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5. See comments #3,4,5 & 6
Sun Mar 10, 2013, 02:04 PM
Mar 2013

As of now there are 10 comments posted to the Consortium link. Some readers have drawn lines from the Nixon tapes to JFK's assassination. (As usual, one comment leads to another. Start with comment #3 for the others to have context.)

We've recycled far too many of our evil-doers.
link is worth the read.... oldhippydude Mar 2013 #1
Newly discovered documents at the Reagan presidential library reveal that Reaganís neocons at the St Hissyspit Mar 2013 #28
K&R. JDPriestly Mar 2013 #2
Are you questioning the validity of what we've been told on, er..you know 9/11? rhett o rick Mar 2013 #3
"Smirk." - George AWOL Bush (R) Berlum Mar 2013 #31
The Dim-Son is thinking, "Shit, is this the surprise Cheney mentioned?" rhett o rick Mar 2013 #34
More like how Cheney and Poppy agreed to have Dimson as the BFEE spokespuppet ... Myrina Mar 2013 #49
Cheney and Poppy knew that "Let's have a Bud with Georgie" would be rhett o rick Mar 2013 #52
See comments #3,4,5 & 6 summerschild Mar 2013 #5
Comment #7 (by Derek) is good, too. pacalo Mar 2013 #13
In the words of Rick Perry, "Oops!" summerschild Mar 2013 #23
It probably got moved down the list by replies. :) pacalo Mar 2013 #24
Woodward told Larry King Live that there was no story in IranContra. blm Mar 2013 #29
I didn't know that, blm, but I'm not surprised after the Bush nightmare. pacalo Mar 2013 #47
Questions about 9/11 are expressly forbidden! eom ChisolmTrailDem Mar 2013 #15
MUST read the link AND the comments section grasswire Mar 2013 #4
I came back to kick this grasswire Mar 2013 #7
HUGE K & R !!! - Thank You !!! WillyT Mar 2013 #6
Does Parry make a connection to the 2nd Iraq War? Benton D Struckcheon Mar 2013 #8
Scratch any government nastiness in the last 30 years, and you'll find Paul Wolfowitz, it seems. Squinch Mar 2013 #9
If true that Nixon's emissaries sabotaged the Paris Peace talks, would that not be tantamount to indepat Mar 2013 #10
the botching of the Paris Peace Talks was not their first rodeo. grasswire Mar 2013 #27
Exactly this! MAD Dave Mar 2013 #38
....and from this we can only draw one conclusion: grasswire Mar 2013 #40
And judging from the national election results, some 47% of Amurkins eat this up indepat Mar 2013 #41
... remember Poppy the VP candidate sabotaging the Iran-hostage talks ? Myrina Mar 2013 #50
This is a damn good read. Uncle Joe Mar 2013 #11
Rec! Very interesting Demo_Chris Mar 2013 #12
K&R!!!!! burrowowl Mar 2013 #14
Johnson should have released the damn file DURING the '68 fall campaign. Ken Burch Mar 2013 #16
+ 1,000,000,000... What You Said !!! - AND... Countless Lives Would Have Been Spared !!! WillyT Mar 2013 #17
One answer is that Nixon may have had something on LBJ, such as LBJ's profit-making activities AnotherMcIntosh Mar 2013 #26
Yeah... ReRe Mar 2013 #36
Perhaps Hoover had something in his files on Johnson that was even uglier? n/t deutsey Mar 2013 #39
I think the MIC had a proverbial gun to Johnson's head his entire Presidency. Myrina Mar 2013 #51
Johnson was ALSO tied up in the Kennedy assassination. loudsue Mar 2013 #43
Nixon also tried to get the CIA to help him keep the lid on Watergate..... OldDem2012 Mar 2013 #18
Thank You For That !!! WillyT Mar 2013 #22
K&R But my first reaction is, how naive can you people (Americans) be? Egalitarian Thug Mar 2013 #19
Mind boggling K&R whatchamacallit Mar 2013 #20
Exactly !!! WillyT Mar 2013 #21
Thanks, marmar. Highly recommend. nt Zorra Mar 2013 #25
Dwight David Eisenhower - the last Repuke president not to commit treason Doctor_J Mar 2013 #30
k&r for exposure. n/t Laelth Mar 2013 #32
K&R. Overseas Mar 2013 #33
I always wondered why Nixon would break into the Watergate when he had klyon Mar 2013 #35
K&R, now we are talking! nt G_j Mar 2013 #37
Kick! G_j Mar 2013 #42
Worth the read...If only Johnson hadn't covered up for Nixon KoKo Mar 2013 #44
This could have been stopped anywhere along the line Doctor_J Mar 2013 #46
Nixon's Pardon was to set the stage for all that came after.... KoKo Mar 2013 #48
k and r Stuart G Mar 2013 #45
I wish I'd found this thread in a more timely manner. BobTheSubgenius Mar 2013 #53
Democrats have done serious harm to our democracy by sweeping these Republican sins under the rug yurbud Mar 2013 #54
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