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No Vested Interest

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14. Test pattern, in a hardware store, late 1940s.
Wed Feb 7, 2024, 05:46 PM
Feb 7

Kukla, Fran & Ollie as a specific program, though, likely others before.
And, yes, I remember life before TV, listening to Sat. morning radio programs, and Fibber McGee and Molly, and The Great Gildersleeve.
At about midnight, the Star-Spangled Banner was played and the screen went blank.

Mine was bizarre. Silent and no motion. GreenWave Feb 7 #1
Mine, too. That's it. From my crib, at about age 3. Together with WheelWalker Feb 7 #38
Yes. That one, and Flies and Bumblebees Fighting. Mister Ed Feb 8 #94
I remember as a little kid proudly telling my sister GreenWave Feb 8 #96
Captain Kangaroo MiniMe Feb 7 #2
Ditto sinkingfeeling Feb 7 #21
Same here. Captain and Mr. Moose Onthefly Feb 7 #57
same here but with German subtitles in Germany gopiscrap Feb 8 #83
I had a nanny named Beverly. We would rush into applegrove Feb 7 #3
Awww, cute story. Thanks for sharing that it made livetohike Feb 7 #26
Tammy, Gunsmoke and Flipper. Dad was in the Army stationed in Germany. MLAA Feb 7 #4
Sesame Street. MontanaMama Feb 7 #5
Crusader Rabbit. Biophilic Feb 7 #6
yes! Conjuay Feb 7 #70
Howdy Doody; Winky Dink, Ding Dong School & Romper Room nt yellowdogintexas Feb 7 #7
Did you have the Winky Dink kit that stuck to the TV screen and MOMFUDSKI Feb 7 #16
I had that too. Stuart G Feb 8 #74
yes we did! Probably the first "promotional" thing I had nt yellowdogintexas Feb 9 #130
Now I have an earworm...LOL Haven't thought of that song in decades..ugh... LeftInTX Feb 9 #133
Sinbad, Dr Kildare, rainy Feb 7 #8
Superman MyMission Feb 7 #9
Whirlybird and Superman (in syndication) DBoon Feb 7 #10
Every Saturday morning when I was a kid, my sister and I would sit in front of the tv Deuxcents Feb 7 #11
"SKY KING".........I haven't heard that one in many, many years.............many many and many Stuart G Feb 8 #75
Yeah..I'm older that most here it seems. Deuxcents Feb 8 #78
Hmmm... Mike Nelson Feb 7 #12
The Friendly Giant / Davy and Goliath rogerballard Feb 7 #13
Test pattern, in a hardware store, late 1940s. No Vested Interest Feb 7 #14
Kate Smith with MOMFUDSKI Feb 7 #15
ArmyMcCarthy hearrings! elleng Feb 7 #17
"High Chaparral." Aristus Feb 7 #18
Loved that show!! Manolito! MaryMagdaline Feb 7 #49
Henry Darrow (Manolito) was always one of my favorite small screen actors. Different Drummer Feb 8 #127
My sister and I had a crush on Blue Boy. Diamond_Dog Feb 8 #104
Reruns of "The High Chapparal" are still on the air. Different Drummer Feb 8 #128
Kaptain Kangaroo, Johnny Quest, Time Tunnel, The Green Hornet and Star Trek. I barely remember Time Tunnel brewens Feb 7 #19
Maybe Howdy Doody. lpbk2713 Feb 7 #20
me too! Fla Dem Feb 7 #52
In 1955 we were in New York and we took a tour through a building.... Stuart G Feb 8 #73
That was NBC studios at Rockefeller Center (I was sad when Howdy Doody ended) wishstar Feb 8 #92
Flintstones Rastapopoulos Feb 7 #22
I think it was Maverick and I have loved James livetohike Feb 7 #23
"Maverick" still shows up weekday mornings in reruns on Heroes & Icons, if you get that. Different Drummer Feb 8 #121
Captain Kangaroo, Romper Room Beausoleil Feb 7 #24
Time for Beany Basic LA Feb 7 #25
Plus one young_at_heart Feb 7 #31
Cecil, the sea-sick sea serpent? 3Hotdogs Feb 8 #88
"A Bob Clampett cartooooooooooooon!" Different Drummer Feb 8 #111
Mickey Mouse Club of The Howdy Doody Show lynintenn Feb 7 #27
Crusader Rabbit (with Rags the Tiger) no_hypocrisy Feb 7 #28
Fred and Fae Show madamesilverspurs Feb 7 #29
Bewitched Lunabell Feb 7 #30
A lot of people my age loved Bewitched Diamond_Dog Feb 8 #105
The Wonderful World of Brother Buzz Brother Buzz Feb 7 #32
Howdy Doody OLDMDDEM Feb 7 #33
Dragnet Sneederbunk Feb 7 #34
We binge that show occasionally. LakeArenal Feb 7 #40
It's still on in reruns on weekday mornings on MeTV. Different Drummer Feb 8 #112
Yes it was for us. But we moved and no longer can get ME TV. LakeArenal Feb 8 #114
The Lone Ranger nocoincidences Feb 7 #35
The Red Skelton Show. nt woodsprite Feb 7 #36
Highway Patrol ThoughtCriminal Feb 7 #37
Besides the local kids cartoon shows.. LakeArenal Feb 7 #39
The Big Brother Bob Emery Show Tom Kitten Feb 7 #41
dragnet, probably mike_c Feb 7 #42
Rin Tin Tin calguy Feb 7 #43
Probably Buffalo Bob and Howdie Doodie. gibraltar72 Feb 7 #44
