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Cold War physics in neuroscience is now revealing the probability of a successfully weaponized brain bobthedrummer Nov 2014 #1
That's why I have Old Glory... PoliticAverse Nov 2014 #2
Alien Abduction-the other AA huh, PA? Thanks for bttt. n/t bobthedrummer Nov 2014 #5
Hahahahaha!!! Cooley Hurd Nov 2014 #7
The Humans Are Dead... berni_mccoy Nov 2014 #3
"Cant we just talk to the Humans?" Cooley Hurd Nov 2014 #8
Great song N/T UglyGreed Nov 2014 #23
The Terminator blkmusclmachine Nov 2014 #4
World is against Information War (V. N. Lopatin 2006 Project Censored academic paper Mind Justice) bobthedrummer Nov 2014 #15
The Technological Singularity is near... Odin2005 Nov 2014 #6
That's why we have to colonize Mars ASAP! nt bananas Nov 2014 #11
Remember how excited dumya was about Mars? Maybe he knows something us peons don't. nt Mnemosyne Nov 2014 #13
Event Horizon, solitons, e does not = Mc2, entanglement??? n/t bobthedrummer Nov 2014 #16
Mind Justice Review of Tek Nath Rizal's 2009 Book "Torture, Killing Me Softly" bobthedrummer Nov 2014 #9
They will inevitably be back. (Updated) longship Nov 2014 #10
A wink as good as a nod, longship-I can't stand Arnold today... bobthedrummer Nov 2014 #17
Uncle? Paulie Nov 2014 #22
Killer robots are people, my friend, and they have rights! tclambert Nov 2014 #12
The CIA's Connections to the Mind Control Cults (Alex Constantine March 17, 2012 War Is Crime post) bobthedrummer Nov 2014 #14
you believe all that stuff? snooper2 Nov 2014 #26
Not "all that stuff"-just what's true, what many US citizens have experienced, as any snooper should bobthedrummer Nov 2014 #28
Skynet redux. L0oniX Nov 2014 #18
I was once in a facility that manufactures robot death machines MannyGoldstein Nov 2014 #19
Disassemble?! Earth_First Nov 2014 #20
We're all forgetting where it started Politicalboi Nov 2014 #21
Here's a directed energy weapon story from the Middle East bobthedrummer Nov 2014 #24
When killer robots are outlawed, ZombieHorde Nov 2014 #25
Cylons daleo Nov 2014 #27
Governor Nixon oks them for possible use in St. Louis, right? Kick for further discussion. bobthedrummer Nov 2014 #29
Memories of reading Saberhagen One_Life_To_Give Nov 2014 #30
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