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You got it, vibes going out to George K. MLAA Jun 2022 #1
Thank you! highplainsdem Jun 2022 #10
Thank you for that bit of rock history. CrispyQ Jun 2022 #2
You're welcome, and thank you! The band's history highplainsdem Jun 2022 #11
Btw, the guitar on "Twilight Zone" is amazing, too, but I've been highplainsdem Jun 2022 #37
Healing vibes on the way! To George 💓💓💓 SheltieLover Jun 2022 #3
Thanks, SheltieLover! highplainsdem Jun 2022 #13
Yw! SheltieLover Jun 2022 #31
All else aside, it's good to see you here. NNadir Nov 2023 #137
I'm so sorry I didn't see your reply to SheltieLover's very old message when you posted it last month, after highplainsdem Dec 21 #138
Oh, that's too bad. tanyev Jun 2022 #4
{{{{{tanyev}}}}} Thank you! highplainsdem Jun 2022 #14
Radar Love is the ultimate driving song. Turn it up and GO! Lochloosa Jun 2022 #5
I agree, and I'm sure a lot of other DUers would, too. A highplainsdem Jun 2022 #15
Totally agree. debm55 Oct 2022 #70
Many positive vibes for George, thanks for posting. appalachiablue Jun 2022 #6
Thanks, appalachiablue! highplainsdem Jun 2022 #16
Healing vibes and much love for Mr. Kooymans Glorfindel Jun 2022 #7
Same here re Golden Earring and "Twilight Zone." Fell in love with the band highplainsdem Jun 2022 #17
Healing vibes nt BootinUp Jun 2022 #8
Thank you, BootinUp! highplainsdem Jun 2022 #18
Damn, what a tragedy. Thanks for bringing him to our attention... good thoughts en route! Karadeniz Jun 2022 #9
I think it's tragic, too. Well, ALS is tragic for everyone who's highplainsdem Jun 2022 #19
Positive thoughts for your Friend so far away. Deuxcents Jun 2022 #12
Thanks, Deuxcents! I don't know George, though -- I'm a highplainsdem Jun 2022 #23
Sending healing energy to George. StarryNite Jun 2022 #20
Thank you, StarryNite! highplainsdem Jun 2022 #25
It is always a tragedy when this happens to a fellow musician DFW Jun 2022 #21
Thanks, DFW! highplainsdem Jun 2022 #27
Sent up a prayer for his healing. Keep us posted. n/t iluvtennis Jun 2022 #22
Thanks! And I'll try to keep you posted, but this update highplainsdem Jun 2022 #28
Sending good vibes out to The Universe for George. Hopefully, the progression will be slow LoisB Jun 2022 #24
Thank you! I keep praying for the same thing, that there's time for a successful treatment highplainsdem Jun 2022 #29
All the best to George! Radar Love is one of my favorites. LuckyCharms Jun 2022 #26
Thanks, LuckyCharms! "Radar Love" is about telepathy, and they've done at highplainsdem Jun 2022 #30
wishing the best for Mr. Kooymans Skittles Jun 2022 #32
Thanks, Skittles! highplainsdem Jun 2022 #34
oh dear Skittles Jun 2022 #38
Re that speeding ticket: It's a shame you weren't dealing with a cop like the highplainsdem Jun 2022 #40
awesome! Skittles Jun 2022 #41
Vibes en route: malthaussen Jun 2022 #33
Thanks for the healing vibes for George, Mal! highplainsdem Jun 2022 #35
I've edited the OP to add links to info and videos about highplainsdem Jun 2022 #36
I loved Golden Earring since way back when Radar Love hit the air. Swede Jun 2022 #39
Thanks for sending those vibes to George, Swede! And we feel the same highplainsdem Jun 2022 #42
Mirage, George's new album with American singer/songwriter/guitarist Frank Carillo, highplainsdem Jun 2022 #43
Found a good review of George's new album, Mirage, with Frank Carillo. highplainsdem Jun 2022 #44
There's an article on George in the Dutch magazine Oor (Dutch for Ear), the oldest highplainsdem Jul 2022 #45
George did another radio interview yesterday with classic-rock NPO Radio 5 in the highplainsdem Jul 2022 #46
I don't know if it's just that we're hearing about it more, but it seems more musicians... AZSkiffyGeek Jul 2022 #47
Billboard article from late May on John Driskell Hopkins of the Zac Brown Band: highplainsdem Jul 2022 #48
I posted Golden Earring's stunning acoustic cover of the Byrds' "Eight Miles High" in highplainsdem Jul 2022 #49
Vibe Baggies Jul 2022 #50