The Lone Ranger- with the thrilling William Tell Overture UTUSN Feb 7 #45
Mr. Roger's Neighborhood ... surrealAmerican Feb 7 #46
Kimba the White Lion JoseBalow Feb 7 #47
Wow you remember Kimba too I_UndergroundPanther Feb 8 #81
Mickey Mouse Club MaryMagdaline Feb 7 #48
The Jackie Gleason Show! rogerballard Feb 7 #50
Andy's Gang. Ocelot II Feb 7 #51
Mutual of Ohama's Wild Kindom yankee87 Feb 7 #53
Either "December Bride," "I Married Joan," or Glorfindel Feb 7 #54
Captain Kangaroo! BigDemVoter Feb 7 #55
CBS Evening New with Walter Cronkite Sedona Feb 7 #56
There was a morning show with a guy with a chimp. Can't remember the name. Srkdqltr Feb 7 #58
Big Brother Bob Emery, a local Boston area show,also Howdy Doody with Buffalo Bob. Fla Dem Feb 7 #59
I remember he always sang his theme song. lpbk2713 Feb 7 #63
Howdy Doody, Kukla Fran and Ollie FuzzyRabbit Feb 7 #60
Hopalong Cassidy LoisB Feb 7 #61
It would probably be the Today Show with Dave Garaway. I remember that was always on the TV doc03 Feb 7 #62
My mother learned English watching thucythucy Feb 7 #64
Howdy Doody and the Today program with Dave Garroway patphil Feb 7 #65
Family Ties. Elessar Zappa Feb 7 #66
I am pretty sure it was Sesame Street mvd Feb 7 #67
Batman 1966 or 67 Eugene Feb 7 #68
Sesame Street! Tree-Hugger Feb 7 #69
We didn't have a TV so I watched at my den mother's house... hay rick Feb 7 #71
Hopalong Cassidy. Reruns in the mid 50s GP6971 Feb 7 #72
Same choie Feb 8 #76
The first thing I remember on TV wryter2000 Feb 8 #77
The Wonderful World of Disney MN2theMax Feb 8 #79
Electric company I_UndergroundPanther Feb 8 #80
Just so you know...I spent hours looking at these posts.reliving the early days of TV and watching all the shows Stuart G Feb 8 #82
Alfred Hichcock and Twilight Zone Inkey Feb 8 #84
Here are some I haven't seen in the thread, FalloutShelter Feb 8 #85
The very first is lost to me in the mists of time, but... LudwigPastorius Feb 8 #86
I was four years old. OldBaldy1701E Feb 8 #87
We got out in '48 or maybe '49. It was a 12" Dumont. 3Hotdogs Feb 8 #89
Bonanza DUgosh Feb 8 #90
Kukla Fran and Ollie... And John Cameron Swayze. hedda_foil Feb 8 #91
Captain Tugg, an afternoon cartoon show in Washington, D.C. Mousetoescamper Feb 8 #93
Daily Captain Tug watcher. Loved Fantail the parrot! 50 Shades Of Blue Feb 8 #99
I thought that there must be few of us here! Mousetoescamper Feb 8 #110
Yes! I only ever went to the National Gallery of Art on school field trips, but 50 Shades Of Blue Feb 8 #113
It was an amazing place to grow up Laurelin Feb 8 #116
Jim Henson's "Sam and Friends" was on WRC from 1955 until 1961 Mousetoescamper Feb 8 #122
Thank you! Laurelin Feb 9 #134
Yep, Jim Henson did a local DC kids' show called "Sam and Friends." Different Drummer Feb 8 #123
Thank you! Laurelin Feb 9 #135
"The King and Odie, Crusader Rabbit, Beany & Cecil, The Flintstones, Rocky and Bullwinkle..." Different Drummer Feb 8 #120
Yes, born in the mid-'50s Mousetoescamper Feb 8 #125
Johnny Quest tazkcmo Feb 8 #95
Sinbad the sailer hydrolastic Feb 8 #97
Arguably, the best cartoon in the action/adventure genre. Different Drummer Feb 8 #124
The Mighty Hercules cartoon! 1960's rogerballard Feb 8 #98
Either "Gunsmoke" or "Howdy Doody" bif Feb 8 #100
Queen for the day Oppaloopa Feb 8 #101
I remember spending the afternoon at my grandma's house and she'd watch QFAD Diamond_Dog Feb 8 #107
The news. We didn't have a TV until I was 6 but a neighbor did. First fun show? My Favorite Martian Runningdawg Feb 8 #102
Roger Ramjet The hero of our Nation! rogerballard Feb 8 #103
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon and Jungle Jim Tom Yossarian Joad Feb 8 #106
Did Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop have a show? I remember watching them as a kid. Diamond_Dog Feb 8 #108
We didn't have a TV until I was 13 Jilly_in_VA Feb 8 #109
Nickelodeon's Pinwheel sakabatou Feb 8 #115
Lassie Laurelin Feb 8 #117
Lawrence Welk PJMcK Feb 8 #118
Either Winky Dink and You Wicked Blue Feb 8 #119
My two earliest TV memories were somewhat scary to me. Different Drummer Feb 8 #126
Sesame street Luciferous Feb 8 #129
technically my 1st memory was the monty python theme song. think i was a todler. pansypoo53219 Feb 9 #131
Dennis the Menace was my first TV show addiction. LeftInTX Feb 9 #132
Dr Who - the original - in England Skittles Feb 9 #136
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