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Al Carroll

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Fri Jul 15, 2016, 12:45 PM Jul 2016

Excerpt from Trump Fascism: A Very Possible Future [View all]

This is the first in a series of excerpts from my dystopian novel of an alternate near future.

For more see the following sites:






Trump Fascism:

A Very Possible Future

By Al Carroll

This alternate future history novel is a work of fiction, but one scrupulously researched and carefully based on documented facts, logical exposition, and direct public statements.

Table of Contents

About the Author


Chapter One: Election Day and Recession

Chapter Two: Inauguration Day, the Second Great Depression Begins

Chapter Three: War on Immigrants

Chapter Four: Trump’s Redshirts

Chapter Five: War on Dissent

Chapter Six: Trump Wars on Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iran, and Sudan

Chapter Seven: Allies Fall Away, the Trump Axis Begins

Chapter Eight: Trump Wars on the Military

Chapter Nine: The Military Wars on Trump

Chapter Ten: Trump Fascism Continues


Other Books by Al Carroll

About the Author

Al Carroll is Associate Professor of US, American Indian, and Latin American History at Northern Virginia Community College, and a former Senior Fulbright Scholar in Indonesia. His other books are; Medicine Bags and Dog Tags: American Indian Veterans from Colonial Times to the Second Iraq War; Presidents’ Body Counts: The Twelve Worst and Four Best American Presidents Based on How Many Lived or Died Because of Their Actions; Survivors: Family Histories of Colonialism, Genocide, and War; and A Proposed New Constitution.

His next books will be Genocide Denial in America; Ira Hayes: The Meaning of His Life in Native Memory and White Stereotypes; and two alternate history works Confederate Terrorism and Confederate Tyranny. He has written numerous articles that have appeared in Articles Base, Beacon, Bristle, Counterpunch, History News Network, Indian Country Today, LA Progressive, Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Truth Out, Wall Street Examiner, and elsewhere.

He is best known (and often vilified and demonized by racists) for his work as a human rights and anti-racist activist for New Age Frauds Plastic Shamans. NAFPS is a multiracial and multi-faith organization of over 2000 members based at www.newagefraud.org.


This book is a work of future alternate history. It is, at this point, fiction, but squarely based on fact and carefully researched. Everything in this book is not just possible, but likely and close to inevitable should Mr. Drumpf actually win. All the events depicted were extrapolated from his own words, writings, and actions, his followers’ words and actions, and the certain responses to and consequences of these fascists’ words and actions.

Everything that Drumpf does and everything his followers believe fit the textbook definition of fascism. The government he would found most closely resembles that of Mussolini’s, including its incredible bluster trying to hide its utter incompetence.

As of this writing, the chances of his winning are extremely remote. But if he somehow should win, we cannot claim we were not warned many times. We as a nation will have only ourselves to blame.

There is, of course, the very real possibility he and his followers will try to seize power by force, a scenario originally discussed by journalist Bob Dreyfus...

I have no doubt his gullible fanatics are already jerking their knees to respond. Once the election is over and he suffers a dramatic defeat, we still should remember the unpredictable threat he is. The choice we were given was between a very unpredictable elitist bigoted warmonger fascist in the making and an all too predictable warmonger corporatist posing as a woman of the people. I have written chapters and articles criticizing her at length, and the president before her.

Drumpf represents a newer and greater danger to basic human decency, existence, and freedom than the predictable but limited menaces to peace and equality that Hillary and Barack are. Part of what I and many others resent is that we are forced to temporarily defend an established order we don’t agree with at all because Drumpf is so extreme a danger. After he goes back to being a failed sideshow carnival barker in the business world, we can all go back to the old battles, not of left vs. right, but of the mass of ordinary people vs. elites both political and economic.

Excerpt from Chapter One:

Election Day

“I must overthrow my commander in chief.” As a general and lifelong soldier I couldn’t believe I was saying that to myself over and over.

I just hope it will not be too violent. I don’t want this man dead, just out of office and in prison where he belongs. But if the jury convicts him and puts him to death, I’d be fine with that sentence.

But if the overthrow becomes very violent, we in the military will have to bear the cost, once again, for politicians’ failures.

