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18. No surprise there.
Sat Nov 1, 2014, 05:03 PM
Nov 2014

Also, no mention of all the manufacturing jobs, particularly in the auto industry, who relocated to Mexico after NAFTA. I'm from Michigan, and it was sucking sound from a galactic-class vacuum that hit my home state.

NAFTA may have been good only for shareholders who had nothing to do with the towns that they destroyed, the investment bankers and lawyers that managed the deals, and of course, the very top execs of the auto industry.

All else was laid waste.

people responsible need to pay for this weissmam Oct 2014 #1
Lots of overdue bills in that country. jtuck004 Oct 2014 #2
Only two posts AnalystInParadise Oct 2014 #5
Yeah, we're really good at screwing people over then riding around on our white horses looking jtuck004 Oct 2014 #6
So that's your final answer? AnalystInParadise Oct 2014 #7
It's definitely much easier to peddle revenge and bloodlust against an entire country for what a few DesertDiamond Nov 2014 #10
The criminals that killed them did it. We helped empower the criminals. jtuck004 Nov 2014 #11
Wow AnalystInParadise Nov 2014 #12
For many on DU, all the horrors on earth can be traced back to the USA. Throd Nov 2014 #13
Spend some of your time doing your homework on the known history of US relations toward LatAm. Judi Lynn Nov 2014 #20
Why do you assume that I don't know any of this? Throd Nov 2014 #22
If you did know anything, you'd realize, along with so many Democrats why the people of Lat. America Judi Lynn Nov 2014 #23
And how does any of that have something to do with these three being murdered? Throd Nov 2014 #25
To certain self appointed AnalystInParadise Nov 2014 #28
Literally laughed out loud when I read this AnalystInParadise Nov 2014 #27
Uh, not Mexican criminals. Mexican soldiers. Comrade Grumpy Nov 2014 #14
In my experinces AnalystInParadise Nov 2014 #15
I think the word for this phenomenon is "BLOWBACK" 99th_Monkey Nov 2014 #17
I think the word is Choice AnalystInParadise Nov 2014 #19
You are conflating two distinctly different things 99th_Monkey Nov 2014 #21
You appear to believe the irrational concept that actions happen in vacuums. LanternWaste Nov 2014 #26
No surprise there. amandabeech Nov 2014 #18
NAFTA has been absolute hell for so many Mexican people who were destroyed altogether. Judi Lynn Oct 2014 #8
Mexicans are already at the breaking point regarding cops and soldiers getting away with murder. Comrade Grumpy Oct 2014 #3
Sooner or later they may slide into the Colombian habit of claiming the dead people were enemies Judi Lynn Nov 2014 #16
Three U.S. citizens last seen with police in Mexico are found dead Judi Lynn Oct 2014 #4
What could have been the motive? Helen Borg Nov 2014 #9
Ultimately it was their own fault for being Americans hack89 Nov 2014 #24
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