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Those phones were indestructible. Unfortunately they were used as weapons sometimes Walleye Mar 26 #1
i still remember our phone number, and the numbers of all of my friends. Mister Ed Mar 26 #5
Same here. Used to have a head full of telephone numbers. Don't need them anymore Walleye Mar 26 #10
Yup, etched in my memory ... 1950's Fla Dem Mar 26 #2
Yup, way back when we used two letter phone designation with a number, then four digits..Usually the mitch96 Mar 26 #3
You should never post your old number on the internet. blm Mar 26 #4
Interesting. I'm old enough, I can't remember when I last changed my underwear. 3Hotdogs Mar 26 #7
Sadly, scammers are well aware of it. blm Mar 26 #8
blm, thanks for the heads up. Never considered that and doubt it will happen Fla Dem Mar 26 #16
True. During the short time I was on Facebook with a friend & her friends, they really enjoyed Hekate Mar 27 #40
CHurchill 1-3378 appleannie1 Mar 26 #6
Atlantic MOMFUDSKI Mar 26 #9
My greatgrandfather lived in Bryants Pond, Maine, home of the last crank telephone system. bluedigger Mar 26 #11
Operator service for us too, in Auburn, Alabama, in the late 1940s and early 1950s. "Number please!" Bo Zarts Mar 26 #12
BR-549 Duncanpup Mar 26 #13
I think I bought a used car from those guys. retread Mar 27 #41
Not only do I remember our phone when I was a kid in the '50s. I remember my grandmother's phone Wonder Why Mar 26 #14
Lexington, MA started with VOlunteer. I always liked that. nt Nittersing Mar 26 #15
Twilight bmbmd Mar 26 #17
Heck, my sister still has it. It's a couple of numbers longer than it as in the late 40s, but still works. Biophilic Mar 26 #18
Early 60s BOSSHOG Mar 26 #19
Small town justaprogressive Mar 26 #20
i remember my grandparents cause it was fun on touchtone. 258-3719. pansypoo53219 Mar 26 #21
hopkins 36389 dembotoz Mar 26 #22
Hickory 6, 2424 Emile Mar 26 #23
dont remember anymore . a friend of mine in his 70s still remembers his AllaN01Bear Mar 26 #24
Yes, and it's still my Mom's number even though she moved out of the house several years ago. beaglelover Mar 26 #25
anyone remember the andy griffith show . AllaN01Bear Mar 26 #26
Jenny's bmbmd Mar 26 #27
Small useless factoid: 867 5309 Jenny was written a stone's throw away from... Brother Buzz Mar 26 #36
A 'ute? What the hell is a 'ute, Mister Gambini? Aristus Mar 26 #28
4668 Leghorn21 Mar 26 #29
yep.... fantase56 Mar 26 #30
I remember our old number. Different Drummer Mar 26 #31
FRontier enid602 Mar 26 #32
Yes. SamKnause Mar 26 #33
I Do! ProfessorGAC Mar 26 #34
LOgan 4 keithbvadu2 Mar 26 #35
I sure do! HEmlock8-4772 We were on a party line yellowdogintexas Mar 26 #37
Only the "Davenport." soldierant Mar 26 #38
8-5-2-0-5 rsdsharp Mar 26 #39
I remember mine. I also remember my grandmother's #. Mad_Dem_X Mar 27 #42
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