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7. We had a player piano and all the Christmas piano rolls.
Sat Dec 2, 2023, 11:59 AM
Dec 2023

We had friends and family over to the house for singalongs. The kids did all the pumping.

My mother did a lot of cookie baking and we had a couple of punch bowls. Don't remember what punch was served but I know we did not have eggnog because my mother didn't like it.

Looking for the perfect Christmas tree. Glorfindel Dec 2023 #1
Very nice traditions, They sound so nice. Ty debm55 Dec 2023 #4
Baking cookies and making candy with mom pfitz59 Dec 2023 #2
Great fun. Messy is the best debm55 Dec 2023 #5
When I was a child, my Jewish family lit a candle-burning Menorah and sang cheerful songs in Hebrew..... Jrose Dec 2023 #3
Latkes!! 😃 yeah I was confused because I mucifer Dec 2023 #6
Did you play dreidel? We played with pennies. My family celebrate both. Don't ask----long story. debm55 Dec 2023 #10
Yes! Spun dreidels, and Grandparents brought all the grandchildren chocolate coins (in gold foil)... Jrose Dec 2023 #22
We played with pennies. debm55 Dec 2023 #26
Yup Pennys mucifer Dec 2023 #43
I have my my Great grandmother's Menorah from the Ukraine. I could never find candles that fit. I also like my latkes debm55 Dec 2023 #8
Mom was Hungarian, so she prepared almost everything, except meat, with sour cream too. Jrose Dec 2023 #23
We had a player piano and all the Christmas piano rolls. DURHAM D Dec 2023 #7
Oh wow, that is cool. I don't like eggnog either . Thank you for sharing your memories. debm55 Dec 2023 #11
After Christmas shopping. LakeArenal Dec 2023 #9
We had those those glass ornaments--very fancy. If one fell off of the tree the glass shathered everwhere. debm55 Dec 2023 #12
And always stepped on a piece missed. LakeArenal Dec 2023 #13
Got that right. There were no hand held vacuums. You had to pick them out the bes you could and needless to say not all debm55 Dec 2023 #17
Benadryl and cough syrup for those long drives!!! ret5hd Dec 2023 #14
So true! debm55 Dec 2023 #16
We kids had to wait until everyone had finished breakfast before we opened presents Walleye Dec 2023 #15
We opened the gifts as soon as we got up. Then it switched to Christmas eve. debm55 Dec 2023 #18
We always went to midnight mass on Christmas eve and I hated it, but Lunabell Dec 2023 #19
I sang in the chorus at Midnight mass. All 8th grade students were required to sing. Came home very tired--it was a long debm55 Dec 2023 #28
"Santa " came to our house on Christmas Eve gave everyone a gift and left. Srkdqltr Dec 2023 #20
That is funny. Santa why are you speaking Polish. debm55 Dec 2023 #29
No awkward questions. We wanted the gifts. Srkdqltr Dec 2023 #38
Going to my Aunt's house for Christmas Eve. MOMFUDSKI Dec 2023 #21
Thank you, MOMFUDSKI, it sounds like a great time for kids. My mother was from a family of 7 children. I remember debm55 Dec 2023 #30
Candlelight service at church. Sneederbunk Dec 2023 #24
Every Christmas Eve SOteric Dec 2023 #25
What a wonderful mum. Those patients and staff really appreciated it. Thank you for your memories. debm55 Dec 2023 #31
Decorating the tree and putting up lights. Eugene Dec 2023 #27
Did you have to match the color on the branch wire with the color on the tree stand? That's how our's worked. Thank you debm55 Dec 2023 #32
Yes, the branches were color coded. (updated) Eugene Dec 2023 #33
Oh that damned angel hair rurallib Dec 2023 #46
My mom started making Christmas cookies when my brother was little. rsdsharp Dec 2023 #34
What a wonderful sharing of your memories. Thank you for sharing with us. Sorry about the bananas. we made apricot and debm55 Dec 2023 #37
Christmas Eve PJMcK Dec 2023 #35
Yes, they are. thank you so much for sharing with us. PJMcK debm55 Dec 2023 #39
Getting up and going to midnight candle light service at our little church. Then sinkingfeeling Dec 2023 #36
Thank you sinking feeling for sharing your memories with us. debm55 Dec 2023 #40
My fun holiday traditions began after I had left home. Chainfire Dec 2023 #41
So sorry for you Chainfire. In my life it was only time it was pleasant debm55 Dec 2023 #44
Putting up the tree with my Dad. I once bought green and blue applegrove Dec 2023 #42
Applegrove, that was nice of you. debm55 Dec 2023 #45
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