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144. Our murder and manslaughter rate is half of what it was
Sun Jun 29, 2014, 10:09 AM
Jun 2014

20 years ago. Heck of a genocide, don't you think? Violent crime of every kind has been steadily falling for 20 years. You have to go back nearly 60 years to find lower rates - including murder.

Clear now?

Nice. Link to petition ---> onehandle Jun 2014 #1
Signed! But the site hasn't updated the number of signers since February Hekate Jun 2014 #115
Here is the petition link: RKP5637 Jun 2014 #2
Oh wow MynameisBlarney Jun 2014 #3
"Defend Freedom With the NRA Credit Card" groundloop Jun 2014 #4
And Michigan State makes money when someone uses pipoman Jun 2014 #6
IMO it's NOT a "non-issue" groundloop Jun 2014 #11
The NRA can't prevent anything pipoman Jun 2014 #18
BARF........how about the legislation blocked in the Senate for background checks, etc.,..BARF. Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #34
If you wish to attribute super powers to them whatever pipoman Jun 2014 #50
I think the NRA is in the hands of RWNJs.... Anansi1171 Jun 2014 #77
They advocate for the firearms industry. That's pretty conclusive. nt Hekate Jun 2014 #116
Why wouldn't the firearms industry pipoman Jun 2014 #118
Interesting thread -- reads like the whole NRA advocacy group showed up Hekate Jun 2014 #119
No advocacy. ...maybe truth would be more fittings pipoman Jun 2014 #121
They can't prevent anything? passiveporcupine Jun 2014 #81
Really? An NRA apologist? smh. The NRA pours money on people in Congress to make sure they vote Cha Jun 2014 #88
Yeah, and pipoman Jun 2014 #93
re: "...it is easier to just blame a boogie man than understand the issue for what it is..." discntnt_irny_srcsm Jun 2014 #103
How is this a non-issue? MynameisBlarney Jun 2014 #13
Help yourself. ..I don't bring politics to work with me. .. pipoman Jun 2014 #15
Sure... MynameisBlarney Jun 2014 #30
Because one can get a visa card supporting everything from local school athletic pipoman Jun 2014 #51
I do not see how that MynameisBlarney Jun 2014 #52
So are you going to boycott them for every card they issue for pipoman Jun 2014 #56
Well then, I'm guessing that you'll never accept Visa again IronGate Jun 2014 #42
Thanks. MynameisBlarney Jun 2014 #44
good way to loose Niceguy1 Jun 2014 #102
I suspect once his business started tumble, IronGate Jun 2014 #104
Frankly if i came into a store and wanted to buy something.. EX500rider Jun 2014 #107
well my visa card has nothing to do with the NRA, Duckhunter935 Jun 2014 #109
Barf...... Beacool Jun 2014 #7
*edit* replied to the wrong person. MynameisBlarney Jun 2014 #12
As long as they don't issue to any controversial pipoman Jun 2014 #5
Controversial civil liberty groups do not have instruments of death as their focus, do they? Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #10
All civil liberties reduce safety. .. pipoman Jun 2014 #19
You do not "get" it at all. There is a balance, modifying one amendment is not hate of the other. Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #21
Well then get to work on that. .. pipoman Jun 2014 #94
Post removed Post removed Jun 2014 #86
You went full Derp. MynameisBlarney Jun 2014 #14
Full Metal Derp frylock Jun 2014 #39
He Derped so hard MynameisBlarney Jun 2014 #40
NRA Visa - It's everywhere you don't want to be Crowquette Jun 2014 #8
America is more of a Killing Field than Cambodia was. Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #9
That is a fucking stupid comment hack89 Jun 2014 #16
30 gun deaths a day for the last 30 years.........adds up and up and up. Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #17
Did you even read your own link? hack89 Jun 2014 #20
So America is no more than a mini genocide, got it? Still with the insults, really pathetic. Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #23
It does not meet any accepted definition of genocide. hack89 Jun 2014 #26
90/ day, 30,000 a year, forever and ever, amen, is my standard. Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #29