Thanks, Baggies, and welcome to DU! Not sure how long you've been highplainsdem Jul 2022 #51
I'll keep that in mind Baggies Jul 2022 #52
Man, that's rough! Different Drummer Jul 2022 #53
Thanks! It really is rough, and I can't offhand think of any other musician whose highplainsdem Jul 2022 #54
George did another interview, this one with Radio Veronica in the Netherlands, highplainsdem Jul 2022 #55
Another interview/update + a good review of his new album with Frank Carillo. highplainsdem Jul 2022 #56
Another interview, this time for a radio station. highplainsdem Jul 2022 #57
As I mentioned in reply 57 above, I found out that the magazine subscription service Readly highplainsdem Jul 2022 #58
Good review of the new Kooymans/Carillo album Mirage at Outsiderrock.ca: highplainsdem Jul 2022 #59
Ran across an interview IN ENGLISH with George Kooymans and Frank Carillo. highplainsdem Aug 2022 #60
Vibes... malthaussen Aug 2022 #61
Those are great vibes, Mal! Thanks! highplainsdem Aug 2022 #62
There haven't been any new interviews or updates for a month. I'm not going to pretend this highplainsdem Aug 2022 #63
Finally ran across a new interview with George, a month and a half since the last ones. But highplainsdem Sep 2022 #64
An update on George via an article on Golden Earring's drummer today. highplainsdem Sep 2022 #65
No news - I wish there were some good news to post - but I wanted to link to highplainsdem Sep 2022 #66
Ran across an article on a Dutch band doing free concerts if highplainsdem Sep 2022 #67
Some news this morning, though no update on George's health. highplainsdem Oct 2022 #68
A bit of news, and a CBS video about another musician with ALS. highplainsdem Oct 2022 #69
I remember the songs. Sending good vibes to George. debm55 Oct 2022 #71
Thanks, Deb! highplainsdem Oct 2022 #72
George's former bandmate Boudewijn de Groot, as mentioned in reply 69 above, highplainsdem Nov 2022 #73
I've finally found some info on how George contributed to Boudewijn de Groot's new album, highplainsdem Nov 2022 #74
+ + + quaint Nov 2022 #75
{{{{quaint}}}} The song, and the background on it, brought tears to highplainsdem Nov 2022 #76
TY quaint Nov 2022 #77
The demo George did of that song co-written with Boudewijn WILL be released highplainsdem Jan 2023 #96
I found a good English translation of the Volkskrant article highplainsdem Nov 2022 #78
George was in the news again today, but not because of his health or his recent music. The lead highplainsdem Nov 2022 #79
I was really happy this morning to discover there was a new podcast about highplainsdem Nov 2022 #80
George's name popped up in another news story today, though this one was highplainsdem Nov 2022 #81
I keep running across more info on artists whose careers George has helped, highplainsdem Dec 2022 #82
Healing thoughts nt XanaDUer2 Dec 2022 #83
Thank you! highplainsdem Dec 2022 #84
Just realized I never included a link here to a thread posted highplainsdem Dec 2022 #85
I want to quote some of the reviews of Golden Earring's last album, a highplainsdem Dec 2022 #86
I was checking Google for any news of George and found a New Year's message his friend and highplainsdem Jan 2023 #87
Google is usually pretty reliable, including when you narrow search results to highplainsdem Jan 2023 #88
Great article on Boudewijn's latest album (which George helped him with, as highplainsdem Jan 2023 #89
Article IN ENGLISH - with new photos - about George being made an honorary citizen highplainsdem Jan 2023 #90
Linking to a separate, much shorter thread I posted 5 days ago about the honorary-citizen award that highplainsdem Jan 2023 #91
News this morning of a Golden Earring reunion that will take place next week: highplainsdem Jan 2023 #92
Vibes for best outcome, please keep us posted. niyad Jan 2023 #93
Thanks, niyad! I really appreciate the vibes for him. highplainsdem Jan 2023 #94
The first single from the third, unreleased Vreemde Kostgangers album is out, new music highplainsdem Jan 2023 #95
