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30. I absolutely detested and resented Health & PE
Tue Feb 13, 2024, 06:39 AM
Feb 2024

aka Phys. Ed.

Our PE teacher, Ms. Thomas, bragged on herself for taking her son's finger and putting it on the stove burner to teach him not to reach up there while she was cooking. Couldn't she just tell the kid not to do it and that it would hurt? Did she have to physically burn the kid's finger?
She was patting herself on the back for that.

I despised her.

She told that story over and over again on different days.

She didn't teach the "health" part of Health & PE. She had us run laps in the gym for the Phys Ed part of the class. I got so damn tired of running around in circles. It's probably why I despise exercise to this day too. Well, that and being anemic makes it hard for me to exercise without damn near collapsing.

Even with a doctor's note, she made me participate in dodgeball. I have always been anemic. I had stitches from a carpet laying injury, long story, but our den got new carpet anyhow. Nothing like getting smacked in stitches with a dodgeball when you haven't gotten your iron infusion for the week yet.

Oh, how I hated her and her crappy class.

Geometry, Chemistry, and Gym 'uniforms!' elleng Feb 2024 #1
I loved Geometry. but the other two I agree with. ty elleng debm55 Feb 2024 #3
My dad insisted that I take Latin in 7th grade leftieNanner Feb 2024 #2
That's funny. Thank you leftieNanner. debm55 Feb 2024 #4
My dad made me take Latin also, but I really liked it and I'm glad I learned it. Ocelot II Feb 2024 #7
I was given claudette Feb 2024 #16
Ocelot II that is funny. TY debm55 Feb 2024 #95
I feel for you. I took Latin too, foolishly, as I went to school in Tucson, Az... brush Feb 2024 #127
what school in tucson did you attend? PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 2024 #130
Whaddya know. Tucson High. Go Badgers. brush Feb 2024 #131
Hah! PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 2024 #133
Tucsonans get around. I left there for the Bay Area, then to NY... brush Feb 2024 #134
I am in Santa Fe, NM. PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 2024 #136
Wow, you've had quite a few stops some nice places. brush Feb 2024 #137
I should look up if they ever taught Latin in NYC schools. Maybe earlier on (was in JHS in '67) electric_blue68 Feb 2024 #157
Latin wasn't offered in our school at all. JH and HS had French, German and Spanish. Pittsburgh area. debm55 Feb 2024 #161
Gym, which I sucked at, followed by Home Ec, which I also sucked at, Ocelot II Feb 2024 #5
I know. Even though I played basketball, my first love was Art class. So I was a nerd, who was socially inept(as one debm55 Feb 2024 #11
Ocelot II , in JR High(my last year for Home Ec and Sewing, ) I got a "D" in sewing and a "D" in Cooking debm55 Feb 2024 #18
Yeah... I played team tennis in junior and Senior high school, but before that gym class just sucked... hlthe2b Feb 2024 #83
Yes, I don't know which was worse the kid bullies or the Gym teacher bullies. TY Hlthe2b debm55 Feb 2024 #97
Geometry for me. Different Drummer Feb 2024 #6
I guess I was an Art freak and enjoyed it because of the artistic aspects of it. debm55 Feb 2024 #8
Geometry Luciferous Feb 2024 #9
Was there a reason why? the subject? the teacher? debm55 Feb 2024 #13
It was definitely the subject, I Luciferous Feb 2024 #33
Thank you Luciferous for your honesty. debm55 Feb 2024 #59
Many students hit a brick wall with Geometry TexasBushwhacker Feb 2024 #25
I agree,. Did you teach in a particular order? My High taught Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and then Trig, But I have debm55 Feb 2024 #35
Finally! TexasBushwhacker Feb 2024 #36
I agree. TY debm55 Feb 2024 #50
YES! PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 2024 #132
Gym and geometry! crosinski Feb 2024 #81
I would hate to have gym first thing in the morning. As you know by now I really liked Geometry debm55 Feb 2024 #98
