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25. Yay, it's Sunday!
Sun Apr 14, 2024, 10:14 AM
Apr 2024

I just love the flour cat, and the red sweater cat, and Cthulu, and the t. rexes, and the goats (both the ones perched on the side of the cliff and the cute babies). And that white peacock... *swoon*

Thanks, SCE!

Thank you soo much JMCKUSICK Apr 2024 #1
I most relate to the junk drawer !!!!!! Thanks ! Karadeniz Apr 2024 #2
Ditto! Different Drummer Apr 2024 #33
THAT one had me doubling over, laughing! calimary Apr 2024 #39
...in the bar... pnwest Apr 2024 #3
I don't understand that one. Please help me. ❤️ littlemissmartypants Apr 2024 #6
That's H.P. Lovecraft's big bad Berlin Expat Apr 2024 #10
Thanks. I was stuck on that one, too. Easterncedar Apr 2024 #14
Thank you. ❤️ littlemissmartypants Apr 2024 #18
Thanks for the explanation! Different Drummer Apr 2024 #34
Does anyone besides me think of Cthulhu soldierant Apr 2024 #47
Happy Sunday! TY for the giggles. Ziggysmom Apr 2024 #4
It's Officially Sunday...let the festivities begin...Thanks SCE MiHale Apr 2024 #5
Indeed! Time to ready the popcorn for the opening calimary Apr 2024 #40
The peacock has blue on it so it's not albino. Whatthe_Firetruck Apr 2024 #45
Aha! Thanks for the clarification. calimary Apr 2024 #46
👍 MiHale Apr 2024 #53
Thank you. ❤️ littlemissmartypants Apr 2024 #7
Faves: nuxvomica Apr 2024 #8
the discovery of the sacred spaghetti monster strainer.... rampartc Apr 2024 #56
Good morning, SCE gademocrat7 Apr 2024 #9
Said the Joker to the Thief... flying rabbit Apr 2024 #11
Love that one, too Easterncedar Apr 2024 #13
can you explain that one Annie Moosee Apr 2024 #44
All Along the Watchtower lyrics drmeow Apr 2024 #49
that one took me 12 hours to get... lol getagrip_already Apr 2024 #52
One of the best ever! Easterncedar Apr 2024 #12
I didn't get Meep in the corner. grumpyduck Apr 2024 #27
Losing My Religion JudyM Apr 2024 #28
Thank you! grumpyduck Apr 2024 #30
I am still confused after watching the video - twice yellowdogintexas Apr 2024 #54
Me Too!!!!!! chowder66 Apr 2024 #31
"discovery of the ancient Mayan colander" planetc Apr 2024 #15
Hard to beat a bit of Larson and Speedbump to start the day! KY_EnviroGuy Apr 2024 #16
I used to have a colander about that old... Old Crank Apr 2024 #17
Thank you so much, SCE! I'm always amazed at your ability Tanuki Apr 2024 #19
Good Morning, SCE! blogslug Apr 2024 #20
Good Sunday morning! Thanks for another collection of smiles 🙏 Deuxcents Apr 2024 #21
Thank you! rogerballard Apr 2024 #22
tee hee AllaN01Bear Apr 2024 #23
YAY! A HERETIC I AM Apr 2024 #24
Yay, it's Sunday! ShazzieB Apr 2024 #25
Good ones, each and every one! 👏🏼 benfranklin1776 Apr 2024 #26
The ONLY way to start Sunday morning! WinstonSmith4740 Apr 2024 #29
So enjoy, every Sunday, thank you. republianmushroom Apr 2024 #32
There must be some way out of here, said the joker to the thief, flashman13 Apr 2024 #35
Thank you for the Let's Play Whisk Edition, SCE! Niagara Apr 2024 #36
Oh joy, it's Sunday! Wild blueberry Apr 2024 #37
The best part of any Sunday is LOLCats! Different Drummer Apr 2024 #38
Greetings, SCE. As usual, you have completely outdone yourself with niyad Apr 2024 #41
Thanks, SCE! murielm99 Apr 2024 #42
I agree with the Great Old One JoseBalow Apr 2024 #43
Loved the kids soldierant Apr 2024 #48
That squirrel. LiberalFighter Apr 2024 #50
Best one yet! Permanut Apr 2024 #51
I love them all! Leith Apr 2024 #55
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