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15. But you are wrong.
Tue Oct 30, 2012, 09:40 PM
Oct 2012

To some people Economic concerns really do NOT trump everything else.

There are many people in this country, mainly Christian, who are Economically Liberal, but they are Socially Conservative. They are Socially Conservative because they are deeply religious, and their religious faith is the center of their lives. And thus their Socially Conservative value trump their Economically Liberalism.

They view modern Atheism as attacking their religious faith, and attempting to remove all religious faith out of American Society and make America a purely Secular Society. They believe that the Left is attempting to "force" Homosexuality on them and make Homosexuality equivalent to Heterosexuality, thus devaluing Heterosexuality. These two issues are the hot button issues that drive these people. They view Atheism and Homosexuality as "Abominations". And in the Old Testament., God destroyed, not one, but TWO cities, Sodom and Gomorrah for the "sin" of Homosexuality.

They believe that by doing these two things the modern Left is attempting to destroy the moral foundations of America, and thus destroy America itself, and "American Exceptionalism".

I have family members and co-workers who believe this way. These people say they will never vote Democratic as long as the party supports these two issues. They also say they would vote Democratic all the time if the party jettisoned these two issues.

Remember these people are very devout, and they believe their Faith and their God tells them to oppose Atheism and Homosexuality with every fiber of their being. They are NOT going to "sell out" their Social values for money, no matter how much money the Left promises them.

I don not agree with their mindset, but I also realize nothing I can say will change their minds and hearts.

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