I liked Geometry even though I sucked at all other math. Diamond_Dog Feb 2024 #106
I think you have to be left brained ?to really enjoy it. I also took Drafting Classes.And your teacher sounded like a debm55 Feb 2024 #111
Have you pursued any art as a grown up?... electric_blue68 Feb 2024 #166
Yes. Diamond_Dog Feb 2024 #171
Cool! I haven't been in there in a good while. Will take a look. What kind of jewelry? electric_blue68 Feb 2024 #173
Earrings and necklaces mostly. Diamond_Dog Feb 2024 #174
Oh what kind of jumping did you do? ... electric_blue68 Feb 2024 #163
Latin bottomofthehill Feb 2024 #10
Loved my first year of Spanish , hated the second year. The teacher was a goon and stuck her finger in everyone's face. debm55 Feb 2024 #14
My high school chemistry class is the reason I'm a chemist. I loved it, still do. I feel fortunate to say that... NNadir Feb 2024 #12
My school had tracks for classes I was always in the top track and I felt alone in those classes. No fun, just from the debm55 Feb 2024 #17
I too love(d) Chemistry QED Feb 2024 #90
Ah one of the nobles NNadir Feb 2024 #91
QED, that is great. TY debm55 Feb 2024 #94
My high school chemistry teacher (69-70) was Ruth Nuckolls. PufPuf23 Feb 2024 #187
A turn against nuclear energy is immoral. NNadir Feb 2024 #191
Profess no expertise in physics. Thought you might be entertained. PufPuf23 Feb 2024 #207
This is the lounge, which is about having fun. NNadir Feb 2024 #213
NNadir, agree. I was lost. debm55 Feb 2024 #193
Algebra claudette Feb 2024 #15
I hated algebra. And my grades reflected it. Paladin Feb 2024 #29
I agree, May I ask you a question.? Were into art or Drafting. I took Drafting as an elective and l love geormetry. I debm55 Feb 2024 #64
I appreciate art, but I never did much drafting. Paladin Feb 2024 #73
Agree. Thank you Paladin. debm55 Feb 2024 #99
I hated Algebra I because of the teacher. Just got by with a C , In Algrbra 2 I got an A, It was how the class was debm55 Feb 2024 #37
That's true claudette Feb 2024 #38
Algebra. I took 1, 2, and 3 from the same lousy teacher. Chainfire Feb 2024 #78
Chainfire, My Algrbra 1 was like that. If you got it, you got it. Her pets all sat in the front. She left the rest of debm55 Feb 2024 #101
Don't be overconcerned about the principal. He was a mean drunk and womanizer. Chainfire Feb 2024 #140
Algebra 1 was horrible for me too debm55 Feb 2024 #146
Phys ed Freddie Feb 2024 #19
Freddie, I hated it too. I agree about the sadistic bullies. We were required to take swimming. Part of that was diving. debm55 Feb 2024 #20
Woah, that's awful! Wow, required swimming, and (!)diving... electric_blue68 Feb 2024 #159
It was required in the District. All Sophomores had to take it. As part of swimming , we did diving and earned a Life debm55 Feb 2024 #162
Eeeek! :( I *am* glad our parents did teach us swimming through the YWCA electric_blue68 Feb 2024 #164
What is odd is my husband was from Boston and didn't have swimming in HS and lived next to the ocean. All we had around debm55 Feb 2024 #165
I don't know if swimming was ever taught in NYC Public Schools... electric_blue68 Feb 2024 #167
There were many...geometry, trig, career orientation, social studies... Mark.b2 Feb 2024 #21
Yes, I too it was the teaching. I would sew my own clothes and cook from a yound age, However, I got a D in Cooking and debm55 Feb 2024 #39
Home Economics. Specifically, the sewing part. I did Polly Hennessey Feb 2024 #22
Polly that is funny, I remember the bobbin. Made alot of my clothing and cooked from a early age. Parent were angry debm55 Feb 2024 #40
My worst was Senior English Beausoleil Feb 2024 #23
Thank you Beausolell. I am glad you were successful. debm55 Feb 2024 #49
At least there's more than one Beausoleil Feb 2024 #52
Biology (9th grade) GoodRaisin Feb 2024 #24
Agree, but I wanted to be a nurse, so I worked my ass of in Biology and the sciences to be get A.s Even if i had a hard debm55 Feb 2024 #67
I wasn't fond of history because it was usually taught by coaches TexasBushwhacker Feb 2024 #26
