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Good advice! Easterncedar Apr 2024 #1
It is not good advice. I was hiking on Sunday. I stepped in fox poop. 3Hotdogs Apr 2024 #8
Fox poop cilla4progress Apr 2024 #27
I volunteer in the local (N.J.) swamp. There is fox poop, raccoon poop, muskrat poop and Great Blue Heron poop. 3Hotdogs Apr 2024 #41
Cool! cilla4progress Apr 2024 #43
Now that sounds like the beginning of a good story. 3Hotdogs Apr 2024 #44
I keep stressing to people the moniss Apr 2024 #2
Yes! cilla4progress Apr 2024 #3
It's raining 🌧 today. Emile Apr 2024 #4
I love cilla4progress Apr 2024 #5
Will Your Next Prescription Be 20 Minutes of Nature a Day? erronis Apr 2024 #6
Yes! cilla4progress Apr 2024 #7
Absolutely. And it can just be sitting in a quiet space and listening. erronis Apr 2024 #9
Wonderful - cilla4progress Apr 2024 #10
I always recommend Green Therapy! 🌳🌷 electric_blue68 Apr 2024 #30
I can hear nature trying to enter through our skylight. SleeplessinSoCal Apr 2024 #11
Nature can be wonderful, beautiful. But it also gives us our problems such as aging and diseases. erronis Apr 2024 #13
Where I live, there's this thing called weather that doesn't always cooperate. ShazzieB Apr 2024 #12
Well, cilla4progress Apr 2024 #14
Absolutely! ShazzieB Apr 2024 #15
Wonderful! cilla4progress Apr 2024 #17
Did that yesterday Warpy Apr 2024 #16
I've always been intrigued with NM, cilla4progress Apr 2024 #18
The wanderlust years? Warpy Apr 2024 #19
It really is a nice state. Elessar Zappa Apr 2024 #21
Well, I love Wentachee and that area GenThePerservering Apr 2024 #20
Glad you love it here! cilla4progress Apr 2024 #23
I love New Mexico Bayard Apr 2024 #32
I traveled through NM to get to AZ, Flagstaff... electric_blue68 Apr 2024 #33
I love NM too - grew up back east womanofthehills Apr 2024 #42
Sounds beautiful. electric_blue68 Apr 2024 #45
I have a plot in the community garden pfitz59 Apr 2024 #22
Sweet and salty here. mentalsolstice Apr 2024 #24
Ecstatic - cilla4progress Apr 2024 #25
Sounds very relaxing. The first time I ever row boated was ... electric_blue68 Apr 2024 #35
Great idea, and good suggestion wendyb-NC Apr 2024 #26
As though everything's just fine, nothin to see here. Think. Again. Apr 2024 #28
Er... Why would you say this? ... electric_blue68 Apr 2024 #34
I absolutely agree with you about the positive benefits... Think. Again. Apr 2024 #36
Not mutually exclusive cilla4progress Apr 2024 #37
So sorry you were seriously threatened! How hideous! That certainly could give you... electric_blue68 Apr 2024 #38
I appreciate your words, and you're right... Think. Again. Apr 2024 #40
We have a flood watch. Voltaire2 Apr 2024 #29
Us too, It has been raining for 3 days. debm55 Apr 2024 #31
Yikes, good luck! electric_blue68 Apr 2024 #39
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