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Major Nikon

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40. We have money set aside from our estate to take care of the pets
Sun Dec 3, 2023, 10:03 AM
Dec 2023

It's spelled out in our trust. Whoever takes the pets gets $10K for their perpetual care. We assume it's going to be one of our kids, but if for whatever reason they can't take them it will make placing them with someone else easier.

It's a thoughtful question True Dough Dec 2023 #1
That's what I came here to say. Xavier Breath Dec 2023 #7
I'm facing the same issue GardenGnome Dec 2023 #2
I couldn't foster children so I doubt I could foster a cat...I wouldn't be able to let them move on! KewlKat Dec 2023 #4
Very good idea. I sort of have a neighbor who said he would take care of Dolly Dog, when somethng happens to me, but debm55 Dec 2023 #10
Welcome to DU! red dog 1 Dec 2023 #42
Thanks GardenGnome Dec 6 #60
Welcome to DU, GardenGnome. Niagara Dec 6 #61
Thank you GardenGnome Dec 6 #63
I understand your concern umroman Dec 2023 #3
Thank you for sharing. Lots to think about. KewlKat Dec 2023 #12
70's are definitely not old anymore jimfields33 Dec 2023 #13
I do crossfit 5 days a week...I'm definitely stronger than ever now...Been about 1.5 yrs now KewlKat Dec 2023 #15
Consider adopting a senior pet. We may do that when it's time. Mr.Bill Dec 2023 #5
Continue to adopt but why not focus on older cats? Sanity Claws Dec 2023 #6
I'm thinking seriously about... Think. Again. Dec 2023 #8
Make arrangements with a local rescue organization and offer a donation if they will take your pet and provide for it tblue37 Dec 2023 #9
All three of these suggestions hydrolastic Dec 2023 #37
I told myself, "No more dogs", when my last one passed in 2018. It was the first time sinkingfeeling Dec 2023 #11
Dog Love dai13sy Dec 2023 #14
dogs find their humans DBoon Dec 2023 #17
Agree - After my 19 yr old dog died womanofthehills Dec 2023 #36
A pair of young cats sounds wonderful. Hope22 Dec 2023 #16
I'm 61 and I'm not sure I'd be around to take care of a pet that lived 15 to 20 years. LudwigPastorius Dec 2023 #18
Adopt older cats, as several here have PoindexterOglethorpe Dec 2023 #19
Pretty deep question. My wife and I have recently discussed it. NewHendoLib Dec 2023 #20
Many excellent suggestions here. One that I have not seen is to appoint a legal niyad Dec 2023 #21
I've never heard of that...will check out the forms...but not sure I have anyone I can ask... :) KewlKat Dec 2023 #23
Talk to a rescue organization. See if you could be a permafoster. catrose Dec 2023 #22
I was going to say the same catchnrelease Dec 2023 #28
I'm 81 and partner is 76. We just lost our 18 y.o. kitty. 3Hotdogs Dec 2023 #24
So sorry for your loss...I hope you find what you're looking for! KewlKat Dec 2023 #25
So very sorry for your loss. niyad Dec 2023 #35
The terrific foster mom who I adopted two dogs from said she wouldn't place a kitten or puppy with a senior citizen Rhiannon12866 Dec 2023 #26
I'm 70. We adopted a 4 month old dog in 2019. leftieNanner Dec 2023 #27
I have a lab mix who's 14 stage left Dec 2023 #29
Thank you, It IS a very serious question. I'm 76 and am on my (last?) dog. UTUSN Dec 2023 #30
My father was 89 when he adopted a puppy. no_hypocrisy Dec 2023 #31
When my much-loved cat died at 20+ years EverHopeful Dec 2023 #32
Line up a foster home (friends) to take in the pet if needed Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2023 #33
At age 70, life expectancy is 15.6 / 13.8 years female / male Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2023 #34
When you're dead! justaprogressive Dec 2023 #38
You could be 20 yo and be hit/killed by a drunk driver or develop hlthe2b Dec 2023 #39
We have money set aside from our estate to take care of the pets Major Nikon Dec 2023 #40
I'm sorry to hear about your beloved Phoebe, KewlKat. Niagara Dec 2023 #41
Thank you...my spouse is 10 yrs older than me, and not in good health. Parkinsons, bad heart, T2D, etc KewlKat Dec 2023 #47
After losing Felix last year, we adopted Nicky, a 5-year-old cat nuxvomica Dec 2023 #43
we're in the same predicament mike_c Dec 2023 #44
Get a senior cat. applegrove Dec 2023 #45
I've got a cat that is 18 or 19 years old Marthe48 Dec 2023 #46
Airborne...love it...yes, I remember those days. One kid loved to run to a corner and rickochet on each wall and come KewlKat Dec 2023 #48
We've decided not to get another pet. crosinski Dec 2023 #49
So many have shared their personal experiences and I really appreciate them all. KewlKat Dec 4 #50
I have a 1 YO Golden Retriever, I am 70. Son and Daughter will fight for ownership. He's that good. OAITW r.2.0 Dec 4 #51
As long as possible ailsagirl Dec 4 #52
At 69 we adopted an older dog. He was a street rescue. LakeArenal Dec 4 #53
What age? When you cannot take care of them anymore. keithbvadu2 Dec 4 #54
When I was 72 and my husband 76, we took a cat from our son. murielm99 Dec 4 #55
My parents faced this vixengrl Dec 4 #56
Would you consider dog/cat foster with the rescue taking back the animaks if needed? irisblue Dec 4 #57
The rural county next door has an organization 503c that focuses on keeping seniors and their pets together Backseat Driver Dec 4 #58
I was 69 when I lost 14 year old Snowy mnhtnbb Dec 4 #59
The oldest people in my family are secure knowing their pets will stay in the family... hunter Dec 6 #62
my late mom and i moved up from southern ca to sonoa ca in late 1984. we lived along a major road w no fence AllaN01Bear Dec 7 #64
I'm so sorry about the passing of Phoebe. We are still grieving a loss of our own. mentalsolstice Dec 7 #65
Thank you for these touching words. It's been so hard.... KewlKat Dec 8 #67
I'll be 67 soon TexasBushwhacker Dec 7 #66
Great Question birdographer Dec 8 #68
Good question. Wish I had the answer. I'll soon be 75 and have decided my sole Vinca Dec 8 #69
Thanks for the response. We're on the same page. I have no children & relatives are all over 80 KewlKat Dec 9 #70
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