Another release from the upcoming VK album. George singing about his Strat. highplainsdem Feb 2023 #97
Another review of the new single, "Fender Strat" - this one from a Dutch site: highplainsdem Feb 2023 #98
Another good review of the new album: highplainsdem Feb 2023 #99
Today is George's 75th birthday. I hope he's having as good a day as possible, surrounded highplainsdem Mar 2023 #100
A new interview with George's VK bandmate Boudewijn de Groot has some great comments on highplainsdem Mar 2023 #101
There's a new, fairly long interview with George, with lots of photos, in the highplainsdem Mar 2023 #102
So sad. SheltieLover Mar 2023 #103
Yes. Tragic. highplainsdem Mar 2023 #104
I'll sure keep the healing energy flowing to him. 💓💓💓 SheltieLover Mar 2023 #105
Thanks! highplainsdem Mar 2023 #106
Yw SheltieLover Mar 2023 #107
Another news story on George today, this one more worrisome. highplainsdem Mar 2023 #108
I found the longer article the snippet in reply 108 is from, and I was highplainsdem Mar 2023 #109
5-star review for the new Vreemde Kostgangers album! This has to highplainsdem Mar 2023 #110
Story today on the Dutch newspaper site Ad.nl about a tribute concert for highplainsdem Mar 2023 #111
George's new Vreemde Kostgangers album is #1 on the Dutch vinyl albums chart, #2 on highplainsdem Mar 2023 #112
Good vibes going out for George Cadfael Mar 2023 #113
Thanks, Cadfael! And kudos to your cool mom for introducing you to great highplainsdem Mar 2023 #114
The Belgian paper De Tijde (The Times) had a long article on highplainsdem Apr 2023 #115
Ran across a tweet yesterday with a page on George as a guitar hero highplainsdem Apr 2023 #116
Thread in Music Appreciation about Bojoura, the singer whose career George highplainsdem Apr 2023 #117
Golden Earring were back in the Top Ten on the Dutch charts, the chart for vinyl albums highplainsdem May 2023 #118
I found out today that George influenced Dutch music in a way I'd never highplainsdem May 2023 #119
How is George doing? Loved Golden Earring's songs. Sending good vibes his way. debm55 May 2023 #120
Thanks, Debbie! I haven't been able to find any very recent news via Google or highplainsdem May 2023 #121
There was some news yesterday about the tribute concert highplainsdem Jun 2023 #122
+++++++ quaint Jun 2023 #123
Ran across a feature story in several Dutch newspapers about two of highplainsdem Jun 2023 #124
Found an interesting March 1974 article on Golden Earring yesterday, one highplainsdem Jul 2023 #125
Finally, a bit of an update on how George is doing, highplainsdem Jul 2023 #126
I mentioned Cesar's 75th birthday last month in the reply above. Omroep West, the Dutch broadcaster highplainsdem Aug 2023 #127
Sadly, the tribute concert scheduled for October, first mentioned here in reply 111 highplainsdem Aug 2023 #128
highplaindem.I will continue to send good wishes and vibes. I am sorry this is happening. You are a debm55 Aug 2023 #129
Thanks, Debbie! I was sorry to see that the tribute concert was postponed, and the highplainsdem Aug 2023 #130
Videos of two recent appearances by the other members of Golden Earring, highplainsdem Sep 2023 #131
There was a great interview with Boudewijn de Groot mentioning George in a highplainsdem Oct 2023 #132
Kicking after editing the OP because some web pages I'd linked to about Ernie Wallengren, a friend who highplainsdem Nov 2023 #133
I will continue to pray, highplainsdem. debm55 Nov 2023 #134
{{{{{Debbie}}}}} Thanks! You're an angel. highplainsdem Nov 2023 #135
Just discovered there's now a fundraiser for ALS, mentioning George, via the website of NPO3 radio in the Netherlands. highplainsdem Nov 2023 #136
Thank you, highplainsdem. You a tireless person working for a cause that will one day have a cure. debm55 Dec 21 #139
Two of George's Golden Earring bandmates, bassist Rinus and drummer Cesar, took part in a Queen tribute highplainsdem Feb 3 #140
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