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German Climate Crusader Apr 9 #1
Ty CLimate Crusader. I like the tangy taste too. debm55 Apr 9 #15
Clam chowdah unblock Apr 9 #2
Ty you unblock. debm55 Apr 9 #16
Union Oyster House's Clam Chowder is the bomb Botany Apr 9 #38
TY Botany debm55 Apr 9 #64
The recipe on the Sea Watch (I think is the brand) clams I get at Costco make great chowder. They sell it brewens Apr 9 #89
Sweet potato kuchen. bullimiami Apr 9 #3
Ty bullimiami. That sounds very good. debm55 Apr 9 #18
It's heaven in a pan. bullimiami Apr 9 #44
that was one of my late moms fave . grated carrots and rasin salad were another AllaN01Bear Apr 9 #4
Ty Allan01Bear. My husband loves carrot salad. debm55 Apr 9 #19
I like my carrot salad with chopped peanuts TexasBushwhacker Apr 9 #52
Sounds good. Ty TexasBushwhacker. debm55 Apr 9 #57
interisting variation and you get protien to boot. AllaN01Bear Apr 9 #59
Fried in butter baked potatoes. MOMFUDSKI Apr 9 #5
TY MOMFUDSKI. That sounds wonderful. debm55 Apr 9 #20
Latkes with apple sauce C_U_L8R Apr 9 #6
Thank you, I love latkes with apple sauce and/or sour cream. French fries, homemade not frozen rank up there too. debm55 Apr 9 #21
My mom loved these too Redleg Apr 9 #56
Hashed browns!! nocoincidences Apr 9 #7
TY. I love hashed browns with a sunny side egg. debm55 Apr 9 #23
Yep, I have to agree. Hash browns for sure. (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Apr 10 #106
Mashed potatoes mwf Apr 9 #8
Ty mwf. Both sound wonderful. debm55 Apr 9 #24
Fried with layers of sliced onion. sinkingfeeling Apr 9 #9
Ty sinkingfeeling. That sounds great. debm55 Apr 9 #25
Nothing beats a good baked potato for me---while I love butter, chives and sour cream, a healthier version hlthe2b Apr 9 #10
Thank you hlthe2b. Baked potato with the fixings are the best. debm55 Apr 9 #26
Real mashed potatoes. I do up a whole five-pound bag, portion it out and freeze. Loaded baked potato soup brewens Apr 9 #11
TY brewens. Yes the potato has some wonderful ways to be prepared. Thanks you for your choices. debm55 Apr 9 #43
Very crispy 'steak' size french fries... with melted cheese... Jrose Apr 9 #12
Thank you Jrose. You sure do like your potatoes. debm55 Apr 9 #28
Romanoff no_hypocrisy Apr 9 #13
🍸 underpants Apr 9 #27
Underpants, is that a clam?? . No, it's a scallop. as in scalloped pototoes. debm55 Apr 9 #77
Thank you, no_hyprocrisy. Potato Romanoff are great. debm55 Apr 9 #29
Potatoes. Ocelot II Apr 9 #14
TY Ocelot II do you like them fried, backed or in something????? debm55 Apr 9 #31
I like them in all of their forms. I don't distinguish. Ocelot II Apr 9 #41
TY Ocelot II debm55 Apr 9 #58
knishes, or maybe samosas ... surrealAmerican Apr 9 #17
TY I love them all with potatoes. debm55 Apr 9 #32
Oh, man. LeonidPlanck Apr 9 #22
TY LeonidPlanck for your post. You are so kind to be your dad's caregiver. Your leek potato soup sounds wounderful. debm55 Apr 9 #33
It's earned me a few dates with the gals over the years. LeonidPlanck Apr 9 #48
It's earned me a few second dates over the years. LeonidPlanck Apr 9 #49
Shepards Pie, Arne Apr 9 #30
Ty Arne. I make Shepherds pie. Wonderful dish. debm55 Apr 9 #34
mashed the way my grammie made them bottomofthehill Apr 9 #35
Ty bottomofthe hill , great tribute to your grammie debm55 Apr 9 #99
Too many to choose a single favorite! PJMcK Apr 9 #36
TY, PJMcK That is more then enough. You like your potatoes. debm55 Apr 9 #78
Real home made mashed potatoes.... Potatoes, butter, milk or 1/2 & 1/2, salt, and pepper. Botany Apr 9 #37
Ty Botany, that sounds terrific. debm55 Apr 9 #79
Ah Zermatt! justaprogressive Apr 10 #120
I can say I have skied on the Matterhorn. The bottom section and it was steep with wind driven.... Botany Apr 11 #121
see I saved the justaprogressive Apr 11 #122
Quebec style french fries and gravy jpak Apr 9 #39
Ty, jpak, I like them here too debm55 Apr 9 #80
