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102. Always used to have cars/trucks with manual transmissions
Thu Feb 22, 2024, 02:58 PM
Feb 2024

But your can't find them anymore, and they cost more than an automatic now.

I learned to drive on a Ford F150 with a "three on the tree".

Telephone land lines. My sisters still have them Deuxcents Feb 2024 #1
Agree with you. I don't know anyone who has one. Ty, Deuxcents. debm55 Feb 2024 #2
I have a landline. tblue37 Feb 2024 #4
Sorry, I mean they are slowly disappearing as boomers still use the landline. Will the younger generations use them? I debm55 Feb 2024 #8
Same here. n/t Different Drummer Feb 2024 #25
I have a landline and so does my best friend. Diamond_Dog Feb 2024 #34
We Still Have Our Landline ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #163
Sorry, I know a couple of people that have one. debm55 Feb 2024 #59
Me too-- if anything goes wrong with the cell towers, you'd be up a creek ailsagirl Feb 2024 #224
Phone books enid602 Feb 2024 #32
Both gone, never to return. debm55 Feb 2024 #60
You know me. 😥 rsdsharp Feb 2024 #129
I am sorry, rsdsharp. Please don't cry. I have a iphone and use it like a landline. HAHAHAHa debm55 Feb 2024 #145
You know me, deb! I have a landline! TygrBright Feb 2024 #152
Sorry, TygrBright, I am so sorry that I skipped you. debm55 Feb 2024 #155
Yes, I think residential land lines will go the way of the buttonhook. Ocelot II Feb 2024 #3
Cell coverage is not available everywhere Easterncedar Feb 2024 #13
Yet. Landlines won't go away where there's no cell coverage, Ocelot II Feb 2024 #16
I have one. Srkdqltr Feb 2024 #35
i do. i dont trust cell phones to do everything. case in point . i have a certain number that i cant AllaN01Bear Feb 2024 #39
That's true. Ty AllaN01Bear. debm55 Feb 2024 #61
I have a landline. In rural America, land lines are a necessity still ms liberty Feb 2024 #66
When I was growing up, rural landlines were party lines. Ilsa Feb 2024 #176
I've had a cell phone since '00 but keep a landline because... brush Feb 2024 #72
Rolodexes and VCRs/ Alpeduez21 Feb 2024 #105
TY Alpeduez21, I agree with you. debm55 Feb 2024 #127
There's at least one big reason to keep your land line: snot Feb 2024 #185
If I were younger, I'd be hitting the estate sales. snot Feb 2024 #186
Cable tv jimfields33 Feb 2024 #5
jimfields33, why? Just asking. debm55 Feb 2024 #6
The cut the cord has been going on for years. jimfields33 Feb 2024 #12
Ty, that's sad. debm55 Feb 2024 #63
comcast priced me out of the market years ago. watching on tubi and other free sites . AllaN01Bear Feb 2024 #40
So true. I'm barely hanging on jimfields33 Feb 2024 #100
Ty Allan01Bear. Yes, we have cutting back on the services--Netfix and Prime only. debm55 Feb 2024 #126
I still have cable but trying to figure what streaming service to get. brush Feb 2024 #77
China MOMFUDSKI Feb 2024 #7
Yes, I have this Royal Dalton china that I bought for using at special occasions . Thing is , you can't use in the debm55 Feb 2024 #10
Too bad you bought a china with the gold trim. PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 2024 #48
I have the rose pattern, I used once. simply decoration know. debm55 Feb 2024 #64
Not true! Bayard Feb 2024 #51
HAHAHAHAHAHA. So true, Bayard. There is all kinds of junk on our Dining Room table. debm55 Feb 2024 #65
Dining rooms go in and out of vogue Metaphorical Feb 2024 #97
TY Metaphorical , We have a Dining Room and a built a grand room on the back of our kitchen. Knocked out kitchen wall to debm55 Feb 2024 #130
Why No.Dishwasher With Gold Rim? ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #165
It is real gold and it will chip in the dishwasher. It took me many years to get my complete set as they are expensive. debm55 Feb 2024 #166
