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67. Ditto on math but probably algebra 2 the best.
Sun Feb 18, 2024, 09:27 PM
Feb 18

Honorable mention to history. I hated history but the teacher, Fred Bechtel, was so awesome i looked forward to the class.
The plant man, very cool.

Math, particularly geometry. cloudbase Feb 18 #1
Geometry was good too as was Drafting. debm55 Feb 18 #3
Ditto math - of any kind, arkielib Feb 18 #58
Geometry for me too IbogaProject Feb 18 #66
Ditto on math but probably algebra 2 the best. lostnfound Feb 18 #67
Another vote for math, and particularly geometry WestMichRad Feb 19 #93
Geometry and Algebra 2 for me. TY WestMichRad. debm55 Feb 19 #97
Modern Dance snpsmom Feb 18 #2
TY snpsmom. Went to a large school were there tons of electives but not Modern Dance I took it my first year of debm55 Feb 18 #8
I liked Spanish. lpbk2713 Feb 18 #4
Thank you lpbk2713, I wonder if the teacher helped your class so special. debm55 Feb 18 #9
Drama Siwsan Feb 18 #5
Siwsan, Yes and good for you!!!! We had Drama and Creative Drama, but I was to backward to take. debm55 Feb 18 #12
History, particularly American History Sanity Claws Feb 18 #6
Thank you Sanity Claws. I had an excellent American History teacher and he taught us all sides of an issue. Loved him debm55 Feb 18 #14
Music Theory Onthefly Feb 18 #7
Thank you, Onthefly. Some classes are so darn interesting and fun. It sounds like you class was. debm55 Feb 18 #15
English/American literature 50 Shades Of Blue Feb 18 #10
Thank you 50 Shades of Blue. The love of those subjects brought you a great deal of entertainment and joy. debm55 Feb 18 #16
Probably German--most took Spanish, so limited class size and we all went by German names. hlthe2b Feb 18 #11
TY hlthe2b. It sounds like a perfect class to be having and enjoying. , I was in Spanish didn't like the teacher and debm55 Feb 18 #17
Spanish in high school. We played bridge, the whole period, everyday. rsdsharp Feb 18 #13
rsdsharp, thank you . Did anyone complain about English? How did you get graded? debm55 Feb 18 #18
No we didn't complain about English! We weren't stupid. rsdsharp Feb 18 #29
Honor's Biology. GreenWave Feb 18 #19
GreenWave.hahahahahahahahahaha I was promoted once in grade school. HATED it. There were two lay teachers in 5th grade debm55 Feb 18 #24
8th grade history gibraltar72 Feb 18 #20
Thank you gibraltar72 that must have been very hard on him to do. debm55 Feb 18 #27
high school history elective on the French Revolution DBoon Feb 18 #21
Wow, that sounds great DBoon, Were you in a consolidated HS (I was) were there were tons of electives or a city school. debm55 Feb 18 #28
catholic high school DBoon Feb 18 #46
TY DBoon. Wow very innovative school. debm55 Feb 18 #48
In high school, Mr.Bill Feb 18 #22
Thank you Mr.Bill, you had teachers of classes that cared. It has lead to lifelong interests and skills. debm55 Feb 18 #31
Choir Chipper Chat Feb 18 #23
Wonderful Chipper Chat! And it gave you a love of music too. I bet. debm55 Feb 18 #32
calculus, college algebra, and Latin Native Feb 18 #25
Wonderful, Native. Did you go into the science/Medical field? TY debm55 Feb 18 #33
ART .......& .......HISTORY IN SUMMER SCHOOL............. Stuart G Feb 18 #26
Thank you StuartG, I know you love cartoons, Did you ever think of going into that area? debm55 Feb 18 #39
English Glorfindel Feb 18 #30
TY Glorfindel, in our school it was called Literature. Then there were off shootsLiterature for Youth, Mythology, debm55 Feb 18 #35
Photography, Filmmaking, Film History. SeattleVet Feb 18 #34
Thank you for your terrific post. You must have had some terrific and talented teachers and subjects in your school. My debm55 Feb 18 #36
French and mythology. lark Feb 18 #37
TY lark. I took Spanish and mythology. I still like mythology and read it frequently. debm55 Feb 18 #41
Detention... MiHale Feb 18 #38
Didn't you school have Study Halls? I liked when I had at the end of the day so I could get all my work done. You are debm55 Feb 18 #40
American Government maccafan Feb 18 #42
Thank you maccafan, We had civics in 9th grade. I would have loved to take a class in American History. debm55 Feb 18 #43
Art and Literature classes for me. BluesRunTheGame Feb 18 #44
I loved Art and Geometry. Thank you BluesRun TheGame. debm55 Feb 18 #45
History and Senior Civics Bludogdem Feb 18 #47
TY, Bludogdem. Your class sounds wonderful. It seemed almost like it was on a college level. debm55 Feb 18 #72
Theatre arts, art, English Wicked Blue Feb 18 #49
Very good choices, Wicked Blue. debm55 Feb 18 #73
Physics with Mr Cunningham, different Mr. C Alpeduez21 Feb 18 #50
TY Glad you got it together. Alpeduez21 debm55 Feb 18 #74
Economics Turbineguy Feb 18 #51
TY Turbineguy, Did you make it a lifetime choice? debm55 Feb 18 #75
I became an engineer Turbineguy Feb 19 #95
Good for you. debm55 Feb 19 #98
Algebra 1 and 2. Lochloosa Feb 18 #52
