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147. "Well...some men you just can't reach."
Wed Aug 29, 2012, 08:40 PM
Aug 2012

Paul Newman passed away about the same time I joined DU. His role in "Cool Hand Luke" had always been a favorite of mine and seemed to sum up a lot about the pointless but dogged attempts to flee the shackles of the Bush years...

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="

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As Luke shows us, we can try to make the best of what often is a lousy situation.
DU is THE place I come to for news, and solace.
Thanks Bertha for the thread.
And thanks as always to Skinner, Earl and the whole DU crew!
How did you come by your username? [View all] Bertha Venation Aug 2012 OP
When I delurked after Nineleven(TM), there were few if any Hawai'i posters KamaAina Aug 2012 #1
Mine is a play on the name Madame X. Mad_Dem_X Aug 2012 #2
Obama - Hope + Hoops HopeHoops Aug 2012 #3
Mine was my last radio callsign in Vietnam pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #4
I HAVE wondered truth be told.... chknltl Aug 2012 #112
Thanks, chknltl pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #121
Tall handsome boy, Russ chknltl Aug 2012 #134
Don't worry about bringing up bad memories--it's a good thing pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #168
You and I were likely on Ft Lewis at the same time! chknltl Aug 2012 #173
None of that 'Sir' shit pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #175
I knew that. Scuba Aug 2012 #122
Heh--really, who'd boast about a bowling score of 39!!! nt MADem Aug 2012 #166
These days, I might be happy to get a 39. :) pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #170
I had a very similar experience!! MADem Aug 2012 #183
Hippy Name Generator revolution breeze Sep 2012 #210
This guy Rambis Aug 2012 #5
Wow, that's a blast from the past. Bertha Venation Aug 2012 #8
My Nickname in central America Capn Sunshine Aug 2012 #6
I went to Georgia Tech and graduated in 2003 auburngrad82 Aug 2012 #7
Won it pitching quarters behind the Lounge liquor store. bluesbassman Aug 2012 #9
I live in the South, but that is not origin of my name. RebelOne Aug 2012 #10
The ones I usually use were all taken. Moondog Aug 2012 #11
Moonglow? Rambis Aug 2012 #12
Nah. Not sufficiently butch. Moondog Aug 2012 #16
Term of endearment among my me, my sibs, and our progeny. Iggo Aug 2012 #13
Cool! Bertha Venation Aug 2012 #17
Congratulations! pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #18
Two thngs near and dear to my heart, NOLA and bears. nolabear Aug 2012 #14
Mine's a play on OG - Original Gangsta OriginalGeek Aug 2012 #15
I used to be a Private Investigator and worked primarily at night NightWatcher Aug 2012 #19
Mom? Betsy Ross Aug 2012 #143
or Mutha NightWatcher Aug 2012 #150
I have gray hair and I'm always at war with myself graywarrior Aug 2012 #20
Downwind of the Nevada test site. Downwinder Aug 2012 #21
It's a carryover pipi_k Aug 2012 #22
What kind of food is it? MADem Aug 2012 #167
Well, the meaning of mine is fairly self-evident. LeftishBrit Aug 2012 #23
When I joined DU in 2001, I lived in Oregon, aka the Upper Left Coast Lydia Leftcoast Aug 2012 #24
Because I am the great aunt of triplets. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2012 #25
OMG-- i'm looking at your post count. orleans Aug 2012 #75
There are other members with higher post counts. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2012 #78
My first try was "Zombie Holocaust," but that was deemed either unacceptable or already taken. ZombieHorde Aug 2012 #26
From the Lord of the Rings books Glorfindel Aug 2012 #27
mine is kind of self evident. luv_mykatz Aug 2012 #28
Do you have pictures of your cats that you can post? Bertha Venation Aug 2012 #81
Sorry, no pics. luv_mykatz Aug 2012 #89