That's very true. I wonder why that is? debm55 Feb 2024 #65
Most coaches major in PE but they choose history or science TexasBushwhacker Feb 2024 #82
TexasBushwhacker, I see your point. It was something that I always wondered about in HS. TY debm55 Feb 2024 #103
In Texas it's even worse TexasBushwhacker Feb 2024 #120
Wow, though since he could't teach , maybe the films taught the Kids. When I was teaching ,we had a teacher that did debm55 Feb 2024 #122
Geometry snpsmom Feb 2024 #27
Yes, but if you had a good teacher they would have had used that as a springboard and had the class make quilts as a debm55 Feb 2024 #104
Chemistry indigoth Feb 2024 #28
As was mine, I was in AP chemistry. based on my previous years grades.I needed a more slower paced class.and a teacher debm55 Feb 2024 #109
I absolutely detested and resented Health & PE Jamastiene Feb 2024 #30
Good grief! That would get her reported to child protective services... 3catwoman3 Feb 2024 #100
I am very sorry for you Jamastiene, All I remember about health was the Health Teacher who was also a Gym Teacher debm55 Feb 2024 #110
Gym. Gym. Gym. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Feb 2024 #31
That is a shame it went that way at both schools. I hated when teacher had nothing to teach so we Played one of two debm55 Feb 2024 #112
In elementary school we played dodge ball and kick ball. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Feb 2024 #138
Thank you LastLiberalin PalmSprings debm55 Feb 2024 #141
Religion Submariner Feb 2024 #32
I hear you! Beausoleil Feb 2024 #42
Beausoleil, that is great.But I must admit I studied for two years to become a Nursing Sister of Charity. debm55 Feb 2024 #114
Amen to that. Magical stuff taught by a bunch of phonies rurallib Feb 2024 #60
Anything that did not have a logical answer Beausoleil Feb 2024 #61
I went to 12 years of Catholic school as well. jimfields33 Feb 2024 #80
Same here pretty much Beausoleil Feb 2024 #85
Sounds like me and my family. jimfields33 Feb 2024 #88
Ha hahahahahahaha. I remember asking the priest about Alpha and Omega. Priest gave me this answer that it is Based on debm55 Feb 2024 #66
Was that at Our Lady of Perpetual Guilt????? I went for 8 years? Did you have Mass everyday.? debm55 Feb 2024 #113
Sister Perpetual Agony was at church EVERY Submariner Feb 2024 #129
Our whole school attended Mass everyday. 8:00 Mass. Confession every Saturday. What sin could a 7 year old have? I used debm55 Feb 2024 #142
Gym and typing. arkielib Feb 2024 #34
You are envied by everyone on this board for getting out of gym. Especially the communal showers. With the teacher debm55 Feb 2024 #43
I was lucky. arkielib Feb 2024 #92
It was, especially with the teacher standing there with a strap so every got in, debm55 Feb 2024 #197
Opposite Story Here ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #172
Great story! arkielib Feb 2024 #184
It was gym (PE) for me, too. subterranean Feb 2024 #41
I understand how you feel subterranean. We moved from a steel mill town to upper middle class suburbs, Went to Catholic debm55 Feb 2024 #46
Social Studies: surrealAmerican Feb 2024 #44
I think you are the same type of learner as I am. and the teacher I became. Memorizing , you forget . Mix the hands on debm55 Feb 2024 #47
Would have to be 8th grade Social Studies... malthaussen Feb 2024 #45
My motto was you do , you learn . I had a 9th grade science class. Never once did we do one single experiment . Not one debm55 Feb 2024 #48
Algebra and phys ed Wicked Blue Feb 2024 #51
So sorry for you Wicked Bue. I hated both of the classes because of poor teachers debm55 Feb 2024 #147
This is a tough question since it depended on the teacher that I had. Niagara Feb 2024 #53
Niagara, I taught Earth Science in Sixth Grade. We made sedimentary Sandwiches., Made parachutes for raw eggs for me debm55 Feb 2024 #72
Any kind of math class... MiHale Feb 2024 #54
Love you MiHale.Great answer. debm55 Feb 2024 #115
Physics. Oh, God. barbaraann Feb 2024 #55
