #170
Link: jsr Jan 2014 #2
I knew this would be the guy singing leftynyc Jan 2014 #3
& he is singing a lot!!! tulsakatz Jan 2014 #60
Christie is so mad when the Port Authority decided to raise the wages SummerSnow Jan 2014 #69
Greedy a$$hole. Cha Jan 2014 #120
NOOOOO he didn't. Sinnakka Feb 2014 #147
No, someone ELSE reported it, she just repeated it on the air. George II Jan 2014 #90
of course he 'knew'- because he ignored the mayors communications about traffic jam. Sunlei Feb 2014 #161
It's about time Scairp Jan 2014 #83
Checkmate! hrmjustin Jan 2014 #4
Something tells me he's not Christie's close personal friend anymore. woodsprite Jan 2014 #5
According to Christy (for what that's worth) they never were friends. Auntie Bush Jan 2014 #21
the difference is that Christie is tryng to distance himself from this guy. olddad56 Jan 2014 #29
Wildstein stopped being Christie's personal friend halfway through his press conference... George II Jan 2014 #91
LOL nt SunSeeker Feb 2014 #172
Look who got immunity! cui bono Jan 2014 #6
No immunity yet leftynyc Jan 2014 #56
You make enough people mad at you Gman Jan 2014 #7
& he's got a LOTof people mad at him!!!! tulsakatz Jan 2014 #64
Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye TheMathieu Jan 2014 #8
Welcome to DU, TheMathieu! calimary Jan 2014 #33
Yes, I remember it well rocktivity Jan 2014 #80
I was living 10 blocks SE of the Capitol that day displacedtexan Jan 2014 #116
And he did suck. Bigtime. Hey, he earned every one of those signs, too! calimary Jan 2014 #131
.... DeSwiss Feb 2014 #154
So Wally Edge spoke eh? JustAnotherGen Jan 2014 #9
Thanks Gen.. from your link.. Cha Jan 2014 #121
Drip, drip,drip turning into a flood! n/t DippyDem Jan 2014 #10
I feel the stirrings of a resignation in the works. TwilightGardener Jan 2014 #11
Christie won't resign. Jackpine Radical Jan 2014 #14
I don't know. It's not just this, he's embattled on several fronts--at some point he TwilightGardener Jan 2014 #15
They'll still have to pry him from the levers of power. Jackpine Radical Jan 2014 #20
How about "hogmarch"? Auntie Bush Jan 2014 #27
I was (sorta) trying to stay away from discriminatory references to weight. Jackpine Radical Jan 2014 #34
I figured! But hog rhymes with frog. Auntie Bush Jan 2014 #141
In that case I grant you absolution for your politically incorrect comment. Jackpine Radical Feb 2014 #159
Rhinocerus march n/t cosmicone Jan 2014 #43
He's way too arrogant to resign. SummerSnow Jan 2014 #78
Agree... ewagner Jan 2014 #86
Not yet. AtheistCrusader Jan 2014 #12
LOL! The Feds will be coming for Christie. He will resign. nt onehandle Jan 2014 #53
Until that happens, they will continue to slobber all over him. AtheistCrusader Jan 2014 #54
thank goodness the feds will have no choice at some point questionseverything Jan 2014 #87
Game! SET! And Match to Perp walk on tv as breaking news. Can't wait to see Rachel Tonight. diabeticman Jan 2014 #13
Yeah, no shit!!!! calimary Jan 2014 #25
Oops. nt sufrommich Jan 2014 #16
What!!! Are they saying christie lied? What are all these shrills going to do who were polluting lostincalifornia Jan 2014 #18
Here we go... RedSpartan Jan 2014 #19
I just saw this reported on MSNBC, and all I can say about Christie's future is: jenmito Jan 2014 #22
Uh-oh... calimary Jan 2014 #23
Maybe Christie will decide he wants to spend more time with his family. Jim__ Jan 2014 #24
The government needs to take his passport NOW jmowreader Jan 2014 #45
Mittens will provide him a private jet in the night to the Caymans SummerSnow Jan 2014 #79
what? fuck no Skittles Jan 2014 #105
So would I but that doesn't address the larger problem jmowreader Jan 2014 #107
Hey Rudy! How are those 50/50 odds working for you? no_hypocrisy Jan 2014 #26
Strange no big News Alert from my CNN News Android app itsrobert Jan 2014 #28