Never Would Have Guessed That ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #167
A newspaper delivered to your front door 7 days a week BOSSHOG Feb 2024 #9
We have no newspapers around here, All news is on line. Speaking of which, the need to set up appointments using a debm55 Feb 2024 #11
Yes! Conjuay Feb 2024 #24
u used to be able to dial 0 but that has been locked out for a long time . AllaN01Bear Feb 2024 #41
True. TY debm55 Feb 2024 #69
Also calling to get the time. That was years ago though, don't know if it still exists. brush Feb 2024 #85
not any more. AllaN01Bear Feb 2024 #96
i found this ,,, AllaN01Bear Feb 2024 #98
Didn' tknow you could do that. TY debm55 Feb 2024 #133
I always say, I want to talk to someone. do it repeatedly. I eventually get someone. debm55 Feb 2024 #67
Sadly true. I still get two physical newspapers Easterncedar Feb 2024 #14
Eastercedar, loved reading my paper with a cup of tea in the morning. There are no papers from Pittsburgh or my local debm55 Feb 2024 #71
That is such a loss. Easterncedar Feb 2024 #73
National and state news was in Pittsburgh's Post Gazette. Local paper disapeared about ten years ago. I hate to say it debm55 Feb 2024 #146
Yep, I worked in the newspaper industry for years and was a newspaper junkie... brush Feb 2024 #80
Glad you have a land line, I use my iphone like a land line---just answer and receive calls. Nothing fancy for me. debm55 Feb 2024 #170
Our land line BOSSHOG Feb 2024 #172
Land line required rockbluff botanist Feb 2024 #15
hear hear. AllaN01Bear Feb 2024 #42
Thank you rickbkluff botanist, Sorry about the situation. debm55 Feb 2024 #68
Sterling Silverware and GP6971 Feb 2024 #17
TY GP6971 , I have Depression glass from my late MIL house. debm55 Feb 2024 #74
Wrist watches lpbk2713 Feb 2024 #18
I would like to compliment you on your uplifting last paragraph. Niagara Feb 2024 #22
Thank you Niagara. It was a nice statement to make. debm55 Feb 2024 #147
It sure was, Debbie! Niagara Feb 2024 #162
Thank you ipbk2713 debm55 Feb 2024 #75
My 18 year old son is a wristwatch fanatic. MontanaMama Feb 2024 #128
I believe there are enough wristwatch enthusiasts in the world that will keep wristwatches around for hundreds beaglelover Feb 2024 #139
Everywhere that I travel with my kiddo MontanaMama Feb 2024 #183
I'm sure he will own one. It's great to have goals and finally achieve them! Even if it is a watch. beaglelover Feb 2024 #206
I didn't know any of that! MontanaMama Feb 2024 #208
Yes, I believe they are. Truth be told, I do believe Rolex sells new watches to some watch resellers who beaglelover Feb 2024 #219
Wow, MontanaMama that is great. Thank you. debm55 Feb 2024 #148
TY Ipbk2713 I appreciate it debm55 Feb 2024 #134
Interesting..I just started wearing a wrist watch whathehell Feb 2024 #184
Yellow Pages madamesilverspurs Feb 2024 #19
They still deliver Yellow Pages to my house. Jeebo Feb 2024 #45
Agree with you. I don't get them anymore. It didn't help that they threw them on the ground next to the mailbox in the debm55 Feb 2024 #149
The peace sign or symbol. Prairie_Seagull Feb 2024 #20
Agree, It used to be on everything. debm55 Feb 2024 #150
Desktop Computers, CD Players, Standard Transmissions maxrandb Feb 2024 #21
I will never give up on manual transmissions. I sinkingfeeling Feb 2024 #29
I bought my daughters manual shift cars Bobstandard Feb 2024 #37
I likewise hate automatics. PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 2024 #50
All EV will have automatic transmissions MichMan Feb 2024 #106
Our sons both learned to drive on standard transmission cars. mama Feb 2024 #62
Always used to have cars/trucks with manual transmissions maxrandb Feb 2024 #102
Ever hear the old joke Diamond_Dog Feb 2024 #177
