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13. Father Christmas by the Kinks
Thu Dec 7, 2023, 12:23 AM
Dec 7

"But the last time I played Father Christmas
I stood outside a department store.
A gang of kids came over and mugged me
And knocked my reindeer to the floor."

Do You Hear What I Hear - "Said the night wind to the little lamb" 50 Shades Of Blue Dec 6 #1
I love that song, TY 50 Shades of Blue debm55 Dec 6 #4
Rudolf :) KarenS Dec 6 #2
Thanks KarenS debm55 Dec 6 #5
So My Sheep May Safely Graze by Rod McKuen Attilatheblond Dec 6 #3
Thank you Attilatheblond, Two beautiful songs. debm55 Dec 6 #6
The 12 Days of Christmas rsdsharp Dec 6 #7
I forgot about the animals in it, Thank you debm55 Dec 6 #8
Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses TlalocW Dec 6 #9
Thank you TialocW debm55 Dec 6 #11
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.. Permanut Dec 6 #10
Permanut, thank you for your song, Sorry about your grand ma. debm55 Dec 6 #12
Father Christmas by the Kinks jmowreader Dec 7 #13
Oh my, sad song. debm55 Dec 7 #18
The Twelve Days of Christmas. HUAJIAO Dec 7 #14
Yes it does have a different animals . Ty. debm55 Dec 7 #19
In the lower left of you screen, there is a box that says powers. Click powers, delete will come up you can delete there debm55 Dec 7 #20
Thank you. HUAJIAO Dec 7 #41
I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas SOteric Dec 7 #15
That's funny. TY debm55 Dec 7 #21
The Chipmunk Song SOteric Dec 7 #16
I really liked that when I was a kid. TY debm55 Dec 7 #22
Six White Boomers by Rolf Harris. Niagara Dec 7 #17
That is very different and unique. Ty Niagara. debm55 Dec 7 #23
My pleasure, Debbie. Niagara Dec 7 #24
I think they call rabbits Bungies in Australia, also. debm55 Dec 7 #25
Interesting to know. Niagara Dec 7 #26
For something completely different: "The Yule Cat" Ocelot II Dec 7 #27
What a beautiful song with the music and native language, I think i like better not hearing it in English , It makes debm55 Dec 7 #30
'Over the River and Through the Woods'... Jrose Dec 7 #28
Jrose, yes, horses with the bells. TY debm55 Dec 7 #31
Jingle Bells Raven123 Dec 7 #29
Thank you, Raven , Another horse and bells song. Love it. debm55 Dec 7 #32
Snoopy's Christmas versus the Red Baron Raven123 Dec 7 #33
Thanks Raven. and Happy Holidays. debm55 Dec 7 #34
Little Donkey LeftishBrit Dec 7 #35
Thank you LeftishBrit Happy holidays debm55 Dec 7 #38
Away in a Manger ('The cattle are lowing...') LeftishBrit Dec 7 #36
LeftishBrit, That is such a sweet song. TY debm55 Dec 7 #39
And perhaps the most famous Christmas song animal of all -'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' LeftishBrit Dec 7 #37
One of my favorites. Thank you debm55 Dec 7 #40
The Holly and the Ivy Niagara Dec 7 #42
That sounds beautiful. Thank you Niagara. debm55 Dec 7 #43
Christmas in Hollis - Run DMC IcyPeas Dec 7 #44
I like that Thank you and have some happy holidays. debm55 Dec 7 #45
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