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Sun Dec 4, 2022, 06:34 AM
Dec 2022

"now hiring"
"tried icing it?"
"getting ready"
wandering-eye cat-headed hooman
twister Theory: get rid of cows and maybe no more tornadoes.
fox and carrot

Thanks for another fun roundup, SCE! Have a great week!

Thank you! rogerballard Dec 2022 #1
Ty, SCE! SheltieLover Dec 2022 #2
ooops! This is a sign I'm up way too late!!! Coventina Dec 2022 #3
Thanks, SCE! 😁 GentryDixon Dec 2022 #4
Faves: nuxvomica Dec 2022 #5
The fox and the carrot! calimary Dec 2022 #31
Good morning, SCE gademocrat7 Dec 2022 #6
Thanks for your steadfast dedication to the lolz. This week it's really great but... littlemissmartypants Dec 2022 #7
Look at the very left edge Easterncedar Dec 2022 #9
Thank you! Mad_Dem_X Dec 2022 #15
Love the idea of the big horse Easterncedar Dec 2022 #28
So was I. calimary Dec 2022 #32
I was confused Lifelong Protester Dec 2022 #38
Thanks, SCE Easterncedar Dec 2022 #8
Thank you, SCE. Thank you very much n/t Alpeduez21 Dec 2022 #10
" ... sometimes Mayo neighs." planetc Dec 2022 #11
Liked that one, too! calimary Dec 2022 #33
TY SCE awesome again .... littlewolf Dec 2022 #12
Damn the electric fence! We had cows when I was growing up (and electric fences). Arkansas Granny Dec 2022 #13
Peacock says Martin Eden Dec 2022 #14
Good morning, SCE. As usual, you have completely outdone yourself with this sorely- niyad Dec 2022 #16
K&R & thanks. nt tblue37 Dec 2022 #17
Aw, Delphinus Dec 2022 #18
That's how my dog acts too when he doesn't like something SouthernDem4ever Dec 2022 #19
that's how my cat acts NJCher Dec 2022 #42
LOL SouthernDem4ever Dec 2022 #46
The Larsen tornado 'toon reminds me of one by Gahan Wilson ... eppur_se_muova Dec 2022 #20
Uh-oh... calimary Dec 2022 #34
I've never seen that Gahan Wilson before. It's wonderful! wackadoo wabbit Dec 2022 #40
Great collection. Thanks much! 70sEraVet Dec 2022 #21
Can never have too much Larson. And the fox grabbing the carrot!!! erronis Dec 2022 #22
THANK YOU thanks, thanks thanks Salmon Trueblue1968 Dec 2022 #23
Time to rise and shine... well, maybe just a little gleam or two! Thanks! Always a good transition Karadeniz Dec 2022 #24
YAY! A HERETIC I AM Dec 2022 #25
Good Morning, SCE! blogslug Dec 2022 #26
Always good. I really look forward to it, Salmon judesedit Dec 2022 #27
So many delights! Wild blueberry Dec 2022 #29
thank you, you do start my Sundays with a smile. republianmushroom Dec 2022 #30
Thank you, SCE. Well done. wendyb-NC Dec 2022 #35
Thank you!!! CaptainTruth Dec 2022 #36
"Ready to hear about your day" !!! FailureToCommunicate Dec 2022 #37
Thanks, SCE! Different Drummer Dec 2022 #39
K and R...Thanks for posting.. Stuart G Dec 2022 #41
Great collection! burrowowl Dec 2022 #43
You've outdone yourself again this week, SCE! crickets Dec 2022 #44
TY, SCE! electric_blue68 Dec 2022 #45
Thank you for the Ugly Sweater Edition. SCE!! Niagara Dec 2022 #47
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