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He doesn't know what to do when all his money and lawyers can't help him. pwb Sep 17 #1
Even better to see him squirm behind bars. joshdawg Sep 17 #3
Even better to see him squirm behind bars. joshdawg Sep 17 #4
Whoops! joshdawg Sep 17 #5
If you just self-delete offending post, we will understand. Keeps threads simpler Bernardo de La Paz Sep 17 #8
It's about x45 going to jail COL Mustard Sep 17 #11
I understand the double post because I have done it, gab13by13 Sep 17 #12
Yup republianmushroom Sep 17 #25
He doesn't have a lot of money NewJeffCT Sep 17 #9
Yeah....................... Lovie777 Sep 17 #2
This is rope a dope, the next act will be much more coherent. bucolic_frolic Sep 17 #6
The rump will get a bump, and then be dumped Bernardo de La Paz Sep 17 #13
The media for the most part is DEAD. LenaBaby61 Sep 17 #7
Try the Guardian, from UK. It seems to have become a very international outlet Bernardo de La Paz Sep 17 #10
This doesn't seem much worse than normal Gore1FL Sep 17 #14
Agree tom_kelly Sep 17 #23
GOOD. Just put him away for good LymphocyteLover Sep 17 #15
His worshippers probably love it. Artcatt Sep 17 #16
Oh, sure. ShazzieB Sep 17 #18
Yeah musclecar6 Sep 17 #17
Unfortunately, the cognitively challenged cult are too blind to see the mustard is off the hot dog. Magoo48 Sep 17 #19
"Cognitively challenged cult" has a nice ring to it. CCC housecat Sep 17 #21
So it seems the Universe has had enough of Trump. He's on his way out... Joinfortmill Sep 17 #20
I agree, but it might be very messy housecat Sep 17 #22
Yup, like everything else about him. Joinfortmill Sep 17 #24
The Lincoln Project-#TrumpSenile LetMyPeopleVote Sep 17 #26
TFG suggested Obama was his opponent in 2024, also suggested he beat Obama in 2016 LetMyPeopleVote Sep 17 #27
He's just establishing justification to claim mental illness should he fail in court. live love laugh Sep 17 #28
Works for me! Doesn't matter where they lock him up housecat Sep 17 #29
I guess ... but will he be locked up if he's mentally unfit for trial? live love laugh Sep 17 #30
Depends if he makes people throw up. housecat Sep 17 #31
Whaaa?? "Depends if he makes people throw up." live love laugh Sep 17 #32
Just being silly. His rants can easily make one ill. housecat Sep 17 #33
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