So if the rate continues to decline, it will no longer be genocide? hack89 Jun 2014 #31
Hack, what do you call it? toby jo Jun 2014 #46
Since two thirds of the deaths are sucides, I call it a healthcare crisis hack89 Jun 2014 #47
The murder rate for 2012 increased. No data yet for 2013. tabasco Jun 2014 #140
So a small increase after cutting the rate in half hack89 Jun 2014 #142
The rate in violent crime was not cut in half. tabasco Jun 2014 #143
Our murder and manslaughter rate is half of what it was hack89 Jun 2014 #144
The number you pulled out of a keyboard is incorrect. former9thward Jun 2014 #22
What an ignorant way to make an argument, so for you American gundeaths are at good levels? Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #25
LOL former9thward Jun 2014 #36
Fat people choose to eat, shot people not so much choose to get shot...see the difference? Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #37
You have been throwing in the suicide figures. former9thward Jun 2014 #43
They have tried every way possible to defend something indefensible. Their rage doesn't assist them. Judi Lynn Jun 2014 #75
I appreciate yours, lot of misinformed opinion out there. Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #76
So you think gun violence in America is genocide? hack89 Jun 2014 #82
Do you believe suicide is tantamount to genocide? IronGate Jun 2014 #105
Compared to the other leading causes of death they barely register.. EX500rider Jun 2014 #55
Those are natural diseases, not brains blown out....really, that is pathetic. Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #57
So one who dies violently by a firearm IronGate Jun 2014 #58
120,000 a year from accidents is not a disease. EX500rider Jun 2014 #62
Since all people die, why bother with trying to delay death, THAT is your logic? Please proceed. Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #64
No my logic was people kill other people and have done so way before guns.. EX500rider Jun 2014 #65
you might review the definition of "genocidal" pipoman Jun 2014 #24
American gun genocide,yes it is, and my 30/day was in error, more like 90 a day. Apologies. Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #27
So sucide is a genocidal act? Didn't know that. nt hack89 Jun 2014 #32
Not surprised. Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #33
So you really think sucide is a genocidal act? Wow. nt hack89 Jun 2014 #35
I am not surprised either since NOBODY knows that since it's not true.. n/t EX500rider Jun 2014 #63
Perhaps you can explain how someone choosing to take their own life is genocidal? IronGate Jun 2014 #66
When it happens 10,000 times a year, every year? Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #67
That's not genocide, that's individuals choosing to end their existence on earth. IronGate Jun 2014 #68
So genocide is ongoing in many countries as we speak? Nt hack89 Jun 2014 #84
Apparently "genocide" is happening in almost EVERY country....who knew? EX500rider Jun 2014 #87
Genocide ZombieHorde Jun 2014 #41
I'm thinking that's worse, in a way. toby jo Jun 2014 #45
Well, we do have quasi-state sanctioned violence, ZombieHorde Jun 2014 #48
The alternatives of a completely safe society are entirely unacceptable. .. pipoman Jun 2014 #95
All those suffering Europeans, Canadians and Japanese? BrotherIvan Jun 2014 #133
Yeah, the freedom of Americans pipoman Jun 2014 #141
Visa doesn't issue the card. That would be First National Bank of Omaha. ET Awful Jun 2014 #28
That would be great! gopiscrap Jun 2014 #38
You'd think companies would learn. JoeyT Jun 2014 #49
Visa knows that most Americans don't care hack89 Jun 2014 #53
Visa probably doesn't care about an online, worthless petition with a few thousand signatures. IronGate Jun 2014 #54
Thanks for signing the petition! SecularMotion Jun 2014 #59
Except I didn't, and I wouldn't. IronGate Jun 2014 #60
I wasn't going to sign the petition, but you convinced me to. Thank you. olddad56 Jun 2014 #78