My name is Chief of Staff of the Army General Ulysses Benito Butler, and this is my story. This is the story of how Mr. Drumpf (Trump) became president, destroyed American democracy and turned the US into a fascist state, started two disastrous wars, threw America into a Second Great Depression, tried to expel millions, imprisoned hundreds of thousands, and even tortured and executed thousands of fellow Americans. This is also the story of how myself and my fellow soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and civilian volunteers fought him in the Second Civil War.


As soon as news of his narrow election win came in, the economy tanked. People were in shock because it was so unexpected. He’d been so stingy with his money, never really “self-funding” at all. There were all kinds of rumors about who paid for that last burst of negative advertising. Did he pay for it himself? He didn’t sell his hotels or golf courses, so did he get loans against his properties? Did other billionaires buy him? Even foreign leaders were suspected of influence peddling.

The news of his win sent the stock market into a tailspin almost the same as Great Britain leaving the European Union. The markets feared his recklessness. Oil prices shot up, and that led to higher food and utility prices. Gold prices also went up, people nervous about economic hard times. The stock market dropped by over 600 points. Over two trillion dollars in value vanished in global markets in just hours. The dollar collapsed to its lowest in thirty years. Obama had to issue guarantees of over $300 billion to try to steady the market.

Naturally Drumpf had to step in and keep up his Twitter wars.

“I will make so much money from this, you’ll see. And Obama, what a loser! He’s just disgusting for doing this.”

“Place is going wild. We will take our country back from the rapists and those ripping us off. No games!”

And that made the markets and the dollar drop yet again. The Drumpf Recession had begun. So naturally some of Drumpf’s people began beating on immigrants, blaming them for it somehow.

In Boston, it was a Latino man who got beaten. In Chicago, a Muslim man got attacked to shouts of “Trump! Trump!” In Houston, a Hindu couple got mistaken for Muslims. They had rocks thrown at them while the bigots screamed, “We don’t want your sharia law!” In Philadelphia, a Sikh got mistaken for Muslim and wound up in the hospital from being beaten with baseball bats.

In Phoenix, it was a Navajo who was mistaken for Mexican, with racists yelling, “Go back where you came from!”

He had the best come back. “OK, I’m moving into your house. I look at you and I see the real illegal aliens.”

He recorded the whole episode on his phone and posted it. Online, he kept up the come backs. “Clearly Europe is not sending its best people. They’re sending rapists. (Really people, there’s an epidemic of white racist rapists coming onto the reservations. Look it up.) They’re sending drugs. (Seriously, there’s so many white meth dealers and bootleggers on reservations.) And some, I assume, are good people. But I could be wrong.”

A few of Drumpf’s supporters began a bombing campaign. The first attempt happened back in December 2015. William Celli of Richmond, California plotted to target the Islamic Society of Contra Costa County with his homemade bombs. Celli pledged online to “follow Trump to the end of the world.”

The second Drumpf supporter tried bombing in March 2016. John Roos made a series of online threats where he called the Obamas “apes” and “Muslim faggots,” said Blacks needed to “pick cotton,” called for Muslim neighborhoods to be “cleansed and replaced with human beings,” called cops “Gestapo” and “pussies,” and praised Ann Coulter and Stacy Dash. He had numerous weapons and four homemade bombs he planned to use to kill the Obamas and snipe at police. Roos called Drumpf “the savior of America” and compared him to no less than Jesus Christ.

Police caught both Celli and Roos in time by police, their bombs defused. Amazingly, Celli only got sentenced to three months in jail. The next Drumpf supporters got away with their terrorism. The first mosque was bombed shortly after Drumpf won the election. The bomber’s note read, “Trump will cleanse America and the world of Muslim scum!”

They targeted a market that sold halal meat next, during the day time. The bomb blew up in the market aisle near the butcher’s. The flying nails and metal scrap killed two and wounded eleven more. Most of the casualties were not Muslim. It was an international market, run by Koreans with mostly Latino employees. It had African, Asian, and Latino as well as Middle Eastern customers. The note left at the scene said, “Muslims and Illegals OUT!” and was signed, “Trump’s Lions.”

Drumpf was back to his Twits that day.

“Just want to say those people are very passionate about this country. We will take it back! The ban on Muslims is coming soon. Except for Britain, because they’re like us. We are going to build that wall and make Mexico pay for it, you’ll see.”

Four more years of this?

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