I never drove a Standard transmission. My dad tried tp teach me on his VW but I counldn't get the hang of it. debm55 Feb 2024 #151
I learned to drive in my dad's VW bug. Manual transmission and no gas gauge... Deuxcents Feb 2024 #188
I enjoyed the VW bug but just could not get the manual steps together, I always wondered if the VW debm55 Feb 2024 #194
Never khew that . TY Deuxcents. debm55 Feb 2024 #195
We Had That VW RobinA Feb 2024 #210
I'm sure there will STILL be desktops, especially for gaming. sakabatou Feb 2024 #156
CD players paper checks, and possibly movie theaters. Niagara Feb 2024 #23
The calendars that are on my check register go up to 2007. I still have checks that came with it. rzemanfl Feb 2024 #30
Ha! You have me beat by a few years, rzemanfl. Niagara Feb 2024 #53
I used to write a rent check every month, but don't have to do that anymore. rzemanfl Feb 2024 #70
Do you miss writing check at all? Niagara Feb 2024 #116
Too cold this winter. rzemanfl Feb 2024 #118
Understandable. Niagara Feb 2024 #124
i have several transactions that require checks . the only entites that i want looking in my bank account are AllaN01Bear Feb 2024 #43
That's interesting to hear, AllaN. Niagara Feb 2024 #55
Ty Niagara, I agree to all in your post. They will be gone. debm55 Feb 2024 #154
White Zinfandel DBoon Feb 2024 #26
I liked White Zinfandel, but I am a Boomer. debm55 Feb 2024 #158
Shaving mug, soap, and brush. Also the rack that holds the brush. rzemanfl Feb 2024 #27
first they were there . then they dissapeared , shaving mugs and shaving brushes . now u seeum AllaN01Bear Feb 2024 #44
Is that from memory? Or is that your poetry? I used to love those signs. rzemanfl Feb 2024 #109
from memory and i found a museum web site long ago that featured them AllaN01Bear Feb 2024 #110
Cool. n/t rzemanfl Feb 2024 #111
Wasn't that BurmaShave? rsdsharp Feb 2024 #131
I only shave this way Alpeduez21 Feb 2024 #104
I am too lazy most of the time. Good 4U. rzemanfl Feb 2024 #108
I like Thomas Kincade's drawings of San Francisco CountAllVotes Feb 2024 #28
TY CountAllVotes. but people wanted a scene that showed "serenity and tranquilty" if not geographic correct . So he sold debm55 Feb 2024 #159
I am quite aware of his story CountAllVotes Feb 2024 #174
Thank you CountAll Votes debm55 Feb 2024 #175
Here's one, almost gone today: scrapbooks. sinkingfeeling Feb 2024 #31
Yes, I had craft stores near me that had a whole section of their store devoted to scrapbook---papers, stamps. albums, debm55 Feb 2024 #125
Jobs where you actually do work.... getagrip_already Feb 2024 #33
Nurses Jilly_in_VA Feb 2024 #57
True, but AI will certainly change their jobs considerably getagrip_already Feb 2024 #76
I disagree about the nurses. Mr.Bill Feb 2024 #101
Too true.... getagrip_already Feb 2024 #119
Ty getagrip _already My husband was promoted to pencil pusher. He loved going into the mines to inspect and testing debm55 Feb 2024 #117
Clock Radios...Had a lot of them throughout 60s, 70s... Jrose Feb 2024 #36
Ty Jrose, I just remembered that from reading your post, Ours was always in the kitchen, debm55 Feb 2024 #94
Social Security Bobstandard Feb 2024 #38
id love to see mex take back tex. AllaN01Bear Feb 2024 #46
Ty AllaN01Bear. debm55 Feb 2024 #84
That's a good one. Hear, hear. brush Feb 2024 #95
TY, Bobstandard . I worry about that sometimes. Had to call the SS department , not local, I think it was in DC. I put debm55 Feb 2024 #91
If republicans try to kill Social Security they'll never win elections. brush Feb 2024 #93
Thank you brush. debm55 Feb 2024 #115
Retrotechnology. Jeebo Feb 2024 #47
TY Jeebo, debm55 Feb 2024 #82
Corded power tools and gas lawn mowers. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 2024 #49