Greek style roasted potatoes. Olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and oregano. nt Hotler Apr 9 #40
TY, Hotler. It sounds wonderful debm55 Apr 9 #84
Potato Skins!!! use those insides for other stuff! :) n/t KarenS Apr 9 #42
Thank you, KarenS. debm55 Apr 9 #81
Plain baked potato (with crispy skin) plus a little sour cream and chives. Golden Raisin Apr 9 #45
TY, Golden Raisin. I would add potato pancakes to your list and it would match. debm55 Apr 9 #85
They are all my favorite wendyb-NC Apr 9 #46
TY wendyb-NC debm55 Apr 9 #86
Potatoes Anna. rsdsharp Apr 9 #47
Thank you rsdsharp. debm55 Apr 9 #74
Smash & really good gravy Not Heidi Apr 9 #50
Thank you, Not Heidi. What a tribute to your grandmother. Smash and gravy sound wonderful. debm55 Apr 9 #73
Anything! QED Apr 9 #51
Ty, QED , aka, Spud. debm55 Apr 9 #72
Here is my favorite: DFW Apr 9 #53
TY, DFW. those sound so good. debm55 Apr 9 #71
The joy and the curse of being married to a master chef DFW Apr 9 #91
You are so lucky debm55 Apr 9 #93
Not a day goes by that I don't know that DFW Apr 9 #96
NM-style chile chee Elessar Zappa Apr 9 #54
Thank you Elessar Zappa, It made my mouth water. debm55 Apr 9 #70
Good question... Redleg Apr 9 #55
Thank you Redleg. They all sound different and delicious. debm55 Apr 9 #69
Mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, scalloped potatoes... 3catwoman3 Apr 9 #60
Ty 3catwomen3 ALL potatoes!!!!! debm55 Apr 9 #68
Camp fire baked potatoes Inkey Apr 9 #61
Ty Inkey., It sounds great. debm55 Apr 9 #67
Aligot - Basically mashed potatoes with cheese GoneOffShore Apr 9 #62
ty GoneOffShore, It looks and sounds delicious debm55 Apr 9 #66
Loaded baked potato with chilli, cheese, jalapeos and sour cream. nt doc03 Apr 9 #63
TY doc03, That sounds delicious debm55 Apr 9 #65
Potatoes au gratin arkielib Apr 9 #75
Thank you arkielib.What a wounderful tribute to your Mom. debm55 Apr 9 #76
Roasted red new potatoes FalloutShelter Apr 9 #82
Thank you FalloutShelter. Those sound great debm55 Apr 9 #95
I'm with you. Potato salad. SarahD Apr 9 #83
TY SarahD, I am going to try. elleng's recipes. debm55 Apr 9 #98
THANKS for the reminder! Italian Peppers and Potatoes: Pipi e Patate elleng Apr 9 #87
Ty, elleng, And thank you for the links to the recipes. They will be on my summer potato salad recipes. debm55 Apr 9 #97
Hash browns cooked in olive oiil. greatauntoftriplets Apr 9 #88
Thank you, greatauntoftriplets. Yum debm55 Apr 9 #94
Tater Tots. Mr.Bill Apr 9 #90
TY, Mr. Bill debm55 Apr 9 #92
Baked Scallop Potatoes mysteryowl Apr 9 #100
Thank you, mysteryowl. and thanks for the recipe. debm55 Apr 10 #110
Twice Baked Turbineguy Apr 9 #101
/thank you, Turbineguy. debm55 Apr 10 #111
Cheesy potato slow cooker soup! chillfactor Apr 10 #102
Thank you, that sounds so good. debm55 Apr 10 #112
That's a hard one for me. I love potatoes almost any way except au gratin and scalloped - same to me. LoisB Apr 10 #103
Thank you LoisB, that sounds good. debm55 Apr 10 #113
I love potatoes-- my all-time favorite? Duchess Potatoes!! ailsagirl Apr 10 #104
Thank you allsagirl debm55 Apr 10 #114
Burnt taters, is what i called it, to LilBit kozar Apr 10 #105
Thank you, kozar, It sounds great. debm55 Apr 10 #109
Hobo Skillet Emile Apr 10 #107
Thanks, Emile. I think we had that in the scouts. debm55 Apr 10 #108
Nightshades (potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes) are the curse of Arthritis sufferers...that said justaprogressive Apr 10 #115
Ty justaprogressive. They sound wounderful. Thank you very much for the recipes. debm55 Apr 10 #116
I think sharing should be part of this justaprogressive Apr 10 #119
Your potato salad would be safe around me. Laffy Kat Apr 10 #117
Oh I make different kinds.Not to worry, Laffy Kat. However, none with yellow mustard, Some folks do like it that way debm55 Apr 10 #118
Fries. n/t malthaussen Apr 11 #123
TY. Mal Love fries. debm55 Apr 11 #124
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