Political orientation and former occupation liberaltrucker Aug 2012 #29
I just look in the mirror. Graybeard Aug 2012 #30
Mine is boring, but logical I guess. Denninmi Aug 2012 #31
Ptah was the demiurge of Memphis, god of craftsmen and architects. Ptah Aug 2012 #32
I always wondered about your name. dixiegrrrrl Aug 2012 #45
Because that's who I am! El Supremo Aug 2012 #33
How do you explain the screen-name... madinmaryland Aug 2012 #36
Years ago I discussed the various meanings that "cboy" could have. El Supremo Aug 2012 #40
Family dog Auggie Aug 2012 #34
I was really pissed at the swiftboating of John Kerry in May of 2004, and hence the SN. madinmaryland Aug 2012 #35
It came in a dream. hay rick Aug 2012 #37
Interesting. Bertha Venation Aug 2012 #82
Dr Dean /nt demwing Aug 2012 #38
I come from people who either lived on farms (with apple trees) or had apple trees in applegrove Aug 2012 #39
If you have to ask...... Curmudgeoness Aug 2012 #41
A joke TheCentepedeShoes Aug 2012 #42
I love it! dixiegrrrrl Aug 2012 #47
Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus Scuba Aug 2012 #123
I use this name on most Internet boards. Archae Aug 2012 #43
well, since my name is "grrrr" and I live in the South... dixiegrrrrl Aug 2012 #44
I cleverly combined my real first name with my real last initial, so no one will ever break my code mike_c Aug 2012 #46
I like how you think.....(nt) SteveG Oct 2012 #224
I have written about high end home audio gear for more than hifiguy Aug 2012 #48
I chose mine to honor the early feminists. femmocrat Aug 2012 #49
Mine is the name of the company from Office Space. Initech Aug 2012 #50
first name and part of an old address, how original :p nt steve2470 Aug 2012 #51
Well, I knew I wanted to use my own name, Peggy.........and I live in California! CaliforniaPeggy Aug 2012 #52
A likely story! Riiiiiight! pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #58
HAHAHA! CaliforniaPeggy Aug 2012 #63
Mine asks the important question about George namely Where was George Aug 2012 #53
Mine is from a somewhat obscure Muppet... TheMightyFavog Aug 2012 #54
Laziness. I used to slug my type with my initials. REP Aug 2012 #55
First broadcast television program Saturday morning Brother Buzz Aug 2012 #56
I couldn't get LWolf Aug 2012 #57
My 14th great grandmother HeiressofBickworth Aug 2012 #59
My last name is Baker panader0 Aug 2012 #60
Lurked here for a couple years DippyDem Aug 2012 #61
The username I wanted was taken Rob H. Aug 2012 #62
whenever I do a 'woopsy' OxQQme Aug 2012 #65
My current name refers to a totem/tribal name I took.... Wounded Bear Aug 2012 #64
Firesign Theatre Doc_Technical Aug 2012 #66
Irish Gaelic ashling Aug 2012 #67
THAT was one of my favorite hours of television OriginalGeek Aug 2012 #71
It's because I am a Van Morrison fan vanlassie Aug 2012 #68
Mine is short for Monkey Man, a nick my GF gave me back in my mountain biking days. Monk06 Aug 2012 #69
it's one of the critters in the dark crystal fizzgig Aug 2012 #70
I like the character's, taste, erudition, and class resentment Tom Ripley Aug 2012 #72
My username comes from the protagonist of the graphic novel "Transmetropolitan" by Warren Ellis Spider Jerusalem Aug 2012 #73
Mine is a fictional city from a fantasy novel. SilveryMoon Aug 2012 #74
I'm a fan of the Diskworld books, Rincewind Aug 2012 #76
Mine came about because woodsprite Aug 2012 #77
The Jackson Browne song, "For Everyman". Waiting For Everyman Aug 2012 #79
Soe = Son of Edward MichaelSoE Aug 2012 #80
I was dreaming that I was thinking of a Band name Odd Won Out Aug 2012 #83
I was once nu_duer. Skip Intro Aug 2012 #84
This message was self-deleted by its author pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #85
I wanted DryHump Sep 2012 #208
I was a "lurker" LoveMyCali Aug 2012 #86
