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33. That was just responsible citizens...
Sun Mar 20, 2022, 03:28 AM
Mar 2022

... trying to improve the safety of air travel.

Strangely, it did in some ways...
Smoking Made Flying Safer
The idea that flaming tar could make flying safer is laughable but absolutely true. It has to do with the tiny cracks in an airplane's fuselage that tend to form when the craft is hurtling through the air at 500 miles per hour thousands of feet above the ground. These cracks and holes need to be immediately detected and fixed, and those death sticks made finding them much easier. All engineers had to do was look for nicotine stains where the smoke was escaping. In 1988, when two congressmen pushed forward legislation to improve the depth of equipment checks, one of them remarked "The easiest and most common way to detect leaks in the fuselage today is to look for tobacco smoke stains on the outside metal. Not very reassuring, is it?"

I still have unpleasant memories of my father smoking in the car during long trips. I'm surprised that I never barfed in the back seat.

Florida cate94 Mar 2022 #1
England and France sprinkleeninow Mar 2022 #2
Pittsburgh to Hartford, Connecticut left-of-center2012 Mar 2022 #3
I flew from America to England at age three Skittles Mar 2022 #4
Salt Lake. Second time, Mt. St Helens a couple months after it blew. The second was more fun. brewens Mar 2022 #5
Five years old, flew from NYC to El Salvador, my Dad secondwind Mar 2022 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author secondwind Mar 2022 #7
I flew to Germany from Detroit with my parents... Buckeye_Democrat Mar 2022 #8
Lincoln, NE. Ocelot II Mar 2022 #9
Thanks. Yes it is. Apologies, it was 1969 & there I was. 'Stranger in a strange land' Budi Mar 2022 #11
Western Canada. I was 15 or 16. applegrove Mar 2022 #10
1978, trip from Milwaukee to San Antonio. Archae Mar 2022 #12
Ok. That is a pretty impressive bit of nostalgia Budi Mar 2022 #13
Awesome, love that you still have it! Kittycatkat Mar 2022 #20
Atlanta to San Francisco. brer cat Mar 2022 #14
Last September I flew from Atlanta to Sacramento. Archae Mar 2022 #15
It is a long time to be sitting in a crowded area. brer cat Mar 2022 #17
I flew home (Ohio) from Sacramento a few years ago. Buckeye_Democrat Mar 2022 #35
Lake of the Ozarks float plane 1955. Sneederbunk Mar 2022 #16
New York City to Baltimore Maryland for a job interview. Kittycatkat Mar 2022 #18
DC to Phoenix when I was a senior in high school. happybird Mar 2022 #19
My one sister bought me a Discovery Flight for my 15th birthday, 3 years later a private pilot. TheBlackAdder Mar 2022 #21
I was 6 years old vercetti2021 Mar 2022 #22
Washington, DC and New York City radical noodle Mar 2022 #23
As a 5 yr old - FLA. As an adult - Atlanta, GA. ... electric_blue68 Mar 2022 #24
Newark, NJ jmowreader Mar 2022 #25
From Charlottesville VA to Atlanta GA beveeheart Mar 2022 #26
Basic training HubertHeaver Mar 2022 #27
San Diego pecosbob Mar 2022 #29
Same. El Paso. JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2022 #34
Same. What's purple and sux? Submariner Mar 2022 #61
Baltimore, md to new York. 25. on old People's Airline childfreebychoice Mar 2022 #28
Orlando Florida, going to Navy basic training... Shipwack Mar 2022 #30
I was 9 years old summer of 1961 List left Mar 2022 #31
That was just responsible citizens... Buckeye_Democrat Mar 2022 #33
Probably Memphis to Mcgehee, Arkansas to visit my grandmother. Laffy Kat Mar 2022 #32
1st leg of trip to Hawaii about 50 years ago to San Francisco Backseat Driver Mar 2022 #36
We just tooled around the area for a while and flew over our house. eShirl Mar 2022 #37
I was a child at an air show. Took a ride over my hometown in a antique Ford Trimotor. Emile Mar 2022 #38
July 1967.. ProudMNDemocrat Mar 2022 #39
Chicago to London MOMFUDSKI Mar 2022 #40
1957 spinbaby Mar 2022 #41
PNE to PNE, search and rescue exercise. discntnt_irny_srcsm Mar 2022 #42
BWI Shrek Mar 2022 #43
My first flight rownesheck Mar 2022 #44
Avoca, PA--1970, age 20. I'd been married in August & we were going to my parents' for Xmas. tblue37 Mar 2022 #45
Boston to London. zanana1 Mar 2022 #46
cali, to see my brother. mopinko Mar 2022 #47
Tuscaloosa, AL from Gainesville, FL, 1970. I am pretty sure the plane was a DC-3. dameatball Mar 2022 #48
Boston to Bermuda! Fla Dem Mar 2022 #49
Oklahoma City in 1961: avebury Mar 2022 #50
Puddle-jumper flight from Dayton to Cincinnati. AngryOldDem Mar 2022 #51
Around in Circles marked50 Mar 2022 #52
Atlanta to Indianapolis for duty at Ft. Benjamin Harrison following basic training Glorfindel Mar 2022 #53
Houston, TX. Business trip. n/t LuckyCharms Mar 2022 #54
1979, Cleveland to San Francisco, to look for a job Auggie Mar 2022 #55
Seattle to LA Angleae Mar 2022 #56
Los Angeles California via a stop over in Dallas Ft. Worth. NNadir Mar 2022 #57
I was in my teens - flew from Durham, North Carolina to Tampa, Florida with my little sister csziggy Mar 2022 #58
flew from Nashville to Newark yellowdogintexas Mar 2022 #59
Florida from New York to see my grandmother for Christmas. I was extremely scared Rhiannon12866 Mar 2022 #60
Orlando, Florida, with my sister. In my early 20's. Mad_Dem_X Mar 2022 #62
Morocco in 1956. I was five and my dad got stationed at Sidi Slimane AFB. panader0 Mar 2022 #63
from Japan to America frogmarch Mar 2022 #64
1970 from Oakland CA to Los Angeles- Doc_Technical Mar 2022 #65
1957 Idlewild to Frankfurt Germany Zorro Mar 2022 #66
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