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Praying with you for your sister. raging moderate Jul 2023 #1
You have them coming her/your way. lark Jul 2023 #2
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sister today. virgdem Jul 2023 #3
You got 'em deb. Diamond_Dog Jul 2023 #4
I know it feels like a weight on your chest, here's hoping everything comes out perfect Walleye Jul 2023 #5
Warmest wishes for your sister's quick and complete recovery Jrose Jul 2023 #6
You got it. Sending healing thoughts and vibes. onecaliberal Jul 2023 #7
Thoughts and prayers. Bless both of you. marble falls Jul 2023 #8
best wishes for you and your sister rurallib Jul 2023 #9
{{{{{Debbie}}}} You have them, for both of you. So glad to see you post highplainsdem Jul 2023 #10
Healing vibes and positive thoughts flowing your and your sisters way Hugh_Lebowski Jul 2023 #11
We can dislike the way gravity waves at us with tsunami of trauma sanatanadharma Jul 2023 #12
Vibes of healing and comfort GPV Jul 2023 #13
🙏 claudette Jul 2023 #14
Your sister will be in my prayers LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2023 #15
Strength to you both. nt usonian Jul 2023 #16
You got it. MLAA Jul 2023 #17
Thinking of you and yours. Hope22 Jul 2023 #18
We are here for you and your sister, Deb. thatcrowwoman Jul 2023 #19
Crying, I just read your original thread about this Unwind Your Mind Jul 2023 #20
I have sent my appeal to The Universe that it guide the surgeon's hands and sends strength to LoisB Jul 2023 #21
You got it. Elessar Zappa Jul 2023 #22
Relieved to hear from you. Polly Hennessey Jul 2023 #23
Sending prayers and healing thoughts gademocrat7 Jul 2023 #24
Good luck, Debbie !!! Karadeniz Jul 2023 #25
On it! 2naSalit Jul 2023 #26
Good vibes coming your way... MiHale Jul 2023 #27
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Jul 2023 #28
Yes indeed. calimary Jul 2023 #29
Prayers for you, your sister and the medical team. n/t ChazII Jul 2023 #30
You got 'em from me, Debbie! Different Drummer Jul 2023 #31
Sending healing vibes and best wishes, Debbie! Niagara Jul 2023 #32
Sending good thoughts malaise Jul 2023 #33
Thank you all. for your kind words and vibes. I am very sleepy. Doctor said it wasn't as bad as they debm55 Jul 2023 #34
That's such good news, Debbie! thatcrowwoman Jul 2023 #35
We love you, too - and thanks for the very encouraging update on your sis! Now highplainsdem Jul 2023 #37
Better news indeed......so happy. Now, take care of you. ❤️ a kennedy Jul 2023 #36
Hugs to you, dear debm55 UpInArms Jul 2023 #38
Thank you for the update. Mr.Bill Jul 2023 #39
May there be continued better news for your sister, and you! electric_blue68 Jul 2023 #40
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