I got one from the local ABC news here in NY leftynyc Jan 2014 #42
Still? They introduced it as breaking news about an hr ago... countryjake Jan 2014 #96
Yeah, they are covering Christie heavily now. itsrobert Jan 2014 #98
I'm just waiting for his head to explode... countryjake Jan 2014 #104
It was all over CNN yesterday. grahamhgreen Feb 2014 #166
yes, they got a late start over MSNBC itsrobert Feb 2014 #167
Recall Christie and Guardano. no_hypocrisy Jan 2014 #30
So sad BeyondGeography Jan 2014 #31
That ruined Christie's Super Bowl flamingdem Jan 2014 #32
.. Cha Jan 2014 #122
Happy Friday Cha! flamingdem Jan 2014 #126
Mahalo, flamingdem and, Aloha Friday as we like to say here Cha Jan 2014 #130
I never get tired of that pic! SunSeeker Feb 2014 #173
It's classic Cha Feb 2014 #174
pass the popcorn! eom Maeve Jan 2014 #35
I am going to make sure I tune in to Joe and Mika and see how they mfcorey1 Jan 2014 #36
Move along, nothing to see, probably... nt winstars Jan 2014 #65
Or, they could go after Wildstein, hammer and tong. QuestForSense Jan 2014 #72
Its going to be a laughfest to see Joe cry and whine.lol SummerSnow Jan 2014 #81
I was wondering this myself Mike Daniels Jan 2014 #102
Once the Port Authority threw him to the curb re legal costs, it was only... Spazito Jan 2014 #37
Wildstein was getting boxed like a Cha Jan 2014 #123
Yep, and seeing as Wildstein was pivotal, the pointman between the Port Authority... Spazito Jan 2014 #125
Unreal! Throwing Wildstein to the People of New Jersey was Cha Jan 2014 #129
It really does boggle the mind how arrogant they all were.... Spazito Jan 2014 #132
It's unravelling faster than a WalMart sweater. longship Jan 2014 #38
We need one more piece of the puzzle, and we'll probably get it jmowreader Jan 2014 #39
That wont work leftynyc Jan 2014 #44
I know that and you know that, but the average Faux News viewer doesn't jmowreader Jan 2014 #48
What will they say if he resigns? leftynyc Jan 2014 #52
How did you guess? jmowreader Feb 2014 #145
LOL - you have a way with words leftynyc Feb 2014 #149
Here ya go leftynyc Jan 2014 #50
ED, PA, GWB, TBT, PAPD? Ptah Jan 2014 #61
Here you go leftynyc Jan 2014 #66
Thanks, leftynyc. Ptah Jan 2014 #68
No problem leftynyc Jan 2014 #71
Good ol Pat Foye! Cha Jan 2014 #124
Foye is a real hero here leftynyc Feb 2014 #148
I'm watching Rachel now online.. taking Cha Feb 2014 #150
I'm going to try and catch Kornacki's show leftynyc Feb 2014 #153
"I am not a crook" and bucolic_frolic Jan 2014 #40
I guess I have to go back to the christie lie-a-thon ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2014 #41
Excellent point. QuestForSense Jan 2014 #75
But if Christie didn't know about the closures until they happened rocktivity Jan 2014 #85
Agreed ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2014 #109
You CAN argue consciousness of guilt in between. n/t rocktivity Jan 2014 #135
No you can't; nut, okay. eom. 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2014 #139
Isn't Waldstein a Beethoven Sonata? lostincalifornia Jan 2014 #46
Yes it is - good catch: Mira Jan 2014 #51
excellent. I could not resist thanks lostincalifornia Jan 2014 #106
But you know Christie's favorite is the Slammerklavier Blue Owl Feb 2014 #165
That is good lostincalifornia Feb 2014 #169
R#56 & K, but CRISPIE says they were NOT high school FRIENDS, barely ACQUAINTNCES!1 n/t UTUSN Jan 2014 #47
I can't wait to see how Faux handles this Dopers_Greed Jan 2014 #49
What bridge closings? Benghazi! IRS! Rev. Wright! Faygo Kid Jan 2014 #55
Boom! Javaman Jan 2014 #57
A bad day.. Gary 50 Jan 2014 #58
We who have insight to Repug behavior mstinamotorcity2 Jan 2014 #59
This is big, its on MSNBC right now. SummerSnow Jan 2014 #62
As much as I am enjoying the NJ drama.. Sinnakka Jan 2014 #63
