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17. Wondering about the pic with the bees and the hummingbird
Sun Feb 12, 2023, 08:26 AM
Feb 2023

was there sugar in the water or was it just a really dry week?

As always, thanks for the fun SCE!

I can't believe it!! I'm first!! Coventina Feb 2023 #1
Good Idea jxla Feb 2023 #2
Whoever Gave Me The Hearts jxla Feb 2023 #46
And I'm just getting up! mnhtnbb Feb 2023 #3
Beautiful and amusing, as always. Thank you, SCE, for my Sunday morning smiles. ancianita Feb 2023 #4
Especially great today! Easterncedar Feb 2023 #5
Tree Beard. SergeStorms Feb 2023 #7
Me,too NJCher Feb 2023 #45
Always appreciated way to start Sunday! Thx SCE MiHale Feb 2023 #6
You outdid yourself !!! Karadeniz Feb 2023 #8
Thank you, SCE! Have a happy Valentine's Day! We love you! ❤️ littlemissmartypants Feb 2023 #9
So much squeeee today!! pnwest Feb 2023 #10
It's not Sunday without you ❤️ Ziggysmom Feb 2023 #11
HAPPY VALENTIN'S DAY SALMON !!! Trueblue1968 Feb 2023 #12
Valentines Day Cardinals ! Martin Eden Feb 2023 #13
Thank you - always makes my Sunday! Laf.La.Dem. Feb 2023 #14
Good morning SCE gademocrat7 Feb 2023 #15
Fantastic as always, thank you! Paper Roses Feb 2023 #16
Wondering about the pic with the bees and the hummingbird SouthernDem4ever Feb 2023 #17
Happy Happy Hearts to you, SCE! blogslug Feb 2023 #18
I love that kitty in the violin case! Vinca Feb 2023 #19
"To Isengard!" planetc Feb 2023 #20
Faves: nuxvomica Feb 2023 #21
Thank you! rogerballard Feb 2023 #22
Good morning, SCE. As usual, you have completely outdone yourself with this sorely- niyad Feb 2023 #23
awesome littlewolf Feb 2023 #24
The Flannel Frontier! Ocelot II Feb 2023 #25
Bacon bits! underpants Feb 2023 #26
K&R and thanks. nt tblue37 Feb 2023 #27
Always a joy! Mad_Dem_X Feb 2023 #28
Have a Happy Valentine's Day, SCE !! DinahMoeHum Feb 2023 #29
Thank you. murielm99 Feb 2023 #30
Some stunning pictures this morning. Thanks SCE! Fla Dem Feb 2023 #31
K&R! Toons and pics! burrowowl Feb 2023 #32
Thank you republianmushroom Feb 2023 #33
Thank you and Happy Valentine Day, SCE! femmocrat Feb 2023 #34
Awesome as always. Thank you and Happy Valentines Day, Salmon judesedit Feb 2023 #35
Thank you thank you thank you, a million times, thank you! 1WorldHope Feb 2023 #36
Spectacular! Wild blueberry Feb 2023 #37
Star Trek: The Flannel Frontier! calimary Feb 2023 #38
Happy Valentine's Day, SCE & All! SheltieLover Feb 2023 #39
Thank you SO MUCH I love these! mrsadm Feb 2023 #40
A very special collection! BarbD Feb 2023 #41
Super wonderful collection! colorado_ufo Feb 2023 #42
Cat's Rebl2 Feb 2023 #43
Gotta love the "It's the cat's birthday" one with all... 3catwoman3 Feb 2023 #44
Adore the Squeeee My Valentine Edition, SCE! Niagara Feb 2023 #47
Thanks for "Very funny, Scotty" and all the others. nt LAS14 Feb 2023 #48
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