Good for you, it's still meaningless. IronGate Jun 2014 #85
BTW, where did you get the idea I signed this worthless petition? IronGate Jun 2014 #61
Yes, keep the faith. Downer posters should be ignored, they got really fragile egos it seems. Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #69
Not downer posters or fragile egos. IronGate Jun 2014 #70
Does your Captain know you are posting more than a day in the life here, because that would be more Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #71
I'm using up all my vacation and comp time, which gave me appox. 2 1/2 months off. IronGate Jun 2014 #72
The point is to collect many more, and yes, they have a department dedicated to public relations, Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #73
No, no, you didn't offend me at all, IronGate Jun 2014 #74
I think it's unlikely that VISA will do anything, but I doubt it would harm them petronius Jun 2014 #79
Have never heard of this organization. Thanks for mentioning it. Sounds great. n/t Judi Lynn Jun 2014 #80
Yeah, it's a pretty clever idea. I don't know what their fees are like, but it petronius Jun 2014 #83
There are a lot of people who'd leap to do business with a company they perceive as ethical. n/t Judi Lynn Jun 2014 #91
I imagine that's a lot more common than people who petronius Jun 2014 #111
74 school shootings in the 18 months since the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre... freshwest Jun 2014 #89
School mass-murders since Sandy Hook: -0- Eleanors38 Jun 2014 #90
Your reply to the faces of dead children is to defend your guns? BrotherIvan Jun 2014 #92
Actually, it was a statement of fact. Here's another: Eleanors38 Jun 2014 #120
Trying to get us to back off being outraged over murdered children? Paladin Jun 2014 #123
Um, no. Capitalizing on the deaths of others to work up Eleanors38 Jun 2014 #125
only some childrens deaths cause such Duckhunter935 Jun 2014 #127
And you know what? BrotherIvan Jun 2014 #132
+100 billh58 Jun 2014 #135
That is why we must marginalize them and push for gun regulation which the majority wants BrotherIvan Jun 2014 #137
I agree with you completely, and billh58 Jun 2014 #138
I usually just agree with yours and so there's no need to jump in BrotherIvan Jun 2014 #139
And there are already many laws on the books Duckhunter935 Jun 2014 #136
Doubling down? BrotherIvan Jun 2014 #124
I think your world revolves around some notion of NRA talking points. Eleanors38 Jun 2014 #126
I'm glad we're having this exchange so people can see how much compassion pro gun people have BrotherIvan Jun 2014 #129
How cheap "compassion" sounds from those who can't tell Eleanors38 Jun 2014 #130
"Some kids' deaths are more tragic than others." BrotherIvan Jun 2014 #131
Wow, indeed. You should study the mirror, and take a course Eleanors38 Jun 2014 #134
Ah, I see we're expected to use the term "school shooting" as defined by the NRA? Ah, no. myrna minx Jun 2014 #96
So if a shooting happens a night after school hours in a school parking lot hack89 Jun 2014 #97
After hours in a school parking lot, when myrna minx Jun 2014 #98
"When students or teachers are in danger" hack89 Jun 2014 #100
I think shootings at a school are school shootings. myrna minx Jun 2014 #101
Of course you do hack89 Jun 2014 #106
I happen to think gun violence at schools is unacceptable. myrna minx Jun 2014 #108
also rope violence Duckhunter935 Jun 2014 #110
I'm rather sure most folks understand the difference between a hanging and a shooting. myrna minx Jun 2014 #112
both were suicides Duckhunter935 Jun 2014 #113
A hanging isn't a shooting. Ergo, one death is a hanging and one is a shooting. myrna minx Jun 2014 #114
You are not paying attention hack89 Jun 2014 #117
Actually, the expression "mass murder" comes from the FBI, Eleanors38 Jun 2014 #122
Excellent! In_The_Wind Jun 2014 #99
Visa: It's everywhere you want to shoot somebody Alex P Notkeaton Jun 2014 #128
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