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Brother Buzz

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25. A lot of people try to emulate Django Reinhardt's style, and some get close
Mon May 8, 2023, 01:44 AM
May 2023

Paul Mehling is getting about as close as you can, short of having his left hand surgically altered. On the other hand, Evan Price totally nails Stéphane Grappelli.

Alt/Indie/Americana Hugh_Lebowski May 2023 #1
I had Indie and alternative on my paper.thanks for reminding me that I wanted to add along with the debm55 May 2023 #4
Hiya Hugh! keeping my fingers crossed.... Coventina May 2023 #30
Not yet, but keeping an eye! Hugh_Lebowski May 2023 #31
Island (think Jimmy Buffett), & country rock... Enter stage left May 2023 #2
Where's Zydeco? dchill May 2023 #3
I love dancing to Zydeco debm55 May 2023 #19
I enjoy rock, classical and especially classic rock. Xavier Breath May 2023 #5
Yes, I like classic rock, folk, and country rock. I haven't listened for a long time either. The debm55 May 2023 #6
Too many to pick just one. 2naSalit May 2023 #7
Progressive rock Ferrets are Cool May 2023 #8
Yes. I like progressive rock groups like Yes, Rush, debm55 May 2023 #9
good....in many genres.... bahboo May 2023 #10
Progressive Rock... Baked Potato May 2023 #11
Texas country: Willie, Waylon and the boys. broiles May 2023 #12
Prog rock and metal mainly! Initech May 2023 #13
Post Punk, Synth Punk, Garage Rock..etc. Tikki May 2023 #14
Rock. +Alt/Indie /Original CBGB's bands /Movie Soundtracks electric_blue68 May 2023 #15
I listen to many genres tornado34jh May 2023 #16
Jazz sucks. Even rap is better. Goodheart May 2023 #17
I think next time I will limit it to rock and break down rock into different kinds. debm55 May 2023 #18
What kind of jazz 'sucks'? Dixieland? Bebop? Swing? Big band? Gypsy jazz? GoneOffShore May 2023 #35
How about "I don't like jazz"? bif May 2023 #38
Compromise: Goodheart May 2023 #40
How about "I don't like jazz because I don't understand it"? bif May 2023 #46
I won't say that because it's not true. Goodheart May 2023 #47
I'm a metalhead and I don't care who knows it! Different Drummer May 2023 #20
That's interesting because my first album was by Black Sabbath. At the time, they were in the rock debm55 May 2023 #21
I like Oldies too BlueWaveNeverEnd May 2023 #22
I have a wide spectrum VGNonly May 2023 #23
A lot of people try to emulate Django Reinhardt's style, and some get close Brother Buzz May 2023 #25
The Doc, the Gent, the Kid VGNonly May 2023 #27
Terry Rice's guitar just reappeared in public at the Doc Watson 100th anniversary celebration Brother Buzz May 2023 #29
American roots, Baby! Brother Buzz May 2023 #24
Rock gets my first vote but I like some jazz as well. GoodRaisin May 2023 #26
All of them apart from heavy metal and throat singing. GoneOffShore May 2023 #28
The late Paul Pena's blues infused Tuvan throat singing merits some consideration Brother Buzz May 2023 #33
I like too many kinds of music to ever pick one. Coventina May 2023 #32
Wow Coventina what a great list. debm55 May 2023 #36
blues jcgoldie May 2023 #34
Anything but country and rap bif May 2023 #37
Can't choose. Elessar Zappa May 2023 #39
50's 60's oldies bluestarone May 2023 #41
I need to be able to pick more than one option. LudwigPastorius May 2023 #42
There are ten. Poll would not allow me to do subdivisions of each, I started a OP on what type of debm55 May 2023 #48
Soft Rock & Pop 🎶🎵🎶🤗 Raine May 2023 #43
Actually I like all genres of music. Depends on my mood Emile May 2023 #44
Classic rock, pop, singer songwriter/indie/folk and rock mvd May 2023 #45
All of it. I love all type of music. n/t LuckyCharms May 2023 #49
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