Yes , That;s a prestigious one to get. Wasn't it for four years.? Congratulations debm55 Feb 2024 #116
Well, thank you. It was for four years. barbaraann Feb 2024 #119
Not exactly a class but sort of encapsulated my HS years: listening to the nearby surf, as I stared out the window AnotherMother4Peace Feb 2024 #56
Oops - sorry - I read this as "liked". My excuse is: it's early, I didn't have my tea yet, & I didn't finish HS. AnotherMother4Peace Feb 2024 #57
Great post, AnotherMother4Peace. debm55 Feb 2024 #117
Chemistry. Without question. ificandream Feb 2024 #58
Yep. same here debm55 Feb 2024 #62
There were no calculators then and had to use a slideruler. I still can not figure that thing out. So I would do the debm55 Feb 2024 #68
Agree. this teacher wrote so many formulas on the board that we had to write down. It was a joke that kids would say debm55 Feb 2024 #123
I hated school in general. I liked creative writing and music. BlueTsunami2018 Feb 2024 #63
You are right. Was there any way to take that in HS. My HS had 2100 students in three grades, Shool had a book of debm55 Feb 2024 #148
It SO depended on the teacher. Gidney N Cloyd Feb 2024 #69
Gidney N. Cloyd, agree with your post. As a student going into nursing I was required to take Anatomy. We had to carry debm55 Feb 2024 #175
Religion. greatauntoftriplets Feb 2024 #70
Pilot programs are useless. I went to Catholic grade school. But during the 42 years I taught they came and went. ------ debm55 Feb 2024 #71
Calculus. Elessar Zappa Feb 2024 #74
Took Trig instead. Again it is the methods to teach the subjects, not on you. debm55 Feb 2024 #149
Sewing we can do it Feb 2024 #75
Agree, I knew how to sew from a very early age.I made most of my clothing. I always wondered if that was the problem-- debm55 Feb 2024 #177
Algebra and Geometry happybird Feb 2024 #76
Hated Algebra I but loved Geometry and Algebra 2. TY happybird. I really believer it goes along with the teacher. debm55 Feb 2024 #180
American studies for sure jimfields33 Feb 2024 #77
TY jimfields33 , that does sound very boring, Sorry debm55 Feb 2024 #186
I was marginally athletic in school, but I HATED gym class--full of bullies and that hlthe2b Feb 2024 #79
Great post. I thought it was just my school but it was all schools, thank you, debm55 Feb 2024 #195
Homeroom. The only class I failed. Wonder Why Feb 2024 #84
HAHAHAHHAH debm55 Feb 2024 #209
I hated Gym, I was overweight, had no athletic ability and hated organized doc03 Feb 2024 #86
TY doc03. I am so glad things worked out for you. debm55 Feb 2024 #210
Shop class Rastapopoulos Feb 2024 #87
I hear ya. But I would have liked the opportunity to try to make some . In our school shop was closed to girls. debm55 Feb 2024 #211
Booooo!!!! ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #89
Nay, we have our likes and dislikes. I did however married a man who had his PhD in Chemical Engineering. Does that help debm55 Feb 2024 #212
All Is Forgiven! ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #214
Anything to do with Math BlueKota Feb 2024 #93
Wow, BlueKota what a wonderful teaching couple. I am so happy they helped you. Wonder why your Geometry teacher couldn't debm55 Feb 2024 #179
They were amazing BlueKota Feb 2024 #182
Spanish. YoshidaYui Feb 2024 #96
YoshidaYui, did you find a class in Japanese in college? debm55 Feb 2024 #215
Yes at the time, CAL Berkeley had Japanese classes and I took THREE years of it YoshidaYui Feb 2024 #218
Yes YoshidaYui Feb 2024 #221
Thank you YoshidaYui debm55 Feb 2024 #222
Gym, hands down. no_hypocrisy Feb 2024 #102
Oh my. We had white cotton shorts and a white cotton top. TY no_hypocrisy. debm55 Feb 2024 #205
Sociology. Bluethroughu Feb 2024 #105
I enjoyed the class matterial but hated the teacher. She announced in class , that there was one student that never debm55 Feb 2024 #185
You are awesome. Bluethroughu Feb 2024 #196
My school was very large, in the suburbs and lily white. There were bigots in my Soc, class and they made no attempt to debm55 Feb 2024 #216