Thank you Locloosa for the funny post. Mrs Watson seems like she was an excellent teacher. I disliked Algebra 1 , but debm55 Feb 18 #76
Civics (which was taught by my high school debate coach) LetMyPeopleVote Feb 18 #53
TY LetMy PeopleVote. I have to ask ---Did you become a Lawyer? Most of the students in my HS who took debate became debm55 Feb 18 #77
There were a ton of debaters in law school LetMyPeopleVote Feb 19 #82
Had Humanities (history) for three years and art LiberalFighter Feb 18 #54
Drama Mad_Dem_X Feb 18 #55
Freshman English. SarahD Feb 18 #56
Literature, taught by Mr. Bonniwell.. Permanut Feb 18 #57
Madrigal Consort! woodsprite Feb 18 #59
US History and German happybird Feb 18 #60
A tie between French and Spanish. Different Drummer Feb 18 #61
Thank you m Different Drummer, You took two languages? I am glade you had the teachers that cared about their students. debm55 Feb 19 #108
I took both, but in different years. Different Drummer Feb 19 #114
TY Different Drummer. You didn't have German? debm55 Feb 19 #118
Unfortunately, no. n/t Different Drummer Feb 19 #121
Math, German, and French k8conant Feb 18 #62
k8contant , TY for bringing up the subjects. They are not easy, You must have loved those subjects and had the right debm55 Feb 19 #109
In Jr High it was American History with World History in high school. sinkingfeeling Feb 18 #63
Thank you, sinkingfeeling. I loved teaching World History in Junior High. debm55 Feb 19 #110
Chorus and Madrigals, entry was by audition only. ms liberty Feb 18 #64
TY ms. liberty but you still have the memories as your post points out and the love of music. debm55 Feb 19 #111
Yes, and I practice and sing every day, just not professionally, lol! ms liberty Feb 19 #116
German. Aristus Feb 18 #65
Thank you, Aristus. Your post is heartwarming to read and your respect for the teacher touches my heart. Thank you so debm55 Feb 19 #113
Junior High Kentucky history in 7th grade and Civics in 8th grade. Both required in Kentucky yellowdogintexas Feb 18 #68
Ty so much for teachers making learning a life long memory of enrichment and knowledge. yellowdogintexas. your post is debm55 Feb 19 #115
History because those classes Luciferous Feb 18 #69
Ty Luciferous, They did. and they were more in tune with modern practices and the students they taught. debm55 Feb 19 #91
Creative Writing. Jeebo Feb 18 #70
I agree that her standards were way to high. Regardless of grade you enjoyed and kept your poems and writings. That says debm55 Feb 19 #90
Lunch marked50 Feb 18 #71
Not at our school. HAHAHAHAHHAHAH. Ty marked50 debm55 Feb 19 #89
I liked art and choir pretty much. Everything else sucked. Ocelot II Feb 18 #78
in high school I liked it because of the electives systems. But my favarites were Art , Geometry and Drafting. classes. debm55 Feb 19 #88
Band! Pinback Feb 18 #79
Always wanted to learn to play an instrument. When I was in the 6 th grade a government program was set up with free debm55 Feb 19 #87
French horn is a beautiful instrument. Pinback Feb 19 #103
Family made fun of me. They knew I was going for a flute and got the French Horn. debm55 Feb 19 #106
So sorry... Pinback Feb 19 #120
I did take something a few years ago, I always wanted to take tap dancing , My mother said no to tap, swimming classes, debm55 Feb 19 #122
In Jr. High, it was woodshop. Xolodno Feb 19 #80
I wanted to take wood shop, Female students were not permitted. I loved looking at the display they made of their debm55 Feb 19 #85
Favorite High School "Home Ec." this teacher was kind and wise. Tikki Feb 19 #81
Thank you , Tikki, I liked General Science in 9th however the teacher didn;t do one single experiment with us. debm55 Feb 19 #83
There were a few classes that I excelled at. Niagara Feb 19 #84
Very good list, Niagara. Don't cut yourself short on art. My teacher gave us a minimum amount of instructions and it was debm55 Feb 19 #86
Physics av8rdave Feb 19 #92
Mr. Santos' science classes jmowreader Feb 19 #94
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, That is so funny but sadly so true. At the school I taught at a 6th grade teacher was hired to debm55 Feb 19 #99
That reminds me of my Odds and Probability teacher happybird Feb 19 #102
Honestly, I didn't have one. I *really* hated school. malthaussen Feb 19 #96
TY malthaussen great post. debm55 Feb 19 #100
Photography bif Feb 19 #101
I liked history. Chainfire Feb 19 #104
Ty for the post Chainfire. Mr. Marcus was self medicating. What he did and saw only he knows. But he made history come debm55 Feb 19 #107
Music, orchestra... IrishAfricanAmerican Feb 19 #105
Miss Riggle 7th grade English class. She Emile Feb 19 #112
My favorite dai13sy Feb 19 #117
TY dai13sy. It's nice to have teachers that care about teaching. debm55 Feb 19 #119
I liked metals. pansypoo53219 Feb 20 #123
Math and Physics GoodRaisin Feb 20 #124
HS: Art, History. JHS: Art, General Science... electric_blue68 Feb 20 #125
Mrs. Baker's history class. calimary Feb 20 #126
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