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49. My favorite song with a variation of "love" is an old one by Irving Berlin...
Sun Oct 13, 2019, 08:40 PM
Oct 2019

called (I'll be loving you) Always.

I first heard it as a child in the 60s when watching an old black and white movie on TV called, Blithe Spirit and it's hauntingly lovely melody been a big favorite since.

There have been a lot of singers that have done it but of the ones I could quickly find that I thought were especially wonderful are...

This is a gorgeous newer rendition...

Patsy Cline did a powerful rendition the year I was born...
Best "love" song of all time? [View all] True Dough Oct 2019 OP
Pride-In the Name of Love U2 iwillalwayswonderwhy Oct 2019 #1
Heavens.. No one has Righteous Bros, "Unchained Melody" yet? hlthe2b Oct 2019 #2
OH YES!!! elleng Oct 2019 #3
Yes Yes. Back in the day when they [radio stations, industry rags, ete.], 'rated' the best, empedocles Oct 2019 #5
Many a child has been born & many a fine night occured because of that song irisblue Oct 2019 #36
Too overdramatic Cartoonist Oct 2019 #6
Well then irisblue Oct 2019 #38
I loved this song from the first time I heard it. Lunabell Oct 2019 #4
This one: The Velveteen Ocelot Oct 2019 #7
Another OH YES!!! elleng Oct 2019 #11
And I'll add another! Alliepoo Oct 2019 #57
"Darlin' Be Home Soon" by the Lovin' Spoonful rurallib Oct 2019 #8
I can't take that ranking very seriously if "whole lotta love" is #2.... unblock Oct 2019 #9
"Shake me for girl. I wanna be your backdoor man" LeftInTX Oct 2019 #17
Love in the Title... Mike Nelson Oct 2019 #10
A classic rock buddy and I were just saying Aerosmith is probably underrated in that brewens Oct 2019 #12
Simon and Garfunkel MuseRider Oct 2019 #13
Paul McCartney's fave was Beachboy's "God Only Knows." emmaverybo Oct 2019 #14
That one's on my list for sure... hlthe2b Oct 2019 #24
This one, too, though it seems to be about lust as well as love: The Velveteen Ocelot Oct 2019 #15
Beautiful song, Corgigal Oct 2019 #16
Beautiful LeftInTX Oct 2019 #22
Freddie and the crowd singing to each other... nocoincidences Oct 2019 #42
Brings me to tears.... Ohiogal Oct 2019 #66
The word "Love" isn't in the title, but this one claims my heart Leith Oct 2019 #18
he was so amazing Skittles Oct 2019 #20
Yup a great one by a great singer. hlthe2b Oct 2019 #40
All of My Love (Led Zeppelin) if it has to have "love" in the title Skittles Oct 2019 #19
less old, but still old Piasladic Oct 2019 #21
Not love in the title, but bought tears to my eyes LeftInTX Oct 2019 #23
Jolene IcyPeas Oct 2019 #25
Amazed mainstreetonce Oct 2019 #26
For You mainstreetonce Oct 2019 #27
A Little Bit More mainstreetonce Oct 2019 #48
LOL! You LIGHT Up my life. Close to you. Wicked game.. JustFiveMoreMinutes Oct 2019 #28
To Make You Feel My Love.....Garth Brooks version AJT Oct 2019 #29
Leave it to the Ramones to craft something so earnest and sweet. John Fante Oct 2019 #30
I'd written something about that side of the band the other day... Miles Archer Oct 2019 #32
Give Me Love -George Harrison Cobalt Violet Oct 2019 #31
One More: Power of Love JustFiveMoreMinutes Oct 2019 #33
The very best love songs *of all time,* not just the last few decades, The Velveteen Ocelot Oct 2019 #34
"You Don't Know Me" .... Van Morrison CatMor Oct 2019 #35
Muse - Endlessly IcyPeas Oct 2019 #37
Love and Happiness nocoincidences Oct 2019 #39
Book of Love- Peter Gabriel version irisblue Oct 2019 #41
I Will Always Love You--Whitney Houston pandr32 Oct 2019 #43
Killing Me Softly with His Song - Roberta Flack Marie Marie Oct 2019 #44
Love in the title.."Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't Have Fallen In Love With)" Tikki Oct 2019 #45
Maybe I'm amazed Sedona Oct 2019 #46
One of the hottest rock star Corgigal Oct 2019 #63
For some reason, when I hear the song "Into the Mystic" it reminds me of my wife. NNadir Oct 2019 #47
My favorite song with a variation of "love" is an old one by Irving Berlin... WePurrsevere Oct 2019 #49
My favorite Top Four Niagara Oct 2019 #50
I grew up listening to Skid Row and Tesla True Dough Oct 2019 #56
We must be around the same age Niagara Oct 2019 #60
I've Been Loving You Too Long - Otis Redding MaryMagdaline Oct 2019 #51
My Baby Does The Hanky Panky Beakybird Oct 2019 #52
"My Girl" Haggis for Breakfast Oct 2019 #53
Sweet Thing happybird Oct 2019 #54
Beatles "In my life" which has "love" in the lyrics milestogo Oct 2019 #55
I'll Still Be Lovin' You by Restless Heart Alliepoo Oct 2019 #58
LP - Lost On You [Live Session] OneBlueDotBama Oct 2019 #59
Love is Blue Doc_Technical Oct 2019 #61
Love is a rose Doc_Technical Oct 2019 #62
And for us who like a little bounce Corgigal Oct 2019 #64
man. what is wrong w you people? no stevie? mopinko Oct 2019 #65
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