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83. How about polls on ISSUES?
Thu Jan 22, 2015, 08:25 PM
Jan 2015

Do you prefer:
Public Schools or Privatized Charter Schools run for-profit on Public Fund$?
Hillary prefers Privatized Charter Schools.

Do you favor TPP, secretly negotiated and fast-tracked, as currently proposed??
Hillary does.

Do you think Wall St bankers who break the law are untouchable by US Justice,
and "too rich too jail", and do you want a president with a clear "pro-Wall St" bias?
Hillary does, and she's got that bias.

Do you support unconditional backing of Israel and adherence to AIPAC,
no matter how extreme and aggressive their policies may be?
Hillary does.

Do you display a definite hawkish, NEOCON-tilt in your foreign-policy orientation?
Hillary does.

Do you support NSA meta-data spying on ALL Americans?
Hillary does.

Do you support hard-line continuation of America's Drug War?
Hillary does.

Did YOU see yourself as poor, less than ten years before having a net worth of 100-million dollars?
Hillary did.

We can do better.

One of the best pic of the moment ever! William769 Jan 2015 #1
Where is Walker? I have to know he won't win AllyCat Jan 2015 #2
umm. Ultrasound Walker--that Walker?--He is the stinking riversedge Jan 2015 #3
Brown Nose Koch sucker Walker lobodons Jan 2015 #6
How can we go wrong? dirtydickcheney Jan 2015 #4
Do you care to share what you think those policies are? William769 Jan 2015 #5
We need a cricket smiley.... Lochloosa Jan 2015 #7
Couldn't find a smiley, but I think this will work. William769 Jan 2015 #12
Here ya go... Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2015 #31
Iraq war, for one. Dawgs Jan 2015 #9
Is that all you got? William769 Jan 2015 #11
No. I got more. Just don't have time now. Dawgs Jan 2015 #14
Classic response from you "Just don't have time now" William769 Jan 2015 #18
Where has William769 expressed an opinion ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2015 #27
They are policies supported by a large number of Democrats BainsBane Jan 2015 #16
You're preaching to the choir with me. William769 Jan 2015 #19
That's because ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2015 #32
Admitting it was a mistake is a step many DONT take. nt 7962 Jan 2015 #69
Add fracking and Keystone pipeline to the list. lark Jan 2015 #22
dated yesterday - you can't say she "supports" it OKNancy Jan 2015 #28
Folded how? ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2015 #39
I was looking for that 'fold" too. Maybe they define "compromise" as "folding"? 7962 Jan 2015 #70
Clearly ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2015 #79
I see the same comments from the right; "stand your ground! Dont give an inch!" 7962 Jan 2015 #87
Not according to many here ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2015 #88
Iran War for three. Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2015 #33
We're at war with Iran ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2015 #40
Haven't you heard? Hillary want's to prove to the Republicans that she's tough. Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2015 #81
Where do you people come up with this shit? Seriously! William769 Jan 2015 #44
Oh, come on. SOMEONE had to say it. Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2015 #80
Editing because I now realize you were being sarcastic and poking fun at the other poster. nt. NCTraveler Jan 2015 #101
Ain't I a stinker? Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2015 #117
Sure dirtydickcheney Jan 2015 #43
First two have already been addressed. William769 Jan 2015 #45
Really, which policies dirtydickcheney Jan 2015 #50
LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Dawgs Jan 2015 #51
She supports the middle class??? Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #56
I cannot help you with your reading comprehension. William769 Jan 2015 #57
Just highlight and or C&P the relevant words Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #62
The GOP nominee thanks you for your support by not voting if shes the nominee. nt 7962 Jan 2015 #71
the gopers are quite a repulsive looking lot samsingh Jan 2015 #8
I see renewed voter suppression efforts lobodons Jan 2015 #10
K & R SunSeeker Jan 2015 #13
What about the wanker walker? a kennedy Jan 2015 #15
Imagine if we ran a democrat Fearless Jan 2015 #17
People that show their ignorance is just sad. nt William769 Jan 2015 #20
Indeed. Fearless Jan 2015 #21
All you have to do is show where she runs as a republican William769 Jan 2015 #23
Voting for the Iraq war should be enough for any Democrat to question her creds. Dawgs Jan 2015 #52
Would you like a list of prominent Dems who also supported the war? 7962 Jan 2015 #72
And those prominent Dems were wrong. truebluegreen Jan 2015 #73
Well, I did too, but then we may not have seen ALL the BS that was given to them 7962 Jan 2015 #86
I am very sure she did vote in support in order to give the appearance of strength. truebluegreen Jan 2015 #89
She'll definitely have to answer for it from any challenge from the left 7962 Jan 2015 #91
I'm fine with that. truebluegreen Jan 2015 #92
Yes---And that can be done by The Dems moving a bit more LEFT nikto Jan 2015 #119
'Zactly. nt truebluegreen Jan 2015 #120
