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Mon Apr 13, 2015, 10:05 PM
Apr 2015

Shedding some light on the candidates, I'm grateful.

Also, glad to hear John Kerry get props for a change.

Recommended. NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #1
Gee, from a so-called journalist who supported Rand Paul for Senate tells me all I need to know still_one Apr 2015 #2
Which parts were inaccurate? Arkansas AFDC? Glass Steagall? NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #3
Does not matter. zeemike Apr 2015 #10
In the discussion in the OP, Scheer suggests voting for Rand Paul for president muriel_volestrangler Apr 2015 #71
Excellent post, and extremely lost on DU. Phlem Apr 2015 #4
Scheer has been one of my favorite journalists since 1980. Cleita Apr 2015 #19
When the LA Times dropped Scheer and announced it would print more JDPriestly Apr 2015 #39
That was . . . really something to behold. pa28 Apr 2015 #5
Well, that does it! I'm voting for Ted Cruz! The real liberal! Downtown Hound Apr 2015 #6
Yes - we know Hillary supporters are aware of her flaws, and don't care. Maedhros Apr 2015 #17
Thank you. 840high Apr 2015 #22
Oh okay. Draft Elizabeth Warren. Downtown Hound Apr 2015 #23
Fuck that "purist" nonsense. Maedhros Apr 2015 #46
Gee, what a loss. Downtown Hound Apr 2015 #49
Bingo. eom BlueCaliDem Apr 2015 #52
Right it was the purists on the SCOTUS who gave us the coup of 2000 not Nader. Not to mention Vincardog Apr 2015 #64
Yeah, heard that bullshit before too. Downtown Hound Apr 2015 #67
Hear! Hear! I second that motion! BlueCaliDem Apr 2015 #51
Whenever I start hearing words like "purist" or "Big Picture" ... bvar22 Apr 2015 #62
You're the one who has made no argument here. n/t Downtown Hound Apr 2015 #68
+1 BeanMusical Apr 2015 #24
Flaws? More like defects that can't be fixed. Thankfully, there's plenty of time to kick the tires on the Scooby van & consider other nominees. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2015 #26
Excellent post. Enthusiast Apr 2015 #28
+ 1000. I would add wealth inequality to your list. Hillary is part of the problem. antigop Apr 2015 #30
When the list of a candidate's shortcomings is too long to remember them all, Maedhros Apr 2015 #45
I hear ya. Believe me, I do. I agree 100%. nt antigop Apr 2015 #69
It's early. Why not encourage someone to challenge Hillary so that we JDPriestly Apr 2015 #40
Encourage all you want. So far, nobody's seems to be biting Downtown Hound Apr 2015 #50
You assume. She did not do well in 2008 and it was in large part because JDPriestly Apr 2015 #53
Ah, for about the one millionth time Downtown Hound Apr 2015 #54
The choice is not between Hillary and a Republican. JDPriestly Apr 2015 #55
"The choice is not between Hillary and a Republican." Downtown Hound Apr 2015 #57
A Million Dead & Injured, 6 MIllion Displaced, a TRILLION DOLLARS down the toilet, bvar22 Apr 2015 #63
No I don't think you should just forget about it Downtown Hound Apr 2015 #66
HRC - The Manchurian Wall Street Candidate - The 99% Money Will Never Be Safe Again cantbeserious Apr 2015 #7
wow tomm2thumbs Apr 2015 #8
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2015 #9
This Is What You Get panfluteman Apr 2015 #11
Good post, and true Thespian2 Apr 2015 #14
so true. I'm just worried about how we go about bbgrunt Apr 2015 #18
+1 InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2015 #27
Hah! Truth tellers are such killjoys! RufusTFirefly Apr 2015 #12
http://nativemobile.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Dont-Pity-the-1-Percent-Tapdaq-CMO-Seek blkmusclmachine Apr 2015 #13
Well it will not be necessary for me to agree with Robert Scheer's opinion of Hillary and one thing Thinkingabout Apr 2015 #15
Yes, my father, a conservative Republican, was always fond of that saying Cleita Apr 2015 #20
What is wrong with providing training a person for a job while providing a safety net Thinkingabout Apr 2015 #25
Yes, it is. But conservatives don't think we should have a free education Cleita Apr 2015 #33
I am not pessimistic, I am optimistic, ergo, I have worked in my life, and I appreciate opportunties Thinkingabout Apr 2015 #34
The system provides for your needs whether you realize it or not. Cleita Apr 2015 #35
Look, I am talking about welfare reform, this was a complaint against Bill Clinton while he was in Thinkingabout Apr 2015 #36
I know you are, but to well fed people who have never had to seek help, Cleita Apr 2015 #37
I'm sure it consoled a lot of people in the crash of 2008. JDPriestly Apr 2015 #41
You know child care is paid with safety net programs. At least traning programs usually provided Thinkingabout Apr 2015 #43
It's great to train people for jobs. I loved working. I am now retired. JDPriestly Apr 2015 #47
I think this is running off in a ditch, I do not have a problem with a mother staying home Thinkingabout Apr 2015 #61
Well that's it in a nutshell Joe Turner Apr 2015 #16
Thom Hartmann did say this today about Hillary. Cleita Apr 2015 #21
Elizabeth Warren knows how to deal with Republicans. JDPriestly Apr 2015 #42
Has Elizabethe Warren had ANY success dealing with Republicans? Darb Apr 2015 #44
Good heavens. Has Elizabeth Warren had any successes? JDPriestly Apr 2015 #48
She was part of creating Dodd-Frank, but she wasn't in Congress to pass it. Darb Apr 2015 #58
The creation of the consumer bureau. JDPriestly Apr 2015 #59
We are not adversaries on this I must say, just so you know. Darb Apr 2015 #60
Kicked and recommended a brazillion times. Enthusiast Apr 2015 #29
thank you. nt antigop Apr 2015 #31
To channel Smokey Robinson, "I'll second that emotion." Smarmie Doofus Apr 2015 #32
Excellent. My thoughts precisely. JDPriestly Apr 2015 #38
He speaks for me. K & R dreamnightwind Apr 2015 #56
When I think about Hillary, I remember this: PADemD Apr 2015 #65
He is spot on Carolina Apr 2015 #70
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