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38. Just discovered Tillamook's Chocolate Hazelnut
Sun Feb 18, 2024, 05:22 PM
Feb 18

It's replaced Mocha Almond Fudge as my favorite. For now....I'm fickle.

BP and vanilla jpak Feb 18 #1
Yum, Thank you jpak debm55 Feb 18 #2
Fresh coffee, local fresh fruit and Italian ice jpak Feb 18 #55
I love mint chip, but can't have chocolate anymore Wicked Blue Feb 18 #3
Wicked Blue, sorry about the chocolate ice cream. Peach is a favorite of mine too. debm55 Feb 18 #11
Good old chocolate sorcrow Feb 18 #4
Thank you, socrow, Chocolate is a classic. I don't think I ever had dark chocolate. debm55 Feb 18 #12
Vanilla is my favorite Trailrider1951 Feb 18 #5
Thank you, Trailrider1951, I understand what you mean about the real vanilla is not the same. debm55 Feb 18 #13
Before we left WI there was chocolate/almond with sea salt. Yum LakeArenal Feb 18 #6
LakeArenal, sounds so good especially the strawberry cheese cake. TY debm55 Feb 18 #14
No contest! Mint chocolate chip all the way! GiqueCee Feb 18 #7
Thank you GiqueCee. That sounds yummy. debm55 Feb 18 #15
Turkey Hill Cookies and Cream. n/t malthaussen Feb 18 #8
Thank you , malthaussen, Cookies and cream . Yes! debm55 Feb 18 #16
pistachio ... surrealAmerican Feb 18 #9
Thank you surrealAmerican. I love pistachios and I have had the ice cream . Loved it. debm55 Feb 18 #18
Black walnut. ntp AnnaLee Feb 18 #10
TY AnnaLee, I have never tried. Sounds good though. debm55 Feb 18 #17
The Safeway store I frequent has Black Walnut ice cream Trailrider1951 Feb 19 #71
Trailrider1951, thank you for the suggestion for Safeway.and the link. The black walnut ice cream sounds delicious. debm55 Feb 19 #74
Oooo, interesting. In a sweet cream base?... electric_blue68 Feb 18 #31
Publix has a birthday cake flavor that's pretty good. lpbk2713 Feb 18 #19
TY, That sounds very unique. debm55 Feb 18 #22
Chocolate ripple smothered in Bosco's (way back when) GreenWave Feb 18 #20
Oh does that look good. Thank you GreenWave. debm55 Feb 18 #23
I loved that chocolate ripple too. beveeheart Feb 19 #112
Mint chocolate chip. we can do it Feb 18 #21
Thank you we can do it. sounds wonderful. debm55 Feb 18 #24
Chocolate. Preferably Dark Chocolate! Talenti has an incredible dark choc w really strong dark Choc chips 🧡🧡🧡... electric_blue68 Feb 18 #25
My mouth is watering. They all sound so delicious. Thank you electric_blue68 for the tour of heaven. debm55 Feb 18 #26
Ha, yw. Definitely a little corner of Heaven! electric_blue68 Feb 18 #30
I've always wanted to try this one True Dough Feb 18 #27
Rum raisin. I have to limit buying it because it's gone soon as I get it in the house. brush Feb 18 #28
HAHAHAHAH Ty brush . It sounds great. debm55 Feb 18 #32
Especially Haagen Dasz rum raisin. THE best! Diamond_Dog Feb 18 #53
Absolutely. brush Feb 18 #54
Yes, Haagen Dasz. Just delish. I haven't had another brand of it. brush Feb 19 #72
Triple scoops on a sugar cone, please: Backseat Driver Feb 18 #29
TY Backseat Driver. Guess what I had last night---one scoop of butter pecan on a sugar cone. PS I live near an Italian debm55 Feb 18 #35
Lucky you for the cone and the bakery! n/t Backseat Driver Feb 18 #63
Years ago I bought an off brand ice cream called Pecan Pie. Lunabell Feb 18 #33
OMG, that sounds mouth watering. Ty Lunabell. Now I will be tasting it. debm55 Feb 18 #36
I tasted like a real southern pecan pie! Lunabell Feb 18 #45
Hagen-Dazs coffee bedazzled Feb 18 #34
Thank you bedazzled. that sounds so wonderful. debm55 Feb 18 #37
Just discovered Tillamook's Chocolate Hazelnut QED Feb 18 #38
Thank you QED, They both sound delicious to me. debm55 Feb 18 #40
Tillamook makes a great Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Diamond_Dog Feb 18 #57
Their new German chocolate cake is yummy, too! GoCubsGo Feb 18 #68
Oh wow. German chocolate cake???? Be still my heart ..... Diamond_Dog Feb 19 #73
As an ice cream? Wow. that is great. TY Diamond_Dog. debm55 Feb 19 #80
Some kind of coffee flavor TexasBushwhacker Feb 18 #39
Wow that sounds mouth watering, TY TexasBushshacker. debm55 Feb 18 #41
Cappuccino Chocolate Chunk Yogurt beemerphill Feb 18 #42
Thank you, beemerphill. I will look for it . It sounds so wonderful and the malt--my mouth waters. debm55 Feb 19 #81
That made me think of my mom. Butter pecan was her favorite Walleye Feb 18 #43
