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5. Going with rough-and-tumble Kirk
Sun May 7, 2023, 05:07 PM
May 2023

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Your schoolteachers probably taught you that fighting doesn't solve anything. It's a good thing Kirk doesn't listen to hardly anybody because he cleaned up the entire Alpha Quadrant with little more than a starship and his fists. Picard hardly ever threw a punch and as a result got mired in one diplomatic standoff after another.

Another example of Kirk's awesomeness was his fistfight with Khan. Khan asserted that Kirk couldn't win because he had five times his strength. Picard would have done the math, agreed with him, and sued for peace. Kirk used lateral thinking and balanced the scales with a simple PVC pipe, bludgeoning Khan mercilessly with it.

Kirk was wise enough to realize that not all problems could be solved with a simple punch to the face. Some scenarios called for the double-fist punch to the back!

Kirk vs. Picard [View all] Different Drummer May 2023 OP
Capt. Pike Earl_from_PA May 2023 #1
the Next Generation brought me back into Trek. Loved Picard and the relationship he had with crew BlueWaveNeverEnd May 2023 #2
Exactly why I preferred TNG to the original. Different Drummer May 2023 #3
Sorry to say: Captain Picard is my least favorite Tetrachloride May 2023 #4
Going with rough-and-tumble Kirk Shermann May 2023 #5
I liked both Kirk and Picard. n/t RKP5637 May 2023 #6
Janeway, just saying. thatcrowwoman May 2023 #7
Captain Janeway n/t Stargleamer May 2023 #8
Captain Seven. sky_masterson May 2023 #9
Didn't know that was an option. Changing my vote! Shermann May 2023 #13
+1! I enjoyed the nostalgia of Picard S3, especially the Worf parts, but Jeri Ryan petronius May 2023 #21
They handled Worf amazingly well sky_masterson May 2023 #25
Picard ProfessorGAC May 2023 #10
Jonathan Archer PJMcK May 2023 #11
Enterprise seasons 3 and 4 was some of the very best of Trek. Earth-shine May 2023 #16
Agreed PJMcK May 2023 #18
I like how they used season 4 to wrap up dangling storylines from the original series. Earth-shine May 2023 #24
Continuing mission GreenWave May 2023 #12
Who was Sheldon's pick? Just saw this recently on Big Bang Theory.... Chakaconcarne May 2023 #14
I think Leonard's answer was Picard but ST:TOS was the better series. Gidney N Cloyd May 2023 #17
Kirk was my role model as a boy growing up. Earth-shine May 2023 #15
Commander John Koenig n/t targetpractice May 2023 #19
A long time ago, I read an article about Space 1999. Earth-shine May 2023 #20
Hah... I agree... targetpractice May 2023 #22
Space 1999 had it all, except for serviceable storylines! Earth-shine May 2023 #23
I guess I have to go with Kirk because he... LudwigPastorius May 2023 #26
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