Joined when I live in Kansas. mwdem Aug 2012 #87
My name is me. AsahinaKimi Aug 2012 #88
What a long strange trip it's been... From The Ashes Aug 2012 #90
Hi Bertha Venation Aug 2012 #96
It's going well... From The Ashes Aug 2012 #191
hey you! fizzgig Sep 2012 #198
Stole mine off a dead Republican NecklyTyler Aug 2012 #91
disgust at infighting in the Dem Party. nt Unite2DefeatGOP Aug 2012 #92
Pink Floyd my favorite Rock Groups first ArnoldLayne Aug 2012 #93
It's the main character MissHoneychurch Aug 2012 #94
Wow, nice to see ya Miss H! chknltl Aug 2012 #117
Geeze oldsarge54 Aug 2012 #95
my name is Brice, Soylent Brice Aug 2012 #97
Soylent Green navarth Aug 2012 #113
Some truths can't be be said often enough. FoxNewsSucks Aug 2012 #98
How did I come by my username? damnedifIknow Aug 2012 #99
Mine is the year I graduated high school in a small Colorado town. classof56 Aug 2012 #100
typing skills tomm2thumbs Aug 2012 #101
after a favorite band at the time. geardaddy Aug 2012 #102
It is a shortened version of an old nickname. alfredo Aug 2012 #103
It's due to me being the centaur of the universe kentauros Aug 2012 #104
From a line in a song from the band, Cream N_E_1 for Tennis Aug 2012 #105
Still apropos antiquie Aug 2012 #128
It comes from my beloved doggy, Emma. emmadoggy Aug 2012 #106
Double meaning datadiva Aug 2012 #107
I wanted to create something creative, meaningful, clever, tasteful... jamesatemple Aug 2012 #108
Southern bastardization of "worthless". woofless Aug 2012 #109
Back in '05 i sorta was a Chicken Little chknltl Aug 2012 #110
My Name was inspired by a character in a movie named Frank Dracman Wolf Frankula Aug 2012 #111
I took the name Rhiannon about 25 years ago rhiannon55 Aug 2012 #114
FSogol FSogol Aug 2012 #115
this is fun navarth Aug 2012 #116
Cool, love Jack Vance. FSogol Aug 2012 #124
Ah! Then you have yet to read navarth Aug 2012 #130
My home town and HS graduation year benld74 Aug 2012 #118
Ramones fan from Rock N Roll High School. n/t RiffRandell Aug 2012 #119
Borchkins Borchkins Aug 2012 #120
Robert Zimmerman hibbing Aug 2012 #125
I stole it from a little girl named Quantess. Quantess Aug 2012 #126
It's an adjective meaning "similar to the music of the Scandinavian composer Sibelius". sibelian Aug 2012 #127
It's the name of Kenshin Himura's sword sakabatou Aug 2012 #129
My initials... B.B. n/t BeeBee Aug 2012 #131
I like to throw things. lob1 Aug 2012 #132
Lost a few vowels. evlbstrd Aug 2012 #133
I always liked the song "When Irish Eyes are Smiling". IrishEyes Aug 2012 #135
Complete lack of creative skill. n/t DaveJ Aug 2012 #136
My username was assigned to me for the Unix system at university. mwooldri Aug 2012 #137
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, by Robert A. Heinlein Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2012 #138
My name is Phyl (short for Phyllis) and when phylny Aug 2012 #139
An album by Dream Theater which is one of my favorite contemporary bands. Systematic Chaos Aug 2012 #140
I'm a gaming chick... Alduin Aug 2012 #141
During the Redefeat Bush campaign of '04 Betsy Ross Aug 2012 #142
Flew over this one year glacierbay Aug 2012 #144
Will only vote for a Democrat + the year of my birth. YellaDog1950 Aug 2012 #145
Mushrooms. Portobello mushrooms. marble falls Aug 2012 #146
"Well...some men you just can't reach." FailureToCommunicate Aug 2012 #147
Good movie, good choice pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #149
Lucky you! I am envious. Newman' final role was the voice of FailureToCommunicate Aug 2012 #160
I am a quaker named bill quaker bill Aug 2012 #148
Mine has gotta be easy for DUers... WinstonSmith4740 Aug 2012 #151
I vote on Tuesday Afternoon. Tuesday Afternoon Aug 2012 #152
Ha! I always thought it was the Moody Blues... pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #153
Mine is random... cactusfractal Aug 2012 #154