Probably hated gym the most MichMan Feb 2024 #107
I took Anatomy as I wanted to be a nurse., I remember the open classrooms of that time, TY debm55 Feb 2024 #125
We had to dissect a cat in Anatomy. It was required for nursing and medical students. Hated it. debm55 Feb 2024 #181
We did a shark, a fetal pig and the cat MichMan Feb 2024 #192
That was in HS right? We did the shark, Feral pig also. But the cat is to me as it was more of a pet.type animal' Did debm55 Feb 2024 #194
Yes, HS. MichMan Feb 2024 #198
I had friends who went to Ohio State for their Vet School. As far as I know , there are none in PA. debm55 Feb 2024 #200
History.. Permanut Feb 2024 #108
Very true, Permanut. and how it is taught. Thank you for your post. debm55 Feb 2024 #118
Exactly right about the way it is taught.. Permanut Feb 2024 #135
Chemistry, fer sure Bayard Feb 2024 #121
Wow. that would be very crappy to be in his class. I am surprised he was wasn't reprimanded for using that language. debm55 Feb 2024 #124
Physical Education class. Jeebo Feb 2024 #126
Jeebo, I am so sorry for you. They can could have found a way to have you undress in a separate room or just wear your debm55 Feb 2024 #144
Typing. I needed a credit, took it and hated it until college research and then Silent Type Feb 2024 #128
Silent Type , Ty for your post. debm55 Feb 2024 #143
Phys. Ed. Mad_Dem_X Feb 2024 #139
And the bully gym teachers who would tease, hit, make fun out of kids that didn't measure up to their standards. debm55 Feb 2024 #145
My gym teachers weren't exactly bullies, but... Mad_Dem_X Feb 2024 #151
Mad_Dem_X I am so sorry that happened to you. debm55 Feb 2024 #153
Thank you! Mad_Dem_X Feb 2024 #208
Any math more complicated than checkbook level. yellowdogintexas Feb 2024 #150
That's funny, TY yellowdogintexas. debm55 Feb 2024 #152
Math. sakabatou Feb 2024 #154
TY sakabatou. In my experience, it was more of the teacher"s lack of caring if some of the students got it or not. debm55 Feb 2024 #155
I suffered through Algebra, Trig, Calc... electric_blue68 Feb 2024 #156
I agree. I loved Art and Geometry. Got a BS in Art Education in college. Chemistry, I hated. debm55 Feb 2024 #158
I noticed you, ?Diamond Dog, and I both loved Art and we're good at Geometry... electric_blue68 Feb 2024 #160
I really think it's a left brain/right brain thinking. Ty you for bringing that up. I was noticing the amount of debm55 Feb 2024 #178
Typing. In HS we were sent 1x/wk for a semester to another school for typing!... electric_blue68 Feb 2024 #168
Gee my school must have been big as we had five wings . The center wing was fpr business class. As a college prep debm55 Feb 2024 #169
Wow! Well, I went to the Specialized HS Music & Art... electric_blue68 Feb 2024 #170
Guess what? They are downsizing the school. They had 2 junior high schools. Closed both and merged with high school. The debm55 Feb 2024 #176
PE because the coach/teacher was perv. Runningdawg Feb 2024 #183
College Prep Algebra Xolodno Feb 2024 #188
So sorry for your family, brother and you. My situation was the same in 9th grade--sister had a brain tumor, She was debm55 Feb 2024 #203
Military Science and French PufPuf23 Feb 2024 #189
PufPuf, that was alot of moving around and adjustments for you. No wonder it was hard. In my Catholic grade school it debm55 Feb 2024 #201
Went to Catholic school in 2nd grade, St. Isidore's. PufPuf23 Feb 2024 #206
Pufpuf23, I am deeply saddened with what you went througn. We are both survivors of a system that should be child debm55 Feb 2024 #217
History jmowreader Feb 2024 #190
HAHAHAH Way to go, jmowreader.. As i look at your post I think the teacher should have assigned scenes. and let the debm55 Feb 2024 #199
Gym. We had a lot of jocks in my class year. I didn't care for Latin my last 2 years. RKP5637 Feb 2024 #202
Ty RKP5637, gym stinks, It was great for your dad to help you in latin. debm55 Feb 2024 #204
Trig limbicnuminousity Feb 2024 #219
TY you lucked out. debm55 Feb 2024 #220
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