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COL Mustard

(5,838 posts)
51. Second Class here.
Sun Feb 25, 2024, 04:23 PM
Feb 25

Needed one more thing for First Class (don't remember what) but never got it and lost interest.

Was not allowed to join Traildogbob Feb 24 #1
Om, what an a hole he was.Sorry debm55 Feb 24 #2
Yea Traildogbob Feb 24 #8
I went through sixth or seventh grade. Made boy scouts, but no idea of rank. jimfields33 Feb 25 #52
TY, jimfields33. debm55 Feb 25 #53
Same for me. Too much Boy Scout ritual and not enough hiking and camping. LastDemocratInSC Feb 25 #62
How could anyone (especially a leader) be that dumb? livetohike Feb 24 #4
I agree, Scout leader was an idiot. debm55 Feb 24 #5
Cadet. Then quit along with some friends because livetohike Feb 24 #3
That's a bummer. that you couldn't have your mixer. debm55 Feb 24 #7
I don't really remember. Ocelot II Feb 24 #6
I hated selling the cookies door to door. also. I went by myself. No parents sold them at work. However, When I taught I debm55 Feb 24 #10
Even the Junior's uniforms were a minus for me. surrealAmerican Feb 24 #9
TY surrelAmerican. Did you make the sit upons with woven newspaper? I liked the crafts too. We only wore our uniforms to debm55 Feb 24 #12
The sit upons we made were two washcloths ... surrealAmerican Feb 24 #19
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, That's funny. I did enjoy as it was a get away from my house and I liked the crafts. debm55 Feb 24 #20
'Star' The Magistrate Feb 24 #11
TY The Magistrate. Did your troop work on a troop badge? debm55 Feb 24 #13
No The Magistrate Feb 24 #14
I remember having most of the work done for First Class, but don't think I ever got it. dameatball Feb 24 #15
Thank you dameatball. debm55 Feb 24 #17
Second Class here. COL Mustard Feb 25 #51
TY Col Mustard. I think that is what happened to me Brownies and Juniors were fun. Cadets. not that much, That is when I debm55 Feb 25 #55
Life scout stopdiggin Feb 24 #16
Thank you, stopdiggin, I understand where you are coming from. debm55 Feb 24 #18
That's what happened with one of my kids. AllyCat Feb 28 #82
Never finished cub, as the troop disbanded sakabatou Feb 24 #21
Sorry, sakabatou. debm55 Feb 24 #23
No biggie. It was lack of interest in going to scouts that did it in sakabatou Feb 24 #25
I only went to First Class. Mr.Bill Feb 24 #22
So sorry for you and the boys involved to learn of that news. debm55 Feb 24 #24
First Class. We were way more into camping than badges. bullimiami Feb 24 #26
Thank you bullimiami. The camping sounds great. Have you used any of your camping skills later in life? debm55 Feb 24 #28
Many times. I really did love being in scouts. bullimiami Feb 24 #43
Eagle here, and I still use some of the skills. JustABozoOnThisBus Feb 25 #50
HAHAHAHAHAHHA your post is funny. My late Father completed the Eagles. Didn't you have to do a community project? debm55 Feb 25 #56
We did various community projects. However, the details have faded somewhat ... JustABozoOnThisBus Feb 25 #59
That's about my time too. I enjoyed the Girl Scouts. Never went to overnight camp, just day camp. It got me out of my debm55 Feb 27 #70
Life also - I wish I had my old merit badges. I learned a lot...canoeing, rowing, lifesaving, walkingman Feb 24 #27
Thank you, walkingman. Have you you used any of you Scouting skills later in life? debm55 Feb 24 #29
My parents couldn't afford to send me to scout summer camp. Squaredeal Feb 24 #30
You need a hug squaredeal debm55 Feb 25 #57
Eagle, as usual the race was on bottomofthehill Feb 24 #31
Congratulations, bottomofthehill. debm55 Feb 25 #58
After being asked to not come back to Sunday School at age 9 Attilatheblond Feb 24 #32
You are funny. TY Attilatheblond. debm55 Feb 27 #71
Appreciate that you 'get' me, but most of my tales are 100% factual Attilatheblond Feb 28 #88
I understand because I asked the same questions and the answers didn't satisfy me. debm55 Feb 28 #91
Whelp, logic is infectious ---- willamette Feb 28 #104
Yep and I learned that subverting the dominate paridigm was a worthwhile endevour. Attilatheblond Feb 28 #105
TY Attilatheblond. debm55 Feb 28 #108
I just wish it was as easy to infect them with logic as it is with measles. willamette Mar 6 #109
Ty. willamette. debm55 Feb 28 #107
My Dad bullied me into the Scouts, like he bullied me into everything else he wanted me to do that I didn't. Aristus Feb 24 #33
Dear Aristus, I am sorry that happened to you. You are so loved and appreciated here on DU. You are a survivor.. I will debm55 Feb 27 #72
1st Class - patrol leader Historic NY Feb 24 #34