Now, that this came out... SummerSnow Jan 2014 #76
His presidental hopes now sleep with the fishes rocktivity Jan 2014 #92
He done blowed up real good! Arugula Latte Jan 2014 #67
Well, then... LuckyTheDog Jan 2014 #70
I'm reading a lot of whining about how Boroni seems to be getting special treatment rocktivity Jan 2014 #73
And the truth will set you free,,,,,, SmittynMo Jan 2014 #74
More from the Bergen Record.... George II Jan 2014 #77
thanks for that George.. I like Cha Jan 2014 #128
Something tells me AC_Mem Jan 2014 #82
Let's see if he can host from jail spinbaby Jan 2014 #84
Christie's Statement notundecided Jan 2014 #88
Christie is toast. Beacool Jan 2014 #89
I wonder what things he would have done if he had made it to the White House. WhoWoodaKnew Jan 2014 #93
The plot thickens Jack Rabbit Jan 2014 #94
he's done.... Sancho Jan 2014 #95
All of the material that is in the pubic domain came from Wildstein Gothmog Jan 2014 #97
He shouldnt be granted immunity though unless he has rock solid evidence cstanleytech Feb 2014 #158
Now we know . . . another_liberal Jan 2014 #99
I'll take March 17th in the Christie is gone pool Botany Jan 2014 #100
It took a year and a half to dump Nixon once it was clear that Watergate wasn't just a third rate Jack Rabbit Jan 2014 #115
Maybe, but ... onwardsand upwards Feb 2014 #177
of course he did Skittles Jan 2014 #101
Here is Christie's lawyer's response Gothmog Jan 2014 #103
... BumRushDaShow Jan 2014 #108
Impeach the fucker gopiscrap Jan 2014 #110
"He Knew" cleduc Jan 2014 #111
Barbra Streisand said (sang) it best: NastyRiffraff Jan 2014 #112
Bridget Kelly will have the way more damaging goods. SunSeeker Feb 2014 #175
TOO BIG TO FAIL blkmusclmachine Jan 2014 #113
We're not supposed to be making fat jokes! jmowreader Feb 2014 #146
Just went over to Fox News web site. Not one mention. Not one. Faygo Kid Jan 2014 #114
They have it now (via NYT) IDemo Jan 2014 #136
Begins to sound like this could be over quickly bucolic_frolic Jan 2014 #117
Do I detect the odor of burned toast? MH1 Jan 2014 #118
".. something he repeatedly denied.." HA! Cha Jan 2014 #119
However, the language of the letter can be interpreted in several ways. elleng Jan 2014 #127
Turn out the light's the party's over Chris. ArnoldLayne Jan 2014 #137
Stick a fork in him tavalon Jan 2014 #138
But, what about El Shaman Jan 2014 #140
Too much shit and El Shaman Jan 2014 #142
"I am not a bully." Coyotl Feb 2014 #143
I'm trying not to get too excited about this... cash__whatiwant Feb 2014 #144
Ruh roh. It ainta lookin any better, is it? tblue Feb 2014 #151
Somebody clue me ... why is this thread full of backflips and comments about 'toast' and such? brett_jv Feb 2014 #152
REALLY?? do you believe for EVEN.ONE.SECOND that if that's was all there was about CRISPIE's guilt- Ecumenist Feb 2014 #157
Hmmm ... brett_jv Feb 2014 #162
Well, we can agree to disagree because I think people are giving him WAY too much Ecumenist Feb 2014 #171
^ This WhoWoodaKnew Feb 2014 #185
I knew it. Enthusiast Feb 2014 #155
I wish we had guys like him on our side RedstDem Feb 2014 #160
You already do. onwardsand upwards Feb 2014 #178
does this person have a name? RedstDem Feb 2014 #179
There are plenty of bullies in the Democratic Party onwardsand upwards Feb 2014 #180
I thought he was a republican? RedstDem Feb 2014 #181
He's definitely a Dem! onwardsand upwards Feb 2014 #182
it was a joke RedstDem Feb 2014 #183
That's a relief! onwardsand upwards Feb 2014 #184
Christie reminds me of the little boy with his finger in the dam. olegramps Feb 2014 #163
Buh bye Crispy workinclasszero Feb 2014 #164
The GOP has an answer for everything calguy Feb 2014 #168
You know it's bad for Christie when even Fox is reporting this. SunSeeker Feb 2014 #176
K&R tabasco Feb 2014 #186
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