TY OAUTW r.2.0. I looked into buying an electric lawnmower and they were expensive. Power tools, when I need one debm55 Feb 2024 #81
They will be getting cheaper as the market grows. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 2024 #90
we have had an electric lawnmower for over 20 years. Love them! yellowdogintexas Feb 2024 #187
Ty yellowdogintaxas. I remember the push rotary blades ones. It was so hard to cut the grass with it.. debm55 Feb 2024 #214
Encyclopedias, large vacuum cleaners (nta0 Jamesm9164 Feb 2024 #52
TY Jamesm9164, I just gave my large upright to a neighbor that wanted one and the bags that go inside, debm55 Feb 2024 #79
Now I feel old! Bayard Feb 2024 #54
I still use my desktop computer a lot CountAllVotes Feb 2024 #56
TY CountAllVotes. I have a desk top computer too. debm55 Feb 2024 #58
i use my laptop as a desktop., mainly use cellphone as a sos device when out in the field to call ambulance AllaN01Bear Feb 2024 #86
TY AllaN01Bear, I have to admit I don't always take my cell phone on walks with Dolly dog. I have fallen numerous times debm55 Feb 2024 #121
Desktops will always be around for people who work in graphic arts... brush Feb 2024 #99
Ty you Bayard and I still use a desk top too for the same reason. debm55 Feb 2024 #78
Rotary phones are still abundant. Basic LA Feb 2024 #83
Ty Basic LA , I am sorry for that. You would think that Vets deserve better services. debm55 Feb 2024 #87
Electronic calculator. malthaussen Feb 2024 #88
Ty malthaussen. I remember the high cost. Now you can get them at the Dollar Store for a buck. debm55 Feb 2024 #89
I still have my TI-30 ... somewhere. lpbk2713 Feb 2024 #92
TY, I had to throw some items away because the batteries corroded the items. debm55 Feb 2024 #112
I still have a slide rule ThoughtCriminal Feb 2024 #144
OMG. I had a terrible time in HS Chemistry because I could not get used to using it. TY ThoughtCriminal debm55 Feb 2024 #161
Crockpots, pressure cookers DBoon Feb 2024 #103
Crockpots---I still have one, LOL Never had a pressure cooker -knew folks that had the top blow off. TY DBoon debm55 Feb 2024 #114
Instant Pots are actually pressure cookers. My mom had a small stovetop one yellowdogintexas Feb 2024 #190
I have never used a pressure cooker. My father canned various fruit and vegies and made his own ketchup. He used a debm55 Feb 2024 #203
they can be pretty scary but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. yellowdogintexas Feb 2024 #233
Thank you debm55 Feb 2024 #234
No Instapots are computers attached to a pressure cooker DBoon Feb 2024 #235
TY DBoon. debm55 Feb 2024 #236
Yes get the red out Feb 2024 #135
In WI during late 70's there was home parties for Home Interiors. LakeArenal Feb 2024 #107
HAHAHAHHAHHAHA and the paintings on velvet. I have heard of Home Interiors. We had the paintings of a Farm House debm55 Feb 2024 #113
Paper Road Maps JoseBalow Feb 2024 #120
JoseBalow--TY, I could never get them folded up correctly after using. debm55 Feb 2024 #123
I stopped trying years ago! JoseBalow Feb 2024 #137
You mean I should throw out my road atlas! WestMichRad Feb 2024 #157
No way! I always keep maps in my glove box JoseBalow Feb 2024 #168
TY JoseBalow, That is funny. debm55 Feb 2024 #169
Tupperware and Tupperware parties. Avon and Avon parties. Even if you didn't like anything, you were more or less debm55 Feb 2024 #122
Tupperware is still around, although their marketing is different now. yellowdogintexas Feb 2024 #189
Thank you yellowdogintexas for the information. It was very interesting. debm55 Feb 2024 #211
I was born in 1945 soldierant Feb 2024 #132
Yes. People looked at his art as an investment. When he started, he was more a modernist painter and was told to switch debm55 Feb 2024 #142
YVW. soldierant Feb 2024 #171
