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8. Driving in very rural southern Alabama yesterday,
Tue Oct 13, 2020, 08:07 AM
Oct 2020

I was shocked to see 2 biden harris signs in public. Alongside a major secondary road. Saw very few trump signs.

Link to fire story with pictures Botany Oct 2020 #1
Kudos. But, it should have been arson IMO. Even if no buildings nearby, it could have burned field hlthe2b Oct 2020 #3
Don't worry they will charge him with a "bunch of stuff" Botany Oct 2020 #4
Oh, I so wanted to find a mug of Durfee. Perfect name. CurtEastPoint Oct 2020 #2
I couldn't find a mug shot of him PatSeg Oct 2020 #24
And here's video PatSeg Oct 2020 #25
19 hay bales. How much is that worth? My Pet Orangutan Oct 2020 #5
Good! Sherman A1 Oct 2020 #6
The genius thinking of a Trumpie lizard brain... farmbo Oct 2020 #7
Driving in very rural southern Alabama yesterday, jaxexpat Oct 2020 #8
There'll be a 'hey, its election year, kids'll be kids, slap on the wrist' judgement ... marble falls Oct 2020 #9
At age 49 he's hardly a "kid." thucythucy Oct 2020 #12
He's certainly not adult. marble falls Oct 2020 #13
49 year old males are kids the same way 14 year old girls are women IronLionZion Oct 2020 #22
GoFundMe modrepub Oct 2020 #10
Good. I hope he gets the max. calimary Oct 2020 #11
What state is this? nt Wicked Blue Oct 2020 #14
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts FailureToCommunicate Oct 2020 #16
thank you Wicked Blue Oct 2020 #17
I was shocked just now when I read the article and saw it was MA, not some red neck town down south. George II Oct 2020 #20
There are plenty up here in NY Woodwizard Oct 2020 #33
I know. My first thought was it was in Eastern MA, then looked it up... George II Oct 2020 #34
The difference is that in Mass, the Trumpers benefit from all the things they... FailureToCommunicate Oct 2020 #36
congrats Dufus sheilahi Oct 2020 #15
Arson is not a joke dlk Oct 2020 #18
Damn, when I heard of that a couple of days ago I assumed it was somewhere in Georgia or.... George II Oct 2020 #19
The thing about this.... AZ8theist Oct 2020 #21
My neighborhood is awash in tRump signs & flags I would LOVE to steal and burn...... groundloop Oct 2020 #26
In Arizona, it's a Class 2 misdemeanor. AZ8theist Oct 2020 #27
Unlike in 2016, there are almost NO trump signs where I live. mwb970 Oct 2020 #29
I hope he is made to pay not only for the damage, but for the police and fire department costs still_one Oct 2020 #23
A typical rotten trump cultist. mwb970 Oct 2020 #28
Good! These repukes are soooo hateful. Let him spread his hate in prison Thekaspervote Oct 2020 #30
Many states also have specific laws against destroying/stealing political signs. Fla Dem Oct 2020 #31
Lock. Him.Up. What a cretin. Guess he hasn't heard of "live, and let live". nt iluvtennis Oct 2020 #32
All of covidiot45 supporters are unhinged. movingviolation Oct 2020 #35
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