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21. Nope.
Thu Apr 11, 2024, 07:37 PM
Apr 11

All told exactly the way it happened. Rather than the higher-ups getting involved, I suspect it was the providers whose in-boxes we were being ordered to poke around in that had objections. Anyway, while we were under that idiotic order, the in-box material I found amounted to little more than documents that the provider had completed, but not signed off on yet. Signing off on routine documents that aren't patient chart notes does not generate revenue.

Don't think they thought that one through, or how the providers in question might have responded.

???? EarnestPutz Apr 11 #1
Link: Ptah Apr 11 #3
Awesome kiddo gay texan Apr 11 #2
Thank you. Aristus Apr 11 #5
Yay, that's awesome. wendyb-NC Apr 11 #4
Good. I don't know how they thought that would fly. LoisB Apr 11 #6
What a relief! Nittersing Apr 11 #7
I am so happy for you Aristus. debm55 Apr 11 #8
Yay! Easterncedar Apr 11 #9
Happy for you and for your call out on obviously flawed decision. Deuxcents Apr 11 #10
Great, and have you had your celebration drink yet?? a kennedy Apr 11 #11
I'd have loved to be a fly on the wall for Joinfortmill Apr 11 #12
And we love you back!!! I am so glad that I do not have to come up there niyad Apr 11 #13
Yes, we DO INDEED love you back, Aristus! calimary Apr 11 #14
I'd hate to have to count the bodies you left in your wake. Aristus Apr 11 #16
Higher ups in HR/Legal must've heard - TBF Apr 11 #15
Bask in the glory of shutting down 'the man/woman' MLAA Apr 11 #17
WHEW! WELL deserved, and THANKS for the image, elleng Apr 11 #18
Wow, that was fast PatSeg Apr 11 #19
That Resolved Quickly ProfessorGAC Apr 11 #20
Nope. Aristus Apr 11 #21
As Expected ProfessorGAC Apr 11 #23
Aw we knew you were mentally composing Warpy Apr 11 #22
So relieved for you, and hope all goes well from now on. 💕😉 Hekate Apr 11 #24
In my former practice, and the ultimately 11 other practices... 3catwoman3 Apr 11 #25
So glad to hear this! Trueblue Texan Apr 12 #26
Nice to hear it. Let us know when you're out of the (float) pool and on staff. SupportSanity Apr 12 #27
At least someone can feel shame for their stupid decisions SouthernDem4ever Apr 12 #28
"We were taken out of context!" n/t malthaussen Apr 13 #29
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