TY Historic NY. You did very well.It is sometimes hard to balance life with the scouts as you grow older. But you did debm55 Feb 27 #73
Life -misanthroptimist Feb 24 #35
That is a bummer! lastlib Feb 24 #40
You should be. malthaussen Feb 25 #49
Mal , speaking from my own experience, some parents don't give a shit. debm55 Feb 28 #76
Oh misantroptimist. I am very sorry that happened to you. I know the bitterness you feel. Know that it is very hard to debm55 Feb 27 #74
GS as a Junior. no_hypocrisy Feb 24 #36
Ty no_hyprocrisy. Maybe Girl Scouts wasn;t a good fit for you. I only made to the end of Juniors and frankly Cadets were debm55 Feb 28 #75
Eagle Scout here. lastlib Feb 24 #37
Congratulations. lastlib. Wonderful achievements. Be proud of yourself. debm55 Feb 28 #77
Boy scouts. Asst. patrol leader as scoutmaster rigged the vote for his son! GreenWave Feb 24 #38
For real or are you pulling my leg. debm55 Feb 28 #78
Not pulling. The other troop members ckaimed rget voted for me GreenWave Feb 28 #86
Ty GreenWave, I am sorry that happened to you. debm55 Feb 28 #89
I took 9 years of 4-H. I didn't complete my final year. Niagara Feb 24 #39
Thank you, Niagara, I was always interested in 4 H club but had none in my steel mill town. debm55 Feb 28 #92
I'm sorry that 4-H wasn't available for you, Debbie. Niagara Feb 28 #100
When I was teaching the 4H club came to the school with 20 fertilized chicken eggs and an incubator for my class. Each debm55 Feb 28 #106
I made it to Star Scout PJMcK Feb 24 #41
Ty PJMck and thank you for giving your time and experience to the boys in the den. That was very kind of you. debm55 Feb 28 #93
I was never a Squirrel Goat. Wolf Frankula Feb 24 #42
Ok, that is interesting. I don't think anyone asked you to be a Squirrell Goat. but if they did, I am glad you declined. debm55 Feb 28 #79
I don't remember. I was in it maybe for a year or so Emile Feb 24 #44
TY You Emile. debm55 Feb 28 #94
Eagle BluesRunTheGame Feb 24 #45
Congratulations, BluesRunTheGame. debm55 Feb 28 #96
Yrs ago , I was a paid scout leader in a low income neighborhood womanofthehills Feb 24 #46
That is sad to punish the whole troop. Inner city need that experience. Sad. debm55 Feb 25 #61
Cub Scouts - Weeblos ProfessorGAC Feb 24 #47
TY ProfessorGAC. That is how fair my son made it. Sometimes other things become more important in our lives. debm55 Feb 28 #98
First Class, two merit badges... malthaussen Feb 25 #48
Ty, malthaussen and congratulations. debm55 Feb 28 #101
No Scouts where I grew up. We had 4-H. I think I managed to eke out 1 year yellowdogintexas Feb 25 #54
TY, yellowdogintexas. Sorry about your experiences. debm55 Feb 25 #60
in retrospect, it's actually funny. Heck I just wanted to get out of class for an hour yellowdogintexas Feb 25 #63
Life Scout, Junior Assistant Troop Leader randr Feb 25 #64
Thank you randr. I am so glad that you still use the skills that you learned in Scouts. debm55 Feb 27 #69
Eagle scout for me. We had a good, out-door focused troop - I still use petronius Feb 25 #65
Ty petronius. Congratultaions on making Eagle.scout. debm55 Feb 28 #99
Only got to 2nd Class. In retrospect, my Boy Scout experience was an early manifestation of my lifelong aversion to retread Feb 26 #66
I think the higher you go the more to alpha males.. TY retread. Sorry that happened to you. debm55 Feb 28 #80
Not very far. canuckledragger Feb 27 #67
Thank you for sharing canuckledragger, You and I are Children of Abusive Parents. My story has been told here and on the debm55 Feb 27 #68
Finished Juniors. Moved to a small town with AllyCat Feb 28 #81
Ty AllyCat. stopped after Juniors too. debm55 Feb 28 #83
I started in the Cubs... OldBaldy1701E Feb 28 #84
Ty you OldBaldy1701E, you went far. And you are NOT a complete failure. You come across as very nice , loving person. I debm55 Feb 28 #97
I was in Girl Scouts back when they reorganized and my troop was assigned as cadets Rhiannon12866 Feb 28 #85
Agree. Brownies and juniors were interesting . cadets not so much. TY Rhiannon12866 debm55 Feb 28 #95
Second Class, but I was Troop Scribe and a Platoon Leader! A HERETIC I AM Feb 28 #87
TY AHERETIC I AM. You seem like you had alot of adventures., My son went camping in the Somerset Mt in PA during the debm55 Feb 28 #90
As a girl, Junior. As an adult, everything up to Service Unit Manager for my county. Silver Gaia Feb 28 #102
Ty Silver Gala. and that you for all the work you did for the Girl Scouts. debm55 Feb 28 #103
First class Bmoboy Mar 6 #110
I, too, finished Juniors and then stopped there. Mad_Dem_X Mar 7 #111
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