Thank you Walleye. Haagen Dazs makes some very unique flavors. The coffee with chocolate chunks sounds divine. debm55 Feb 19 #87
Butter Brickle GoodRaisin Feb 18 #44
Thank you Good Raisin. Your choices sound great. debm55 Feb 19 #94
Ditto ProfessorGAC Feb 18 #46
Thank you ProcessorGAC . Your choices sound wonderful. I would really like to try the pistachio almond. debm55 Feb 19 #95
It's in the Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard happybird Feb 18 #47
Thank you, happybird. Sorry about the Brownie Butter. Love your choices. I have had Spumoni and I agree with you. Yummy debm55 Feb 19 #99
Anything but coffee flavored. I love coffee but...nt Phoenix61 Feb 18 #48
TY Phoenix. I know what you mean. debm55 Feb 19 #100
Ben and Jerry's Polly Hennessey Feb 18 #49
Oh wow, I love toffee Bars. I will have to look for this. TY Polly Hennessey. debm55 Feb 19 #88
Praline pecan. nt doc03 Feb 18 #50
Ty doc03 , That sounds right up my alley. debm55 Feb 19 #97
Pralines and cream. Orange sherbet. applegrove Feb 18 #51
TY applegrove. The sound of Pralines and cream is calling for me. When I was young I always asked for Lime sherber. Love debm55 Feb 19 #98
Three which are intense in flavor, 2 of which are hard to get: vanilla, coffee, and peppermint stick .... Hekate Feb 18 #52
My mom loves peppermint stick Luciferous Feb 18 #67
Ty Luciferoua. Does she cruch it and put on her ice cream? debm55 Feb 19 #102
Thank you Hekate. I agree with getting a great vanilla. It is an essential. debm55 Feb 19 #101
My son recently came home from Meijers with Diamond_Dog Feb 18 #56
Another Ben & Jerry's guy! Gorhamtowne Feb 18 #60
Have you tried it? Is it real fish food? debm55 Feb 19 #117
wow, what wonderful flavors. chocolate raspberry truffle sounds like heaven debm55 Feb 19 #113
Moose Tracks Generic Brad Feb 18 #58
I like Frudge Ice cream with the veins of frudge inside. Thank you. Generic Brad. debm55 Feb 19 #103
Probably pistachio. Elessar Zappa Feb 18 #59
Thank you Elessar Zapper love pistachio. debm55 Feb 19 #104
Chocolate chocolate chip Jilly_in_VA Feb 18 #61
Ty Jilly_in_VA. When reading you title I thought" wow she must really like chocolate. debm55 Feb 19 #105
Dark chocolate with dark chocolate chunks, fudge sauce, raspberry swirls and caramel Wonder Why Feb 18 #62
OH MY, that sounds delicious. debm55 Feb 19 #107
Gold Medal Ribbon sakabatou Feb 18 #64
Yep, the one and only BUTTER PECAN debm55 Feb 19 #108
For a long time, I liked just plain vanilla. Different Drummer Feb 18 #65
Agree, but sometimes I have a coffee cup full. TY Different Dummer. debm55 Feb 19 #109
Blue Bell's Banana Pudding was awesome! ThreeNoSeep Feb 19 #114
ty you ThreeNo Seep, that sounds yummy. Sorry for your pancreas. debm55 Feb 19 #118
I also love butter pecan. Luciferous Feb 18 #66
Ty, Luciferous. Same here, I will eat other kinds but I always come back to butter pecan. debm55 Feb 19 #106
Coconut. GoCubsGo Feb 18 #69
Have you every tried fried ice cream. Yummy I think mine was covered in coconut. Loved it. TY , GoCubsGo. debm55 Feb 19 #76
Oh, yes! GoCubsGo Feb 19 #115
I had the corn flakes version, and the coconut version. Both are heaven. debm55 Feb 19 #116
Orange custard chocolate chip fargone Feb 19 #70
Thank you , fargone. I went to a Farming Grant University---Penn State. They had and an onsite Creamery that made and debm55 Feb 19 #75
Maple walnut Raven123 Feb 19 #77
Sounds good, TY Raven and enjoy the Maple Walnut. debm55 Feb 19 #86
I'm with ya on butter pecan WestMichRad Feb 19 #78
Ty WestMichRad. debm55 Feb 19 #84
The recent Turkey Hill justaprogressive Feb 19 #79
TY justaprogressive. Our stores around here do sell Turkey Hill and I am going to check it out. debm55 Feb 19 #82
You NAMED mine also-in fact, I just bought some this weekend. riversedge Feb 19 #83
Good for both of us!!!!! debm55 Feb 19 #85
Lemon Custard, Praline and Butter Pecan. Emile Feb 19 #89
Thank you Emile, The praline sounds like something to try. debm55 Feb 19 #96
CHOCOLATE! Jeebo Feb 19 #90
Never had Ben and Jerry's ice cream either. I hope you find it. Ty.Jeebo and I hope your post gets to Ben and Jerry's debm55 Feb 19 #93
I am a vanillia guy. In more ways than one. Chainfire Feb 19 #91
TY Chainfire, debm55 Feb 19 #92
Butter Brickle and Cherry Nut BaileyBoo Feb 19 #110
Ty BaileyBoo Sorry your once favorite isn;t around anymore. debm55 Feb 19 #111
Haagen Daz Vanilla Swiss Almond Nevilledog Feb 19 #119
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