Thank you. Ramble on all you want. One of my degrees is in Art Ed K-12. When I looked at his paintings and thought to debm55 Feb 2024 #173
You were very perceptive to see through the facade so fast. soldierant Feb 2024 #232
Mayo get the red out Feb 2024 #136
That is just blasphemy! OldBaldy1701E Feb 2024 #138
BS OldBaldy1701E, Get ready for the Whippers"s Invasion debm55 Feb 2024 #140
I suppose you're a Dukey? debm55 Feb 2024 #141
I don't know what you mean? get the red out Feb 2024 #209
Duke's Mayo. We had a thread here on Duke;s vs Miracle Whip, They were the Duky's vs the Whippers. Sorry if I confused debm55 Feb 2024 #215
Cheap get the red out Feb 2024 #222
Ty get the red out , But those are fighten words. debm55 Feb 2024 #223
I liked the Kroger brand. OldBaldy1701E Feb 2024 #229
a drum set DBoon Feb 2024 #153
HAHAHAHA Ty DBoon. Do you play the drums? debm55 Feb 2024 #160
no, have tried to learn guitar DBoon Feb 2024 #180
Hummels debm55 Feb 2024 #164
I have a set of Mikasa China with the gold rim. It is beautiful Diamond_Dog Feb 2024 #178
Thank you Diamond_Dog I remember all of those things. I spoon sets from every state you visited. You have a very debm55 Feb 2024 #196
a leather bound organizer DBoon Feb 2024 #179
Yes, DBoon, I remember them. Didn't have to search all over the house for papers. TY debm55 Feb 2024 #202
Formal living rooms. Ilsa Feb 2024 #181
Did you get one without a formal dining room? Thank You lisa. debm55 Feb 2024 #201
I bought a house without the formal living room, but Ilsa Feb 2024 #220
TY Ilsa. Sounds like what you wanted and liked in a home. debm55 Feb 2024 #221
a paper draft card you had to carry with you at all times DBoon Feb 2024 #182
TY DBoon, My husband still has his. I don't know why. debm55 Feb 2024 #200
transistor radios!!! In the early 60s you were nobody if you did not have yellowdogintexas Feb 2024 #191
TY yellowdogintexas. everyone had a transistor radio. You could play what you wanted when you were away from the house. debm55 Feb 2024 #199
How about real radio stations? bedazzled Feb 2024 #237
78's 45's LP'S Tire tubes ..and their patch kits NowsTheTime Feb 2024 #192
Thank you NowsTheTime,, I agree with you choices. But then we would need somethink to play them on. debm55 Feb 2024 #198
I still have a land line but no phone connected to it. It is my internet provider, and a sloooooow one at that. Chainfire Feb 2024 #193
My Interne provider is very slow too. I don't have a land line but I use my phone as a land line.phone.Don't use any of debm55 Feb 2024 #197
Vent windows, 8 track players, pagers, recapped tires, cigarette dispensing machines. Chainfire Feb 2024 #207
Answering machines.... Hope22 Feb 2024 #204
We used to have one. I haven't seen any for a long time. but there still might be some out there. debm55 Feb 2024 #205
My auntie still uses one bedazzled Feb 2024 #238
Wait...What? RobinA Feb 2024 #212
The physical machine..... Hope22 Feb 2024 #213
They live it on the cell phone. but the old answering machine, I haven;t seen in a long time. I had one. Ty RobinA debm55 Feb 2024 #217
Journalism Wicked Blue Feb 2024 #216
TY Wicked Blue, We have no newspapers in my section of Pittsburgh-local or city based.. It's a shame. debm55 Feb 2024 #218
The pitiful huge-eyed cat paintings by "Cinq" justaprogressive Feb 2024 #225
Oh, I remember those. I felt sorry for them. thank you, justaprogressive. debm55 Feb 2024 #227
Real silver platters and bowls kimbutgar Feb 2024 #226
Thank you kimbutgar for the post but for the work you do for seniors in your area. debm55 Feb 2024 #228
Geese GAJMac Feb 2024 #230
I remember those.Thank you GAJMac debm55 Feb 2024 #231
Cameras. Especially if they use film. JustABozoOnThisBus Feb 2024 #239
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