I don't actually have to explain anything Fearless Jan 2015 #58
I do? William769 Jan 2015 #61
I so agree. nm rhett o rick Jan 2015 #93
Yep -- a liberal, Democrat like Hillary Clinton. I'm all for it. NYC Liberal Jan 2015 #25
Please descirbe her liberal economic policy. Fearless Jan 2015 #59
Mitt RMoney for the poor, yay!!! Iliyah Jan 2015 #24
All the GOP and KKKarl Rove need are just the right states close enough to steal it. liberal N proud Jan 2015 #26
This latest abortion fight will make her even stronger among women OKNancy Jan 2015 #29
A very WEAK poll to give Hillary fans a feel good Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #30
Polls with fewer than 750 respondents or a margin of error exceeding 3% rocktivity Jan 2015 #34
And her 3rd-Way supporters will help elect a republican Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #35
Howard Dean is a 3rd-Way? William769 Jan 2015 #48
Supporters are not all mutually inclusive Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #54
Those results are confirmed by other pollsters in the field. * DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2015 #100
Was Hillary leading in the Polls in past Presidential elections? Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #104
The polls are snap shots DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2015 #109
Why ignore that the snap shot is intended to persuade? Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #111
This message was self-deleted by its author DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2015 #113
This message was self-deleted by its author DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2015 #114
"did you notice the last election results?" DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2015 #115
Mmmm, OK. Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #116
Do you guys like Obama and want infrastructure spending? Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2015 #35
All of them put together might beat her. Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #37
I think a better question would be: Is this the best WE can do? AzDar Jan 2015 #38
Well ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2015 #42
How about some "honest polls" Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #60
"Honest Polls" ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2015 #63
Polls only serve to confirm, not inform. Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #65
I was not speaking specifically of you ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2015 #77
oooh, a quiz! Every day is a school day here! Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #99
How about polls on ISSUES? nikto Jan 2015 #83
When you load the questions like that she sounds amazingly like President Obama... DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2015 #98
Yup---She's DLC right-center, all the way nikto Jan 2015 #118
BINGO! This Post Sums It Up Perfectly! panfluteman Jan 2015 #103
Looks Republican-lite from here. Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #105
Love it! Tarheel_Dem Jan 2015 #41
LOL DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Is HRC the BEST WE CAN NOMINATE?? dirtydickcheney Jan 2015 #46
Good question. mahannah Jan 2015 #53
Five chubby white males oberliner Jan 2015 #47
It's been real and it's been fun, but it's not been real fun correcting all the errors William769 Jan 2015 #49
Despite the fact the country doesn't seem to want yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #55
that's the way it always is but by the time the election rolls certainot Jan 2015 #64
That is exactly why Hillary is a bad bet Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #66
thing is, hillary scares the rw because they blew their idiot wad certainot Jan 2015 #95
Not convincing Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #102
Oh, but look at the diversity in that GOP field!!! MADem Jan 2015 #67
But wait till Ted Cruz gets in; THEN we'll really see what the people want!!! nt 7962 Jan 2015 #68
Well look at the criminally insane bunch in the police lineup santamargarita Jan 2015 #74
No disrespect meant, but. . . matt819 Jan 2015 #75
They did just sweep an election. nt BainsBane Jan 2015 #76
just proves how pathetic our choices are compared Phlem Jan 2015 #78
is Hillary Clinton REALLY the best The Democratic Party can do? nikto Jan 2015 #82
I'm really glad they're sucking. I just wish we weren't sucking too. n/t whatchamacallit Jan 2015 #84
She probably had a similar lead in 2006 fbc Jan 2015 #85
This is great Gothmog Jan 2015 #90
And why does she have such a lead? Maybe the conservatives all love her. rhett o rick Jan 2015 #94
Polling Problems and Fallacies patricktype1 Jan 2015 #96
How is this question subjective? DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2015 #97
How is objective? Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #107
It's a question with mutually exclusive choices. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2015 #110
It is a mutually exclusive choice Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #112
A hold your nose vote Scott6113 Jan 2015 #106
Hillary will be President but frozen out ?! Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #108
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