Lindyrig Lindyrig Aug 2012 #155
Started lurking in 2001. Joined in 2002. Need I say more? chimpymustgo Aug 2012 #156
My name is Jeff and....uh....I live in Milwaukee (nt) Jeff In Milwaukee Aug 2012 #157
If you're a fan of "My Name is Earl" you don't have to ask Harry Monroe Aug 2012 #158
On my home planet of Progress, we are called Progressoids. progressoid Aug 2012 #159
I chose it right after I started working for the post office... Momgonepostal Aug 2012 #161
A nod to Democratic Blue with a wink to Doctor Who TardisBlue Aug 2012 #162
Welcome to DU, TardisBlue Bertha Venation Aug 2012 #181
Thank you! TardisBlue Sep 2012 #193
I live in a historic part of NY that not many appreciate. Historic NY Aug 2012 #163
You mean that area where Pete Seeger helped save some big polluted river? FailureToCommunicate Aug 2012 #184
A bit north In the Hudson Highlands... Historic NY Aug 2012 #186
I got it from reading the correspondence between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. JDPriestly Aug 2012 #164
I drove by his home in Northumberland, PA kwassa Sep 2012 #205
Yes. He came here. He was quite radical for his time. And he came here to live for a while. JDPriestly Sep 2012 #206
I am a MAssachusetts DEMocrat! MADem Aug 2012 #165
Song. Jimmie Rogers. Honeycombe.... Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #169
Jeez, I remember that pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #176
I love this song! Bertha Venation Aug 2012 #180
My sister cohabitates with me... Vestigial_Sister Aug 2012 #171
it's an isotope of Cobalt Cobalt-60 Aug 2012 #172
One part of my wife's Heathen57 Aug 2012 #174
From my given name... malokvale77 Aug 2012 #177
Plucked it alliswellinmyworld Aug 2012 #178
It's my real first and last names Lucy Goosey Aug 2012 #179
Thanks for this thread. Pat Riot Aug 2012 #182
. ohnoyoudidnt Aug 2012 #187
my parents came up with it Kali Aug 2012 #185
It was the last thing I heard before the first time I got my ass kicked. nt ohnoyoudidnt Aug 2012 #188
I Love That Nic...Bertha HelenaHandbasket Aug 2012 #189
LOL! pinboy3niner Sep 2012 #192
After days and days of thinking. EastTennesseeDem Aug 2012 #190
It's the same as LiveNudePolitics Sep 2012 #194
Well, you see, I have serious dementia DFW Sep 2012 #195
It's an homage to the Talented Miss Highsmith Tom Ripley Sep 2012 #196
My first name+my area code Jamaal510 Sep 2012 #197
mine is original mgcgulfcoast Sep 2012 #199
It's short for Manhattan Baby (where I was born, NY, not Kansas) and my initials BB mnhtnbb Sep 2012 #200
Its where I live Sedona Sep 2012 #201
Mine is a combination of my first name and middle initial... cliffordu Sep 2012 #202
a kennedy, I'm a kennedy...... a kennedy Sep 2012 #203
Sigh... WillParkinson Sep 2012 #204
Because life is never black & white. Grey Sep 2012 #207
This message was self-deleted by its author littlemissmartypants Sep 2012 #209
At one time my beard was red, BarbaRosa Sep 2012 #211
Love British Invasion music/era, am a musician who uses certain amps -- AND I have a voice... VOX Sep 2012 #212
Old childhood nickname PRETZEL Sep 2012 #213
From Alabama and a Democrat... bamacrat Sep 2012 #214
Brain and finger glitches antiquie Sep 2012 #215
My real first name is Rachel and rachel1 Oct 2012 #216
It's What I Now Am, Backward Redlo Nosrep Oct 2012 #217
I've always loved yours, by the way. Mine is homage to Grandpa and Cherokee ancestry, live in TX and txwhitedove Oct 2012 #218
I know I've done this before, but it's been a while so.. opiate69 Oct 2012 #219
Goes without saying. joshcryer Oct 2012 #220
After 2004 election, Blue_In_AK Oct 2012 #221
I blame marijuana. nt. JustABozoOnThisBus Oct 2012 #222
My expressed my feelings about the country after Bush stole the election. sinkingfeeling Oct 2012 #223
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